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International News


* HHL_nilfisk.jpg
New CEO at Nilfisk

Hans Henrik Lund has taken up his position as new CEO for Nilfisk, a leading global player in the professional cleaning industry.

Getting silver can put hygiene first

Doors are clearly there to help us enter and exit rooms, but when we're worried about hygiene standards they can in fact prove to be barriers rather than enablers, with users unwilling to touch them with their bare hands. Dave Carson from washroom hygiene specialist P-Wave says he has the silver bullet to solve the problem.

Meet the cleaning industry at CMS 2017

* Meet-CMS.jpg
It's not long now until CMS Berlin - the European trade fair for Cleaning Systems, Building Management and Services - opens its doors.

400 exhibitors have registered so far and 17,000 trade visitors from 65-plus countries are expected to attend. Due to the success of the 2015 event, CMS has now opened an additional hall - taking the total to five.

Global surface disinfectant market estimated to reach US$ 1.7bn by 2024

* Global-surface-disinfectants.jpg
Transparency Market Research has released a new market report titled 'Surface Disinfectant Market for Hospital & Clinics, Outpatient Surgical, Restaurants & Food, Households and Other Applications.'  

A breakthrough in vehicle cleaning technology

* SCS-Nebula.jpg

Steam Clean Systems says its new Nebula Steam Cleaner offers a breakthrough in vehicle cleaning technology.

Diversey becomes standalone company upon completion of its acquisition by Bain Capital

* Diversey_Ilham.jpg
Diversey announced yesterday that the purchase of the business by Bain Capital Private Equity from Sealed Air Corporation is complete. The transaction was previously announced on 27th March, 2017.

Registration now open for Deb Group's second Annual Happy Hands contest

* Deb-Happy-Hands.jpg
Registration is now open for Deb Group's second annual Happy Hands dispenser design contest. The contest aims to educate students about the importance of hand washing, while also allowing them to express their artistic sides through the creation of an original design for a Deb dispenser.

ISS wins the 2017 Best Swiss Employer Award

* ISS-best-Swiss.jpg
ISS Switzerland has won the '2017 Best Employer Award', based on the largest annual employee survey in Switzerland. For the second year in a row, ISS participated in the benchmarking survey to assess the satisfaction of its own employees, and once again ISS was able to secure the first place.

Decon 7 able to eliminate Japanese Fungus

* Decon-7-bacteria.jpg
The manufacturers of Decon 7 say it is powerful enough to eliminate hazardous moulds (including black mould), fungi, viruses, E. coli, bacteria and odours and that it is effective against the latest 'superbug' to hit the headlines: Candida Auris - sometimes referred to as Japanese Fungus.

Family owned Stadsing A/S, sells life's work to Swedish OptiGroup

* Stadsing-sells.jpg
Family owned Stadsing A/S, Denmark's largest company in the development and sale of cleaning and hygiene products, has now been taken over by the Swedish Group OptiGroup AB (formerly known as Papyrus) for an amount in the higher three-digit million range Dkr.

Global biosurfactant market to generate demand of over 340,000 tons by 2020

The global biosurfactant market is anticipated to generate demand of over 340,000 tons by 2020, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of around 4% from 2014 to 2020.

Absence of direct bio-based substitutes of these products is expected to be one of the major factors driving the market over the forecast period, together with rising environmental concern over the consumption of synthetic surfactants and the growth of the global personal care industry.

Soapbox: New energy label is failing vacuum cleaner users

writes Justin Binks, managing director of Sebo UK...

"For the second time in three years, the vacuum cleaner industry is tasked with meeting the requirements of new EU energy labelling which will see a reduction in the rated input power of vacuum cleaners.

Seligo launches digital transaction and services platform for waste professionals

* Seligo-digital.jpg
In Europe, only 41% of waste was optimised in 2015, and while landfill use may be in decline, there are still obstacles preventing a better approach to waste treatment and recycling. Versailles, France-based Seligo aims to remove these barriers and improve the proportion of optimised waste by serving as a link between supply and demand, with its new digital transaction and services platform for waste professionals.

Excitement growing for ISSA/Interclean Istanbul

* ISSA-Istanbul.jpg
The second edition of the ISSA/Interclean Istanbul exhibition is taking place at the Istanbul Congress from 18th to 20th October 2017. An estimated 3,000 visitors and 100 exhibitors from in and around Turkey will mould this exhibition into the ultimate business platform for the cleaning industry in South-Eastern Europe, Russia, Northern Africa and the Middle-East.

Betco becomes Goodwill NCPP Preferred Supplier

* Betco.jpg
Betco Corporation has become a preferred supplier of chemicals and equipment for Goodwill National Cooperative Purchasing Program (NCPP) in North America.

Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit Europe agenda unveiled

* Sustainable-Cleaning-Europe.jpg
The agenda for the upcoming Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit has been unveiled and the event will feature bio-based surfactants, ethical labels, green formulations, and marketing developments.

Truvox 'cuts the cord' with award-winning Valet Battery Upright vacuum

* Valet-Battery-Upright.jpg
Cleaning teams can now 'cut the cord' and vacuum more quietly and productively following the arrival of its first cordless commercial vacuum cleaner.

