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International News

EU model overestimates environmental exposure of key surfactant, claims study

* EU-Model-Overestimates.jpg
A European Union model used to predict the environmental exposure of a major detergent ingredient is overly conservative and "significantly overestimates" effluent concentrations, new research shows.

Purify-One’s UV Disinfecting Wand receives clinical validation for Covid-19 eradication

* Purify.jpg
Purify-One, manufacturer of ultraviolet disinfecting devices, is in receipt of final audited test results from Microbac Laboratories, (a US-based CDC certified lab) confirming the Purify-One UV Disinfecting Wand is highly effective in destroying SARS-CoV-2, known as Coronavirus, which causes Covid-19.

Solution offers long-term surface protection against harmful bacteria and enveloped virus

* Solution-long-term-surface-protection.jpg
Bioarmor tells us that in addition to its UK laboratory certification of 99.9% efficacy against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and MRSA - Bioarmor-nano has now been independently laboratory tested to be effective (on non-porous substrates) against phi6 - an enveloped virus with a similar structure to Coronavirus* and Influenza A viruses.

More facilities secure GBAC Star accreditation for high cleanliness standards

* Hyatt-Hyderabad.jpg
In the week leading up to Christmas, 126 additional facilities spread over several continents, achieved GBAC Star Facility Accreditation from the Global Biorisk Advisory Council - a Division of ISSA - demonstrating their commitment to cleanliness, healthand safety.

TNT Unlimited wins Vectair's 2020 Rep Group of the Year award

* TNT-Unlimited-Vectair-award.jpg
TNT Unlimited, an independent sales agency based in Barrington, Illinois, has won Vectair's 2020 Rep Group of the Year Award. TNT Unlimited is no stranger to success, having previously won the award in 2012.

A new era of washroom solutions: introducing Satino by WEPA

* Satino_WEPA.jpg
WEPA Professional, provider of sustainable, environmentally-friendly paper and washroom solutions in Europe, is introducing Satino by WEPA; a new brand of cleaning and hygiene products for the UK market.

Using chemicals and indiscriminate biocides for cleaning? Are we on the right track?

* Joe.jpg
In this article, Joe Flanagan, LCIBSE, director of Essex-based Ingenious Probiotics, explains how probiotic cleaning works, and why, we as an industry, should consider its potential impact on the health and wellbeing of cleaning operatives as well as that of the occupants of the buildings we clean…

Good practice for Covid-secure organisations in 2021

* Good-practice-Covid.jpg
As businesses and other organisations emerge from the pandemic, there will be a renewed focus on the health & safety of workplaces. Risk assessments will need to be updated to ensure that staff, customers and other visitors are not exposed to harmful microorganisms.

Germinator adds Dr Jay Noller to Scientific Advisory Board

* Germinator_Jay-Noller.jpg
Germinator Mobile Sanitizing & Disinfecting, has added Dr Jay Noller to its Scientific Advisory Board. A pioneer in the agricultural field, providing 21 years of leadership at Oregon State University, Dr Noller's will assist with the design and execution of proposed studies to explore the remediation of surface and food acquisition of Covid-19 through grants from the US Department of Agriculture and other entities.

SaneChem delivers key regional acquisition as Diversey continues expansion in global food and beverage industry

* SaneChem.jpg
Diversey has announced the acquisition of SaneChem, a Polish-based supplier of specialist hygiene solutions for the Food and Beverage industry. The deal is a significant step in Diversey's global growth plans.

Aphex BioCleanse Systems signs European supply & private label agreement for DermAphex and SanAphex

* Aphex.jpg
Aphex BioCleanse Systems, a sanitisation solutions company focused on the development and distribution of non-toxic and water-based sanitisation and disinfection products trademarked as Hy-IQ Water, has signed a supply and private label agreement with Qurexx BV in Almere, The Netherlands.

Kristy Kenney wins Vectair Systems Tom Valentino Special Achievement Award

* Kristy-Kenney_Vectair.jpg
Vectair Systems has announced Kristy Kenney winner of the Tom Valentino Special Achievement Award 2020. As executive administrative assistant for Vectair Systems, Kristy has been recognised for her truly outstanding dedication to the company.

New director, VP of business development for Kaivac

* VP-bus-dev-Kaivac.jpg
Kaivac has promoted Allen Randolph to vice president of business development, from his former role as director of key accounts.

