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International News

Larry Lopata joins Vectair Systems as vice president of sales for North America

* Larry-Lopata.jpg
Larry Lopata has been announced as the vice president of sales, North America, for Vectair Systems, responsible for growing existing relationships and seeking new industrial distribution, with specific focus in the jan-san channel.

Mike Tofari joins Vectair Systems as vice president of business development

* Mike-Tofari.jpg
Vectair Systems has announced that Mike Tofari has joined the company as vice president of business development for North America.

Hygiene Specialist announces ‘Excellence’ Award recipients

* UMF-Nationa-Hygiene-Specialist-Award.jpg
UMF Corporation has announced the recipients of the company's 10th annual Hygiene Specialist Excellence award, which acknowledges the important contribution of environmental services departments in hospitals and long-term care facilities across the US.

Protect health with Kennedy's antibacterial solutions

* Protect-with-Kennedy.jpg
Be prepared against the winter viruses with Kennedy Hygiene’s sanitising solutions…

The company’s hand sanitising gel is effective against MRSA and Winter germs, and combined with the ultra-hygienic automatic soap dispenser Savona Auto, it provides maximum hygiene.

AfterClean InstaClear and AfterClean ContinuFresh

* AfterClean-Products.jpg
Question: What do you get when you bring together a fast moving consumer goods innovator, a project management accountant and a shared interest in the environment?

Answer: the owners of AfterClean, a Somerset-based company that produces a range of products to immediately neutralise bad odours and deliver long-lasting fragrance on demand.

Diversey acquires AHP Intellectual Property from Virox Technologies

* Diversey_pathogens.jpg
Diversey has acquired the global intellectual property rights related to Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide technology, from Virox Technologies.

AHP is a globally patented blend of commonly used ingredients that produces exceptional potency as a germicide and superior performance as a cleaning agent.

LaCerta sums up key marketing trends for 2020 that will impact cleaning industry

* LaCerta_Carly.jpg
As we head back to our workplaces after celebrating the New Year, what key marketing trends do cleaning and hygiene companies need to be aware of? Carly Bishop from LaCerta Marketing says:

"The first is that brands are focusing on 'customer experiences' - also known as CX. Companies need to adapt the way that they approach the sales process, and instead aim to provide fantastic customer experiences.

Tilted toilet seat aims to improve business efficiency

* tilted-toilet.jpeg
Latest Industry research suggests that an average person spends around 25% greater time in workspace lavatories then necessary and it is estimated that in the UK alone, extended employee breaks cost industry and commerce £4billion per annum.

The current state of healthcare hygiene

* The-current-state.jpg
Hospitals and other healthcare centres contain those who are most vulnerable to disease as well as high concentrations of patients with infectious conditions. Therefore, it is essential that no corners are cut when it comes to hygiene - if procedures are not carried out properly, it could have catastrophic effects on patients in vulnerable states.

Healthcare Cleaning Forum - the secret epidemic of HCAIS

* Healthcare-Cleaning-Forum.jpg
Despite advances in medicines and treatments, there's one simple fact that has never changed: prevention is better than a cure. It is the reason countries invest in vaccines. However, hospitals are struggling to tackle the silent epidemic of healthcare-associated infections.

CSC 2020 Opens Registration: invitation to go 'Beyond Green'

* CSC-2020-Opens-Registration.jpg
Registration for the 2020 edition of the Canadian Sustainability Conference and Expo is now open for attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.

Bio-D leads global drive to eliminate plastic pollution

* Bio-all-purpose-sanitiser.jpg
Bio-D is one of the leading businesses in a global drive towards eliminating plastic pollution. Independently owned ethical cleaning company Bio-D agreed to use at least 75% recycled content by 2025 when it signed up to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Global Commitment on plastic in October last year.

Blue King launching without trigger guard to satisfy user demand

* Blue-King.jpg
In January, AKBO will bring a new washdown gun to market to satisfy user demand for a gun without a trigger guard.

It is, effectively, a guardless version of Akbo's popular Blue King washdown gun, which was launched two years ago.

American Cleaning Institute announces promotions for three team members

* American-Cleaning-Institute.jpg
The American Cleaning Institute has announced promotions for three of its team members, including two leaders in its scientific and regulatory department.

Report indicates growth of no-water urinal installations worldwide

A November 2019 study indicates that the global market for no-water/waterless urinals is expected to expand by 8% in the next eight years.

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I've never been what you might call 'a doggie person', so it was with some trepidation that I accepted the challenge to look after a friend's dog for the past week while my friend was overseas. It was an eye-opener in more than one way!

