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Hospital Hygiene Feature

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Jangro sanitiser's new and improved formula kills Coronavirus

* Jangro-sanitiser.jpgJangro, the UK and Ireland's largest network of independent janitorial suppliers, has recently enhanced its Enviro H6 General All Purpose Sanitiser with a new and improved formula.

It has been tested and passed standards EN1276 and EN16615 (adapted for commercial kitchens), which confirm its anti-bacterial action, whilst EN14476 proves it is effective at killing enveloped viruses, including Coronavirus.

Cleantec Innovation develops new alcohol-free hand sanitiser certified to kill enveloped viruses

* Cleantec-Hand-Sanitisers.jpgA newly developed alcohol-free foaming hand sanitiser which is certified to be effective against harmful bacteria and viruses with a 99.99% kill rate has been launched by Cleantec Innovation.

ViroGuard Alcohol-Free Anti-Bacterial Foaming Hand Sanitiser passes the requirements of BS EN 1276 and BS EN 13727 for bactericidal activity, BS EN 14476 for viricidal activity, BS EN 1500 for hygienic handrub and BS EN 13624 for yeasticidal activity offering vital protection to the public.

Realco extends the expiration date of food products

* Realco.jpgThe so-called use-by date (UBD) has far-reaching implications if we consider that, in Europe, some 88 million tons of food end up in the bin each year at a cost of 143 billion euro.

From an ethical, environmental and socio-economic point of view, this phenomenon is nothing short of alarming because it has a direct impact on producers, processors, distributors, shops - and, of course, on consumers. But here's the good news: henceforth it will be possible to extend this UBD by up to 100%!

Disinfection Connection invests in Clorox Total 360 disinfection system

* disinfecting-company.jpgElectrostatic cleaning company Disinfection Connection, which launched in July 2020, has invested in Clorox Total 360 cleaning and disinfection technology to provide customers with peace of mind.

Company CEO Steve Rosenzweig, who has 28 years’ experience in professional cleaning industry and is dedicated to providing customers with the most effective cleaning, says he wants to offer an extra layer of protection for complete confidence in his cleaning and disinfection protocols to help combat the spread of illness-causing germs including SARS-CoV-2, which causes Covid-19.

Reduce infection spread with innovative new antimicrobial door furniture

* P-Wave1.jpgIt is a well-established fact that any surface which is touched by large numbers of people is likely to become a hub for the spread of infection if one of them is ill.

Colds, flu, stomach upsets and the like can rapidly circulate and infect one person after another - and with the battle against Covid-19 currently raging, never has it been as important to reduce the likelihood of the spread of infection than it is now.

Door handles are the perfect example...

Researchers find hand dryers and paper towels to be equally hygienic

* Hand-Dryers-Paper-Towels-Equally-Hygienic.jpgHealth organisations worldwide agree that proper handwashing and drying can prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Now, renowned researchers at the University of Arizona have concluded that there is "no data to support any human health claims relative to hand dryers versus paper towel use”.

Service high footfalls easily with the Pedal Pro 7000 hand sanitising station

* FIG1.jpgAre you servicing high footfalls? Want to keep your venue as Covid safe throughout the day for staff, visitors, and pupils? Struggling to keep up with demand on your hand sanitiser station? Then the Pedal Pro 7000 is your solution!

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the hygiene and safety of staff, visitors and attendees has become the No.1 priority for businesses. The challenge is even greater for those welcoming large footfalls. Whole industries are now facing so many challenges in their day-to-day operations, particularly those with large footfalls such as event spaces, museums, offices, schools and universities.

Ecolab to deliver five million litres of hand sanitiser to the NHS

* Ecolab-manufacturing.jpgEcolab is to supply NHS Supply Chain with five million litres of hand sanitiser, Skinman Soft Protect FF, by the end of the year.

Ecolab has been a long-term supplier of NHS Supply Chain, providing critical infection prevention solutions, combined with service and training to help ensure cleaner, safer and healthier healthcare environments. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for infection prevention solutions has surged, and Ecolab has worked closely with NHS Supply Chain to help ensure the right products are delivered where they are needed the most across the NHS and health & social care.