RAI Amsterdam launches new Interclean show for China in 2021

* Interclean-China-2021.jpg
RAI Amsterdam has announced the unveiling of Interclean China 2021, a new show for the Chinese professional cleaning and hygiene industry. Set to take place from 19th - 21st April 2021, the first edition of Interclean China will open its doors at Beijing's China National Convention Centre.

The quest to be different in FM and cleaning management

* The-quest-to-be-different.jpg
By Nils J.van der Zijl, VP sales & marketing, Softbank Robotics EMEA

“There is no getting away from the fact that this year has been extremely challenging for the cleaning and FM industry.

Vectair Systems welcomes US investment

* Vectair-US-investment.jpg
Vectair Systems, a leading innovator, manufacturer and supplier of aircare and hygiene products, is pleased to welcome a consortium of US investors to add to its existing shareholders, after the exit of Mobeus, a UK-based investment firm.

pH7Q Dual now has EPA-approved SARS-CoV-2 kill claim

* pH7Q-Dual.jpg
Available now, pH7Q Dual concentrated neutral disinfectant cleaner officially kills the virus that causes Covid-19. This claim is US Environmental Protection Agency-approved and is backed by rigorous testing.

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It’s long been accepted that the regular and expert cleaning of our hospitals and the equipment in them, is an essential part of the public health strategy for helping prevent Healthcare Acquired Infections - and over the past year, for trying to keep Coronavirus under control too. Yet new figures published by NHS Digital show that the full-time equivalent of almost 1,000 NHS cleaners, (both directly employed and outsourced) have been cut in England since 2010/11. And incredibly, the amount spent by NHS Trusts on cleaning services fell by £38 million in real terms – a decline of 3.4%. GMB, the union for NHS workers, has called for urgent investment to reverse these cuts to cleaning services – and it hasn’t come a moment too soon. 

“The NHS couldn’t function without its cleaning staff,” says the GMB. “They have been saving lives, often at real personal risk, since day one of the pandemic. Our members tell us they are overworked, underpaid and denied access to the right PPE. Some are put under pressure to complete jobs without enough time or the right equipment. These new figures confirm that a scandalous £38 million has been taken out of NHS cleaning budgets in real terms, while hundreds of NHS cleaners have lost their jobs. These cuts weakened the NHS and meant that services were vulnerable when the pandemic hit. As we enter a third lockdown, it is more important than ever that NHS cleaners receive the resources, pay and decent employment standards they deserve.” 

It’s not just about poor pay for the work and conditions involved though, is it? Working in a hospital apparently increases your risk of infection by a factor of three. But this risk isn’t evenly spread. Tests carried out in many hospitals over Summer showed that it was not the ICU consultants or infectious ‘red zone’ clinical staff who had the highest infection rates, but red zone cleaners and porters. Their risk of infection was double that of their clinical colleagues and I wonder whether this may be partly down to the cleaners having to work with inadequate PPE.

It’s hard enough going home exhausted at the end of your shift, but to also be worrying that you could be taking home Covid-19, must be incredibly worrying. I do hope Government realises that greater investment must quickly be made in NHS cleaning services, as I’d hate to think what would happen if the cleaners and porters - knowing that they have GMB backing, decided to persuade a reluctant Government to by downing tools.



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Jan Hobbs

This Week's News

London Cleaning Show: new dates announced for 2021

* Cleaning-show-Excel.jpgThe organisers of The Cleaning Show, due to take place in London's ExCel this March, tell us that they have secured new dates for later in the year. The event is now scheduled for 8th - 10th June 2021.

A decision wholly supported by the British Cleaning Council, it is obviously everyone's hope that by then, the worst of Covid-19 will be far behind us and that organised business events can take place safely and confidently.

Shell and Kärcher join forces in the automated car wash market

* Shell-Karcher-automated-car-wash.jpgShell has teamed up with Kärcher to offer customers automated car washing using the latest technology in a selection of Shell service stations. The collaboration has been facilitated by TSG Wash, which provide sales, service and installation for Kärcher's car wash solutions in the UK and 29 other countries.

"This is an exciting collaboration and the first time both global brands have been brought together to deliver automated car washing,ä says Frank McLaughlan, director for TSG Wash UK

Celebrating 45 years of keeping us safe: The AHCP (formerly ADM)

The Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals, (formerly the Association of Domestic Management) celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2020 and with it, the satisfaction that it has helped develop standards and protocols used by the NHS and the UK Department of health, aimed at delivering cleaner, safer healthcare environments.