As someone who gave birth to twins I thought I'd manage to cope with the routine but with the absence of nappies I had the continuous worry that I'd not get the jacket (and Sou'wester if raining), harness and lead on sufficiently quickly after meals to suit the dog's bladder, or leave home without the doggie treats or 'poo bags'. But it was the need to collect whatever the dog deposited on grass verges or in the park that got to me, as well as having to pick through whatever else was down there as I did so.

The experience really focused my attention on the disgusting state of our outside spaces. I live in what was once considered a fairly affluent area of England but the rubbish, beer bottles and cans and broken glass that was strewn around - not to mention dog mess left by irresponsible owners that was often on the pavement for people to tread on - made me ashamed of my town. How did it get like this?

Sadly, we have failed to persuade everyone that littering is unacceptable and those who choose to litter rarely get caught and punished. There were plenty of bins around where I walked the dog and if I was able to carry around my biodegradable bag of warm dog excrement until I found a bin, why can't everyone else do the same with their wrappers, cartons, cans or bottles?

Something I have noticed over the years though is that there's always more rubbish floating around on bin collection days. Is this because householders are careless when they empty their household bins into the dustbin, or is it because refuse collectors are now on such tight schedules that if they drop something which blows or rolls away, they simply don't have time to chase after it? Or do many of them no longer take pride in their work?

When I was a child the need to take care of our outside environment was ingrained in us. I do hope we can get back to that way of thinking soon...



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Jan Hobbs

This Week's News

Have you booked CSC 2020? Early bird pricing ends 31st January

* CSC.jpgIf you could only use two words to describe the upcoming Canadian Sustainability Conference (CSC) 2020, the choice would be easy: professional development. This is what the conference, which takes place April 7th - 8th in the Delta Toronto Airport Conference Centre, promises to deliver.

And deliver it will, so Register today to take advantage of the discounted Early Bird pricing that ends January 31, 2020.

Packaging: Becoming greener through innovation

* James-Woollard_PolytheneUK.jpgby James Woollard, managing director at Polythene UK

Wherever you look in the news, environmentalism is present. Flicking through the pages of a print newspaper or scanning online news outlets reveals daily stories looking at the environmental crisis and the ongoing changes to the planet.

For instance, as an indicator of the growing emphasis on climate change, Time person of the year for 2019 was 16-year-old Greta Thunberg; the youthful face of the campaign to combat the 'climate emergency' - a state of affairs that's been highlighted by such luminaries as Sir David Attenborough.

Prochem training recognised for NCCA membership level upgrade

* Prochem-industry-news.jpgAssociate Members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association can now elevate themselves to Member level upon completion of Prochem's Stain Removal training course.

Advancing through the NCCA's four membership levels is dependent upon members attending a recognised qualification in professional carpet and upholstery cleaning at base level and then progressing over time with additional training and industry experience.

RAS unveils plans for higher Happy Toilet standards

* RAS.jpgAt the 11th LOO (Let's Observe Ourselves) Awards ceremony held to commemorate World Toilet Day, the Restroom Association of Singapore supported Singapore's bid to become a smart nation by adopting holistic Detect, Feedback, Eliminate & Clean (DFEC) smart solutions for its Happy Toilet Programme.

Mitie takes first IFM step in pharmaceuticals with GlaxoSmithKline

* Mitie-GSK.jpgMitie has been awarded a five-year contract with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Manufacturing Supply Chains, the science-led global healthcare company, following a competitive tender. The contract is worth around £150 million over five years, with an option to extend the contract for up to two years.

Heavy-duty foaming hand cleanser has true grit

* Heavy-duty.jpgSC Johnson Professional's Solopol GFX is thought to be the world's only heavy-duty foaming hand cleanser with grit.

Consistently called the best hand cleaner for grease removal by those who use it, Solopol GFX transforms heavy-duty hand cleaning liquid into a rich, cream foam that washes away quickly and completely.

Cintas Signature Series now offered in 11 colours

* Cintas-Signature.jpgThe Cintas Signature Series line of designer washroom accessories offers businesses a stylish alternative to the industrial look of standard commercial washrooms. Originally available in nine vibrant colour choices, the Signature Series is now available in 11 colours, with the new addition of True Blue and RealTree Edge Camo.

£700M contract to transform 190,000 tonnes of black bag waste to energy each year

* 700M-black-bag-waste.jpgA new contract will see up to 190,000 tonnes of black bag waste from five Scottish councils diverted from landfill and converted to low carbon energy on an annual basis.

The £700 million, 25-year Clyde Valley Residual Waste Project between East Dunbartonshire, East Renfrewshire, North Ayrshire, North Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Councils and Viridor started on 7th January.

Company sentenced following serious incident in sewer

A water and wastewater company has been fined following an incident in which three workers were carried along a sewer following the collapse of a 150-year-old sewer gate.