Register now for FREE AHCP webinar taking place 10th September 2020

* AHCP-webinar-graphic.jpgThe Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals is hosting a free webinar on Thursday 10th September, 2020, from 13:00 - 16:00.


Covid-19 - Live Discussion & Debate:

- What have we learnt?
- Are you prepared for the second wave?

Prochem launches fast spray mist disinfecting for floors and surfaces

* Prochem-model.jpgA mobile solution for quickly disinfecting facilities and public areas has been launched to market by specialist cleaning systems innovator, Prochem Europe.

The Micro-Mist is purpose-designed for fast application of disinfecting solutions in a fine mist to interior floors, carpets, upholstery and multiple types of surfaces and touch-points.

Secure sanitation the sustainable way, with TomCat

* sanitise-package.jpgWith the Coronavirus pandemic running rampant we cannot afford to take any chances with our cleaning equipment or processes and TomCat's floor cleaning machines will help cleaning contractors go that extra mile in terms of both hygiene and sustainability, whilst cutting costs.

TomCat's new on-board Zer03+ system - which now comes with the Suds system included in the package on the company's pedestrian and ride-on scrubber driers, offers the best of both worlds. It produces on demand, unlimited amounts of aqueous ozone from plain tap water- which, like chlorine, is a powerful oxidiser - so there is no chance of degradation or dilution of the product as is experienced with some other chemical free systems.

Kaivac introduces 'finish-friendly' hospital-grade disinfectant to help fight Covid

* morrison-tom-kaivac.jpgIn its ongoing effort to help cleaning professionals protect the health of building users - and keep businesses open and operating - Kaivac has just introduced KaiSan II.

According to Tom Morrison, vice president of marketing for Kaivac, KaiSan II is a no-rinse, hospital-grade disinfectant, effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens including:

What a Fantastic idea! Prochem distributor provides NHS workers with free cleaning

* Prochem-NHS-free-cleaning.jpgProchem distributor and home-services company, FantasticServices, has been rallying to support NHS staff nationwide by donating two hours of cleaning free of charge and giving preferential rates to all frontline NHS workers. Now, the company is looking to expand this offer to all key workers in the UK.

"We all owe an enormous debt to the selfless NHS workers who are saving lives as they fight daily against Covid-19," says Fantastic Services CEO and co-founder Anton Skarlatov (pictured left).

Savortex responds to Covid-19 with launch of revolutionary new 'smart' hand sanitiser

* SAVORTEX-Smart-Sanitiser.jpgSavortex has announced the launch of its 'Smart' Hand Sanitiser, a cleverly-designed hygiene product that will help restart the office economy in a post-Covid environment.

The innovative product uses smart technology to deliver the exact amount of sanitiser required without touching the device, and to ensure maximum use, providing companies with peace of mind as workplaces reopen.

What is the Ecoray System and how can it aid infection control during Covid-19 pandemic?

* Willmop-50-Vertical-Scrubber-Dryer.jpgThe Ecoray system is a totally autonomous addition to the range of Grande Brio scrubber dryers and Willmop vertical scrubber dryers from TSM Italy - brought to the UK market in an exclusive partnership with Hooper Services in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Using UV technology to destroy micro-organisms on a cellular level, the Ecoray system can destroy up to 97% of bacteria, mould or viruses without the use of a chemical.

BCC publishes industry-backed myth-busting guide to cleaning and hygiene terms

* BCC-THANK-YOU-WEBSITE-BANNER.jpgThe industry body for the UK's cleaning & hygiene sector has published a guide to cleaning terms to help the UK economy reopen safely following the Coronavirus lockdown.

Since the pandemic began, the British Cleaning Council has received many enquiries about cleaning applications, processes and procedures from a variety of organisations that are reopening premises or seeking to design cleaning regimes that will ensure staff, visitors and the public stay safe and well.

OspreyDeepclean’s Steam & Vac Pro passes important test with enveloped viruses

* ODC-Steam-Vac-Pro-trolley.jpgOspreyDeepclean has now received the Expert Opinion from the Institut fuer Hygiene & Mikrobiologie (Institute for Hygiene & Microbiology) in Bremen, Germany, that the Steam & Vac Pro model achieves a greater than 5-log reduction against modified Ankara, based on EN 16615.