From August 1975, managers of cleaning and allied services within the public sector - and especially within the National Health Service, had their networking needs met by the Association of Domestic Management. The ADM grew successfully over the years to become the mouthpiece and representative body for healthcare cleaning managers throughout the UK.

Afflink introduces Rest Assured

* AFFLINK-Rest-Assured.jpgAfflink has introduced Rest Assured, a bundle of best-in-class products, specifically designed to deliver the highest-quality disinfecting and extended-protection solutions now available, all designed to protect human health at home, in school, and at work.

Featured in this all-in-one bundle are the following:

- A hospital-grade, EPA N-List disinfectant, engineered to kill the pathogens that cause coronavirus as well as other pathogens on surfaces in minutes.

Emerging markets: Prochem stops dust up in data centres

* Emerging-markets-Prochem-data-centres.jpgData centres are a fast-growing market set to rise by up to 15% and presenting special cleaning needs. Figures released by M Capital Group show the global data centre industry achieving strong growth over the next five years, reaching a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10% to 15%.

Based in Farnham, Surrey, Technivo is a specialist in cleaning these anonymous-looking and often secretive buildings and recently sourced four Prochem dual-speed rotary machines with suction kits and filter bags especially for the sector.

UMF announces impressive lab results

* UMF-Corp-lab-results-promising.jpgUMF Corporation has announced that testing from award-winning contract research organisation Integrated Pharma Services confirms that UMF's Micrillon sheath and core fibre demonstrates significant antiviral properties against Human Coronavirus, which causes Covid-19, and Human Influenza A H1N1 virus in just minutes.

The Micrillon sheath and core fibre, spun into a yarn and knitted into a material, also demonstrates significant antibacterial efficacy (100% kill) against Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and E. coli 0157:H7.

Improving air quality key to making consumers feel safer

* Improving-air-quality.jpgImproving air quality in the fight against Covid-19 could give businesses the edge over their competitors and attract more customers, according to a top UK university scientist.

Writing in a new report for facilities services provider phs Group, Cambridge University Professor Paul Linden highlights the growing evidence for the airborne transmission of coronavirus and that tackling indoor air quality must be at the forefront of creating Covid-safe environments.

Morclean's new Bin Wash Flite incorporates automated flatbed technology

* Morclean-Bin-Wash-FLITE.jpgMorclean has launched a self-contained automated bin wash machine on a flatbed truck with diesel engine.

The all-new Bin Wash Flite is an innovative self-contained bin cleaning system that uses two powerful, automated rotating wash heads to clean the insides of wheelie bins.

Spotta knows 'pest'

* SPOTTA-pod.jpgSpotta Smart Pest Systems has capped a strong first year of commercial operations with accelerated product development and market reach for 2021. To support its growth into new territories and pests, the company has doubled its headcount and secured partnerships to further extend its commercial reach.

Having secured $1.18 million in seed funding in July 2020, Spotta's ambition to revolutionise the pest control market - providing monitoring technology to help prevent wide-reaching infestations - has continued to evolve.

Jail honours grads of Janitorial Work Program

* Jail-honours-Grads-blue-gowns.jpgEight county jail inmates have just graduated from the DuPage County Jail's new Janitorial Work Program. Each has earned the Custodial Technician Certification from ISSA's Cleaning Management Institute, one of the most respected education and certification programs in the professional cleaning industry.

In honour of their graduation, all eight inmates wore blue caps and gowns and ceremoniously tossed their caps into the air after the ceremony.

Something young people can rely on - the CHSA's 2021 Undergraduate Bursary

* CHSA-2021-Undergraduate-Bursary.jpgYoung people may not yet be certain of the detail of what's replacing A' Levels this summer but there is one thing they can rely on - the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association's (CHSA) Bursary.

"Young people are living in an uncertain world," notes David Garcia, vice president and treasurer of the CHSA and the driving force behind the Association's Bursary programme.

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Recent UK News

BICSc to launch NHS compliant cleaning skills

* BICSc-NHS-compliant.jpg
The British Institute of Cleaning Science has announced the imminent launch of a selection of NHS compliant cleaning skills, which have been adapted from the Institute's long-established Cleaning Professional's Skills Suite.

Protect classrooms and communities with antimicrobials in schools

* Protect-Classrooms-illustration.jpg
Following the decision by Government to close all schools, now is the time to introduce long-term protection against all viruses including Covid-19.