Westminster Magistrates' Court heard that, in 2017, three workers were carrying out preparatory work in a sewer for the Thames Tideway Tunnel at East Greenwich, which is controlled by Thames Water Utilities (TWUL).

New Battery Industrialisation Centre powers up with additional cash boost

New-battery-Industrialisation-Centre.jpgCoventry is set to receive millions of pounds in extra funding to make sure the new UK Battery Industrialisation Centre is a world leader for years to come. Currently under construction, the Centre will be a cutting-edge research facility that will facilitate the scale up and manufacture of the batteries that power the electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and autonomous vehicles of the future.

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Recent UK News

Estimating and bidding for success

* ISSA-Logo.jpg
To accurately prepare a workloading plan for a contract cleaning tender there are several fundamental elements which need to be assessed.

Building plans must be reviewed, usually in conjunction with a physical site assessment to identify any cleaning tasks which may not be apparent on the plans and to determine areas where cleaning is impractical.

Samsic rebrands UK operations

* Samsic-CEO.jpg
Coventry-based building support services contractor Regent Samsic is to rebrand as Samsic UK.

With year-on-year turnover up by 28% to over £61 million, the development measures the closer alignment of the UK subsidiary of the France-based business and facilities company to its parent's brand proposition.

Samsic Group is one of Europe's largest providers of business and facilities services with revenues exceeding €2.6 billion.

TidyChoice 2019 Housekeeper of the Year

Maria Helena Fernandes, a South West London resident, has won the 2019 Housekeeper of the Year Award.

The Award, sponsored by TidyChoice, celebrates professional and skillful housekeepers in London. Maria Helena beat several hundred professionals across the whole of London to win the award and with it, £150.

Are washroom cleaners valued?

* LOTY-washroom-cleaners.jpg
The Washroom Cleaner of the Year Awards are a unique and integral part of Loo of the Year Awards but relate specifically to the cleaning staff that look after facilities, rather than the washrooms themselves.

Mike Bone, Loo of the Year Awards Managing Director explains: "While the range of gradings and National and UK/Ireland Loo of the Year Awards and Trophies provide adequate recognition for the loos and their providers, it is the people who look after each facility - be they individual full-time attendants, in-house cleaning teams or external cleaning contractors, who also deserve recognition."

InnuScience makes training for housekeepers a h-app-y experience...

F* InnuScience-hospitality-app1.jpg
ast-growing InnuScience UK, which has helped pioneer the use of smartphone training apps for the past five years with the vision of making training simple and enjoyable, has launched a new hospitality training app.

Phs Group transforms customer waste into energy with new Viridor partnership

* PHS-Viridor.jpg
Washroom services Phs Group has announced a new partnership with Viridor which will divert customer waste from landfill into power generation.

Brexit planning: consider your commercial contracts

* Brexit-planning.jpg
By Karen Holden, award-winning solicitor and founder of A City Law Firm

In the wake of the recent election result which saw the Conservatives gain a large majority in the House of Commons, prime minister Boris Johnson has again promised to deliver Brexit and in his words, "get Brexit done".

Internal senior management promotions reinforce Truvox's focus on innovation

Two internal promotions within the senior management team at Truvox International will bolster the global floorcare specialist's focus on innovation into a new decade. Company strategy and day-to-day management will be led by Gordon McVean, (pictured left) appointed to the role of executive director (as announced in Cleanzine's pre-Christmas issue).

Christeyns welcomes new managing director

* Christyens_Neil-Jones.jpg
Neil Jones joins hygiene specialist Christeyns UK in a dual role as managing director of High Peak cleaning chemicals manufacturer Clover Chemicals, and Christeyns Food Hygiene, based in Warrington.

Strong early interest in next year's Manchester Cleaning Show

* Strong-early-interest.jpg
Next year's Manchester Cleaning Show looks set to be bigger and better than ever with early registration figures higher than at the same stage last time.

Celebrity host announced for 2020 Kimberly-Clark Professional Golden Service Awards

* Celebrity-Host-announced.jpg
Kimberly-Clark Professional has announced multi award-winning comedian, comedy writer and author Dominic Holland as the host of the 2020 Golden Service Awards.

Valuable legacy for Truvox as MD retires and internal appointment continues focus on global innovation

* Gordon-McVean_David-Overell.jpg
David Overell, the current managing director of global floorcare manufacturer and supplier, Truvox International, will retire at the end of 2019.

During his tenure, emphasis on constant innovation and advanced manufacturing techniques have kept Truvox at the top of its markets and resulted in increased turnover.

Intu awarded Overall Loo of the Year Awards trophy

Intu, which owns some of the best shopping centres in the UK, has been awarded the Overall Loo of the Year Awards Trophy in the 2019 Loo of the Year Awards.

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