In Europe, the modified vaccinia Ankara (MVA) represents the official surrogate test virus for all enveloped viruses including Sars-Cov-1 and Sars-Cov-2 and all human influenza viruses.

Sleek and lockable, this foot-operated hand sanitiser dispenser holds 7-litres of product

* Pedal-Pro.jpgOne thing the Coronavirus has done is promote the benefits of hand sanitiser to the public and many establishments are now supplying sanitiser spray and gel in an attempt to make us feel safe enough to enter their premises and spend our money. Employers are tending to do the same to improve hygiene in the work environment.

While cleaning professionals will realise that these products are dispensed at a fixed dosage that is enough to do the job, the general public still tends to think 'more is better', which means dispensers need to be replenished more often than they really should. This issue is just one that is addressed by a cleverly-designed British-manufactured system from Fig Products.

WAMITAB wins End-Point Assessment Organisation approval for Healthcare Cleaning apprenticeship

* wamitab.jpgThe Waste Management Industry Training & Advisory Board has been approved by the Education Skills Funding Agency to offer End-Point Assessment for the new Level 2 Healthcare Cleaning Operative apprenticeship.

The Healthcare Cleaning Apprenticeship was approved in February 2020 and has been welcomed by key industry bodies: Association for Healthcare Cleaning Professionals (AHCP), Cleaning & Support Services Association (CSSA), British Cleaning Council and WAMITAB, who have played an active role in its development.

BICSc to launch NHS compliant cleaning skills

* BICSc-NHS-compliant.jpgThe British Institute of Cleaning Science has announced the imminent launch of a selection of NHS compliant cleaning skills, which have been adapted from the Institute's long-established Cleaning Professional's Skills Suite.

The selected skills will be compliant with both PAS 5748:2014, and the draft 'NHS National standards of healthcare cleanliness manual'.

Purify-One’s UV Disinfecting Wand receives clinical validation for Covid-19 eradication

* Purify.jpgPurify-One, manufacturer of ultraviolet disinfecting devices, is in receipt of final audited test results from Microbac Laboratories, (a US-based CDC certified lab) confirming the Purify-One UV Disinfecting Wand is highly effective in destroying SARS-CoV-2, known as Coronavirus, which causes Covid-19.

Mircrobac Laboratories reports say that the Purify-One UV Disinfecting Wand has been shown to be ~97% effective in destroying Covid-19 within seconds of exposure. A relatively high percentage of the residual virus, (while remaining living) has also been shown to no longer be able to replicate - effectively deeming it harmless.

Is UVC the answer to UK infection control against Covid-19?

* UVC-Purelight-Flow.jpgWith the UK entering its third lockdown this week, the question many of the population are asking is 'what more can we do?' With the one year lockdown anniversary fast approaching, are we really at a loss how to slow the spread?

A virus with airborne transmission brings an abundance of complexities to slow the spread. How can we fight something that we can see in the air? Enter LED Direct, a small lighting company based in Sheffield.

Using chemicals and indiscriminate biocides for cleaning? Are we on the right track?

* Joe.jpgIn this article, Joe Flanagan, LCIBSE, director of Essex-based Ingenious Probiotics, explains how probiotic cleaning works, and why, we as an industry, should consider its potential impact on the health and wellbeing of cleaning operatives as well as that of the occupants of the buildings we clean…

“The cleaning industry is now a subsection of the health and wellness sector. It's not about making rooms look clean for a price - the health of cleaning operatives and building occupants is paramount.

Medirest’s Anna Hallas recognised in New Year's Honours List

* Medirest_Anna-Hallas.jpgMedirest's national domestic and infection control manager, Anna Hallas, has been named in the New Year's Honours, which recognises the achievements of a wide range of extraordinary people across the UK.

Having worked for Medirest, Compass's Healthcare division, for 24 years, Anna is instrumental in supporting its domestic teams in the delivery and measurement of domestic services and adherence to infection control standards across the organisation's partner Trusts. Anna's role has never been more important supporting teams with the ongoing fight against Covid-19 and working collaboratively with NHSI/E. Anna was nominated by the NHS for this recognition.