Bromoco International, makers of Touch Antimicrobial coating, is appealing to local councils and the Government to implement a long term, sustainable plan to protect classrooms and learning environments with antimicrobial coatings.

Is UVC the answer to UK infection control against Covid-19?

* UVC-Purelight-Flow.jpg
With the UK entering its third lockdown this week, the question many of the population are asking is 'what more can we do?' With the one year lockdown anniversary fast approaching, are we really at a loss how to slow the spread?

Facilicom secures eighth year with University Of Brighton

* Facilicom-University-Brighton.jpg
Cleaning and soft services provider, Facilicom UK & Ireland, has secured a contract extension with long-standing client, the University of Brighton. The relationship, which began in September 2013, has seen the hygiene specialist deliver daily janitorial and cleaning services to the University's halls of residence.

ONS data shows detrimental effect Covid-19 has had on contract cleaning

* ONS-data-Covid.jpg
The impacts of Covid-19 have been felt in businesses across the UK and, despite an obvious need for increased cleaning practices, cleaning companies are no exception with only 75% of UK businesses in the sector currently trading, according to ONS data. Perfect Clean, a Scottish cleaning company, has analysed the latest ONS data to understand how the pandemic has impacted the UK's cleaning industry.

BCC urges public to respect Government guidelines

* BCC-urges-public.jpg
The British Cleaning Council has urged the public to follow the rules as most of the UK finds itself in another Covid-19 lockdown.

Search for UK's top window-cleaning company and employee has begun

* UK-top-window-cleaner.jpg
The Federation of Window Cleaners is welcoming entries into its biennial industry competitions Window Cleaning Company of the Year and Window Cleaner Employee of the Year, 2021. T

he competition is open to all window cleaners who are registered members of the FWC, and to all employees of registered members.

Mitie appointed to Government's Building Cleaning Services agreement

* Mitie-appointed.jpg
Mitie has been named as a supplier on the Crown Commercial Service agreement for Building Cleaning Services.

Principle awarded IRATA International accreditation

* Principle-IRATA.jpg
Principle Window and High-Level Cleaning (PWHLC) has been awarded full accreditation by IRATA International (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association), the world's leading authority in rope access.

Yuasa battery testing lab becomes first to achieve UKAS accreditation

* Yuasa-batteries.jpg
GS Yuasa, producer of Yuasa batteries, has become the first battery manufacturer to achieve IS17025 UKAS accreditation.

The honour, gained by the testing facility at the GS Yuasa Battery Manufacturing UK factory in Ebbw Vale, Wales, will enable industrial VRLA batteries to be tested to the highest standard available.

Ineos Hygienics becomes official hand sanitiser supplier of Tottenham Hotspur

* Ineos-Hygienics-Tottenham-Hotspur.jpg
Ineos Hygienics has become the official hygiene supplier to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

The company is supplying the club and the stadium with state-of-the-art touchless sanitiser dispensers, delivering hospital grade sanitiser to Spurs' players, staff and fans, to maintain good hand hygiene and reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Medirest’s Anna Hallas recognised in New Year's Honours List

* Medirest_Anna-Hallas.jpg
Medirest's national domestic and infection control manager, Anna Hallas, has been named in the New Year's Honours, which recognises the achievements of a wide range of extraordinary people across the UK.

Wychavon District Council wins Loo of the Year Awards trophy

* Wychavon-DC-wins-LOTY.jpg
Wychavon District Council has been awarded the Overall Loo of the Year Awards Trophy in the 2020 Loo of the Year Awards.

Devastating on dirt!

* TomCat-CZ.jpg
Tomcat's CRZ make short order of cleaning off ingrained dirt and residue. 250lbs of scrub pressure, superb drying performance and a little bit of cleaning know how get this floor back to a cleaner and safer standard.

Consumers call on organisations to do more to help reduce the risk of Covid

* PHS-Index-Report.jpg
Organisations are being called upon to do more to make their premises Covid -safe as facilities services provider phs Group addresses the airborne risk of the coronavirus.

ServiceMaster claims major accolade at Franchising Awards

* ServiceMaster_Siva.jpg
Service Master, an office cleaning and janitorial specialist, has won the Franchisee Transformation award at the 2020 British Franchising Association's HSBC Franchise Awards, held virtually on 30th November.

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