Xenex introduces the next generation of coronavirus-killing robots

* Xenex-Next-Gen.jpgTo provide quick, effective disinfection against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes Covid-19, healthcare disinfection specialist Xenex Disinfection Services, has announced the availability of LightStrike6, the highly-anticipated new version of its patented germ-zapping robots.

LightStrike6 (LS6) provides the same intense germ deactivating power of current LightStrike robot models, but is more intuitive, durable, faster and smarter (with enhanced wireless reporting abilities).

Santoemma system safely sanitises ambulances, using dry fog 7 micron technology

* Ambulance-cleaning.jpgAmbulance interiors require regular and comprehensive cleaning and sanitising. The work though is demanding and needs to be carried out as quickly as possible, as vehicles can be in constant use and teams have to react rapidly to emergencies, which may interrupt cleaning operations.

The presence of life-saving objects and electronic instrumentation, means that sanitising chemicals cannot be sprayed in liquid form.

Challenge: Build Covid-19 Mass Test Centre. Deadline: 11 days. Achieved: 10 days

* CKG-Goldsmiths.jpgWhen University of London, Goldsmiths College, famed for its creative departments (former graduates include Britain's richest living artist Damien Hirst, and film director Sir Steven McQueen), needed to erect a Covid-19 Mass Test Centre quickly in time for students return, it naturally turned to its FM company CK Facilities Management for help and advice.

Fortunately, NHS approved supplier CK Facilities Management's existing in-house resources comprise CK Group Services for building works, City & Kent Cleaning for daily cleaning, deep cleans and sanitising, as well as CK Consumables for every type of cleaning and hygiene material supplies, so it was readily able to accommodate the brief.

GP surgery calls in design experts to help keep staff and patients safe

* GP-surgery-design-safe.jpgA Yorkshire Dales doctor's surgery has updated its waiting room to help keep its staff and patients safe. Reeth Medical Centre, near Richmond, has had its seating reupholstered with an easy-to-clean, antimicrobial surface to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

The work was done by Ghyll House Upholstery & Design which has worked with several GP practices to redesign their patient waiting areas.

Face mask laboratory tests show light-activated dye can destroy human coronaviruses

* FACE-MASKS-LIGHT-ACTIVATED-DYE-DESTROYS-CORONAVIRUSES.jpgUsing the natural forces of air and light, scientists have unveiled a potent and versatile new ‘weapon’ in the war against human coronaviruses.

Exhaustive laboratory tests carried out on face masks treated with a novel chemical agent that produces a potent form of oxygen when activated by light, have shown that it can destroy human coronaviruses closely related to SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes Covid-19.

CovGuard SHyCoCan: a breakthrough innovation against coronavirus in enclosed spaces

* Covguard.jpgCovguard Shycocan is a breakthrough innovation now available to defend against coronavirus within enclosed spaces. The device, launched by BV Consulting, is designed to disarm, disable and protect against Covid-19, providing real-time protection in buildings.

It works by releasing safe, negatively charged electrons which neutralise the spike (S) proteins on the virus, so that they cannot attach to human cells.

Germinator mobile sanitising & disinfecting adds ATP monitoring to its service offerings

* Germinator.jpgThe Germinator mobile sanitising & disinfecting system now comes with the option of adenosine triphosphate monitoring as part of a now patent-pending methodology.

ATP monitoring allows Germinator to test surfaces for the potential presence of living microorganisms in as little as 15 seconds prior to sanitising and disinfecting.

Leading the way in infection control: A Covid-19 fighting solution

* Leading.jpgThe Covid-19 pandemic has wrought chaos, as health officials and organisations scramble to find preventative measures for the spreading of the virus until a vaccine is discovered to bring transmission under control.

However, a small business in Sheffield is supporting these agencies with a range of Covid-fighting UV-C products.

Goodfellow gives back to industrial sector as 'thank you' for Covid co-operation

* GOODFELLOW.jpgAfter months of the science and industrial community uniting to support the Coronavirus response, research materials supplier Goodfellow is showing its gratitude.

In recognition of companies producing personal protective equipment for frontline workers throughout the pandemic - including Royal Mint and Brammer - and the mutual support shown within the industry, Goodfellow is cutting its materials prices* by 20% for the annual Black Friday sale in November.

CIEH Pest Control Conference: safeguarding public health

* BCC-conference.jpgThe Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Pest Control Conference, organised in partnership with the British Pest Control Association, is a two-day online conference taking place on 3rd and 4th November.

It aims to gather pest control professionals and experts to debate the latest legislative guidance and practical tools available, as well as discuss new risks and challenges from non-native species, including Asian hornets.

Breaking the chain of infection through innovation

* Breaking-the-chain.jpgAs a direct result of the Coronavirus pandemic, health, hygiene and above all safety are at the top of everyone's agenda - and in premises, people need to feel as safe as possible.

"We are working closely with facilities managers to recommend that they take the right steps to ensure the safety of their staff and visitors, and to restore confidence", says P-Wave sales & marketing manager Mark Wintle.

What have we learned about the virus, so far?

* Coronavirus.jpgby Adrian Gee-Turner, Sterling Presentation Health

“As the pandemic has progressed, our understanding of the virus that causes Covid-19 has grown, and this has influenced the guidance on transmission-prevention measures such as face masks, social distancing, hand washing and disinfection.

How to keep customers & staff safe with new technology

* Airflow.gifLED Direct is helping in the battle against Covid-19. A family run business in Sheffield, LED Direct has developed a new product that can change the way we sanitise rooms and even the air.

Since the old adage, 'necessity is the mother of invention' still rings true, there have been notably creative ways that organisations and governments around the world have responded to the public health crisis. One of the most innovative measures is the use of UV lighting to combat the spread of the virus.

Cleaning operatives win praise as industry assesses the effects of Coronavirus

* Cleaning-operatives-win-praise.jpgThe cleaning & hygiene industry has been assessing the huge impact of Coronavirus and the lockdown on different sectors, businesses, and operatives. A British Cleaning Council audit of members last month shows that organisations and individuals are having to adapt rapidly to the major changes brought by the virus.

A consistent theme throughout is praise for the dedication of the operatives who have been doing vital work protecting the health and wellbeing of others and keeping key industries going since the pandemic began.

Ambius revolutionises health & safety for businesses with Hygiene360

* Ambius.jpgBusiness leaders are faced with an onslaught of new decisions to keep their customers and employees safe from the spread of Covid-19.

Ambius, known for its commitment to helping organisations promote healthy spaces through interior landscaping and scenting solutions, launched Hygiene360, a suite of full-service solutions that tackle the spread of germs on surfaces, person-to-person and in the air.

Keep a lookout for latex

* latex-work-related-skin-disease.jpgWith the increased use of personal protective equipment during the pandemic, there is the potential for workers to develop allergic reactions to items containing latex, warns the Health & Safety Executive.

Latex allergy most commonly manifests itself as localised urticaria, however other symptoms include allergic rhinoconjunctivitis, asthma and, rarely, anaphylaxis.

New alcohol-free hand sanitiser protects without drying out the skin

* Bio-P_hand-sanitiser.jpgBio-Productions has launched an Alcohol-Free Hand-Sanitising Gel just in time for Winter, with the power to keep hands safe and soft while killing 99.99% of germs.

The advanced air-drying formulation quickly cleans and sanitises hands without any nasty sticky residue. Free from alcohol & added fragrance, it's the perfect product to combat the dry and chapped skin that usually comes from multiple applications of hand sanitiser. For those with sensitive skin, this would be the sanitiser to choose.

Helping industries keep employees' hands ready for business

* Helping-industries.jpgIn response to the pandemic, Ecolab has increased its production capacity seven fold in Europe to provide customers with critical hand sanitiser and surface disinfectant solutions to help prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19.

As businesses across Europe are reopening and welcoming employees and customers back, Ecolab is introducing two new hand sanitisers to help meet demand, putting customers' business in safe hands.

Cromwell Plastics Recycling donates half a tonne of plastic film to community fundraiser for NHS gowns

* plastic-film-manufacturing.jpgCromwell Polythene's manufacturing and recycling division, Cromwell Plastics Recycling, has donated 500 kilos of blue polythene film to a fundraising partnership of volunteers and marine businesses making personal protective equipment for the NHS.

The film, manufactured at the Alfreton based manufacturing and recycling plant, Cromwell Plastics Recycling, will be made into approximately 5,000 disposable plastic gowns for Southampton General Hospital.

Soapbox: Disinfection vs Decontamination - why dry steam vapour cleaning is crucial to fighting COVID-19

* DSV.jpgSays Thomas Stuecken, Osprey Deepclean:

"As COVID-19 continues to ravage the globe, the face of environmental hygiene needs to change, and we must adapt fast. We need to put standard cleaning practices under the microscope and raise the bar on what's considered 'standard practice'.

Queen's Award-winning MARS system's temperature monitoring protects key workers

* MARS-temperature-monitoring-system.jpgVital health and safety personal protection against coronavirus (Covid-19) for a wide range of NHS staff, key workers and other employees manning critical commercial, industrial and public sector facilities, has been developed by Metro Security (GB).

Metro has reacted to the global pandemic by developing an innovative new module for its 2019 Queen's Award-winning MARS analytics solution. This new temperature monitoring system provides immediately available, easy-to-install and effective detection of arriving employees, contractors and visitors at the entrance point to any facility.

Industry body calls for all cleaners to be included in priority list for Coronavirus testing

* BCC-testing.jpgThe British Cleaning Council is calling for all cleaners to be to be included in the expanded first wave of testing for Coronavirus for 'essential workers' announced last week.

Last Thursday, the Government launched an online testing scheme which it said was designed to allow 'all essential workers' in England to register for tests if they or a family member were suffering virus symptoms.

Greyland launches Spray & Wipe ULTRA, full virucidal disinfectant cleaner

* ULTRA-750ml.jpgLeading independent cleaning chemical manufacturer Greyland has launched Spray & Wipe ULTRA, a full virucidal disinfectant cleaner tested to eliminate both Coronavirus and MRSA after 1 minute.

Available in the new, unique, 40% UK recycled polymer containers (no other manufacturer can offer this) in both 5L and 750ml trigger spray bottles, Spray & Wipe ULTRA is bactericidal, yeasticidal, and virucidal having been tested to EN 1276 (inc. MRSA), EN 13697 (inc. E. coli), EN 16615 (yeasts), and certified to EN 14476 (inc. Norovirus, Influenza, and Bovine Coronavirus (BCOV) as a surrogate for other members of the Coronavirus family including MERS-CoV.

A true war effort: Selden converts facility to maximise on production of anti-viral portfolio

* Selden-Lab.jpgWhen the sheer scale of the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic became clear, companies in this industry were faced with a choice: ‘keep calm and carry on’ or join what has often been dubbed ‘the war effort’.

Buxton, Derbyshire-based Selden took the decision to do everything it could to manufacture the maximum amount of product that would make a real difference.

Lives of cleaners 'put at risk' due to lack of Coronavirus testing

* BCC-logos-2019.jpgThe lives of cleaners working on the frontline in the fight against Coronavirus are potentially being put at risk because they are not automatically entitled to testing, according to the industry body for the sector.

The British Cleaning Council is calling for cleaners who are supporting critical industries to be treated in the same way as other key workers when it comes to testing.

Proven technology updated to minimise contamination potential

* Osprey-Fogger.jpgOspreyDeepclean has been supplying innovative steam cleaning technology for many years. The efficacy for use to remove healthcare-acquired infections - including viruses - was scientifically proven more than a decade ago and is very relevant in today's world.

Vanguard releases recipe and production SOPs for its new terpene extract hand cleaner, for free download in fight against Covid-19

* Vanguard.jpgVanguard Scientific has announced the release of the company's formulation and Standard Operating Procedures for a new terpene-extract hand cleaner.

The Vanguard Scientific-created hand cleaner takes guidance from the Center for Disease Control & Prevention-provided recommendations for alcohol-based hand sanitiser and adds powerful plant-derived compounds, known as terpenes, that may boost the mixture's antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral effects.

Flow Waterjet repurposes operations to produce high-grade face shields

* Flow-Waterjet-Repurposes.jpgFlow International Corporation, developer and manufacturer of ultrahigh-pressure waterjet cutting systems, has repurposed its operations to produce face shields for medical workers, first responders and workers in essential businesses to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

The company is ramping production rapidly to where it will be producing more than 50,000 units per week by the end of this month. Flow does not expect to make a profit from this effort.

Strategies for Safety: ‘Covid-19 Clinical Implications and Best Practices’ seminar

* Strategies-for-safety.jpgKeeping healthcare professionals safe during the Covid-19 outbreak requires both knowledge and proper planning. Owens & Minor is staging an important and informative webinar tomorrow, reviewing the impact on hospital staff, as well as the evidence-based infection control strategies necessary to mitigate transmission.

Combining expertise, common sense and data specifics, this webinar is designed to help ensure both the continuity of clinical operations and the ultimate safety of those working in hospital environments

Introducing the new look Provap Evo Vac

* New-Look-Provap.jpgThe Provap Evo Vac from OspreyDeepclean has undergone a mini makeover!

The original healthcare cleaning machine is still just as effective for sanitation and decontamination but has been redesigned to be more user-friendly.

From Henry and Hetty to healthcare essentials: Numatic delivers in Coronavirus response

* Numatic-CV-response.jpgTeams from Numatic International, (known globally for its smiling Henry, George and Hetty vacuum cleaners and mops) are working on several projects to support the Government and the NHS in the fight to save the lives of as many people as possible.

“Face shields are now in full production and available for delivery,” says the Somerset, UK-based manufacturer.

EFCI outlines cleaning industry's urgent needs in Coronavirus crisis

* EFCI-medical.jpgWhile European institutions are unanimously calling for solidarity and collaborating to develop an EU-level response to the common challenge, EFCI, the voice of the European cleaning and facility services industry, is calling on decision-makers at EU and national level to provide the sector with the necessary tools to continue developing its crucial role throughout the crisis and to ensure the continuity of its companies for the duration of the outbreak as well as after it ends.

On 18th March, the Association published a first statement to address the urgent need for national and European authorities to:

Remote fever scanning solution launched to help safeguard frontline workers

* Digital.jpgDigital Barriers, a leading provider of edge-intelligent surveillance and security technologies, has announced the release of a real-time remote fever scanning solution that adds remote monitoring to this capability. Fever scanning cameras help safeguard frontline workers against potential infection.

The addition of Digital Barriers' government-grade remote monitoring enables this to be carried out without the need for close human contact, thereby cutting the risk of transmission.

Hygiene specialist puts plans in place to ensure vital supplies for the frontline

* Chemical-General.jpgBradford based Christeyns UK, which manufactures and supplies a range of detergents and hygiene chemicals, has put procedures in place to ensure continued supply of much needed hygiene products.

"Our first line of action has been to protect our staff and families, many of whom are now working from home," states managing director Nick Garthwaite. "However, as a key supplier, supporting the healthcare sector and hygiene in food and beverage production, it is crucial that we ensure supply is available for our customers as needed."

Safe cleaning and disinfection when confronted with COVID-19 infections: how hospitals can ensure they are equipped

* Safe-cleaning.jpgAn independent institute has confirmed the efficacy of Meiko cleaning and disinfection technology, which means it is possible to safely clean and disinfect almost all hospital utensils that could be contaminated - even for faecal-oral transmission.

David Fisman, epidemiologist at the University of Toronto has warned that the potential for coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) to spread via faeces presents novel challenges to hospitals in particular.

Idrobase Solutions feature on RAI 1 TV channel

* IDROBASE-TV.jpgRAI 1, the main Italian television channel, has featured Idrobase and in particular the company’s products that can help the fight against Coronavirus.

During the well-known TV show UnoMattina, journalists from the main national broadcaster spoke about Idrobase and the fight against the spread of Coronavirus and other pathogens.

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