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I do find it odd that our government will happily spend a small fortune on advertising that encourages us to eat healthily and drink less alcohol (things most of us know we should be doing already!) when so little is made of what should and shouldn't be flushed down our toilets or poured into our sinks and drains.

The 130-tonne fatberg being cleared from sewers under London's Whitechapel provides a good illustration (read more below). It has no business being there & nor do any of those that have been dealt with in the past or those that will undoubtedly form in the future. What are we teaching children and what information are we giving to newcomers to this country?

Surely if we're demanding that they demonstrate a convincing awareness of 'citizenship', this should include some knowledge of our infrastructure and how to support it? I didn't become aware that we shouldn't flush tampons and disposable wipes until I received a press release from Surfers Against Sewage in the early 90s. There should have been prominent warnings on the boxes - much like those now found on cigarette packs; it shouldn't have taken an action group to tell me that I was causing issues...

* LEADER-PIC-14TH-SEPT17.jpgIt's the same with cooking fats and oils. How many of us were taught to squirt greasy pans with washing up liquid then rinse with loads of piping hot water? As well as being a waste of water, this is silly since as soon as the water cools in the pipes, it allows the fats to solidify and become a magnet for all manner of other things (such as tampons and disposable wipes) which can easily block our pipes and damage our sewer systems.

Cleaning is never going to be the best job in the world but it can be interesting and like other jobs there will some days and some tasks that will be better than others and the unpleasant moments will be bad in varying degrees. I can't imagine how this man and his colleagues manage to work each day in such difficult conditions as they remove this latest fatberg from London's sewers. When it comes to degrees of unpleasantness, this is up there with the worst - and I'm not even taking the rats into account! I wonder if he's smiling under all that protective clothing...

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Jan Hobbs

This Week's News

Monster fatberg longer than two Wembley football pitches clogging up Whitechapel sewer

* Fatberg.jpgThames Water engineers are engaged in what is expected to be a three-week sewer war against a giant 250 metre long fatberg around 10 times bigger than the famous Kingston monster found in 2013.

The Whitechapel fatberg is one of the largest ever found, with the extreme rock-solid mass of wet wipes, nappies, fat and oil weighing the same as 11 double decker buses. It is blocking a stretch of Victorian sewer more than twice the length of two Wembley football pitches and weighs-in at a staggering 130 tonnes.

Nurses' regular use of disinfectants is associated with developing COPD

* Nurse.jpgRegular use of disinfectants is linked to a higher risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, according to new research looking at incidence of the disease in over 55,000 nurses in the US.

Dr Orianne Dumas (PhD) from INSERM - the French National Institute of Health & Medical Research, Villejuif, France, told the European Respiratory Society International Congress on Monday, that certain tasks involving frequent exposure to disinfectants, such as cleaning surfaces and specific chemicals in disinfectants, were associated with a 22% to 32% increased risk of developing COPD.

Awareness campaign highlights deadly legionella hotspots

* Legionella-awareness-campaign-showerhead.jpgA Legionella Awareness Day campaign has uncovered that over 1,300 cases of legionella have been reported in the UK since 2014, listing Greater London, Greater Manchester and Nottinghamshire as three of the areas most affected.

In the run up to Legionella Awareness Day, held by national water treatment company HydroChem UK, the company submitted 317 Freedom of Information requests to councils across the UK.

Avmor expanding south of the border

* Avmor-Sawchuk.jpgAvmor, a 70-year-old manufacturer of chemical cleaning solutions and the largest manufacturer of professional cleaning products in Canada, has announced that it will begin marketing its products through a select and limited number of distributors in the US starting later this year.

According to Mike Sawchuk, chief business development officer for Avmor, the official announcement will be made at the upcoming ISSA/Interclean North American tradeshow in Las Vegas.

Canaries, cats and carbon monoxide

Well into the 20th Century, canary birds were used in mines by coal miners to detect the poisonous gas, carbon monoxide. Due to their size and physiology, canaries are much more sensitive to the toxic effects of carbon monoxide than humans. So, being held in a small cage ahead, it would sometimes alert the miner to the need for a quick exit, by falling off its perch.

This rather cruel gas detection technique was replaced by technology in the 1980's, but it turns out that other animals are still vulnerable to this day.

Cordant Group to become UK's largest social enterprise

* Cordant-Group.jpgCordant Group, the UK's second largest recruitment and services business, which includes Cordant Cleaning, has today announced its new status as a Social Enterprise.

Framed around a five-year plan, the Group will reinvest the majority of its profits in due course into social programmes across education, employment, and healthcare, pledging to touch and improve thousands of lives, one community at a time.

Bona announces Green Seal approval on Commercial System and SuperCourt products

* Bona-prods.jpgBona announced yesterday that it has received Green Seal approval on two of its SuperCourt cleaners as well as a cleaner within its Commercial System line of cleaning products. The certification is part of an ongoing commitment to offer premium, highly effective, environmentally-minded products for hardwood floors.

Bona also announced its renewed partnership with Healthy Schools Campaign in the US to support the Green Clean Schools programme.

Marshall County Hospital invests in first UV disinfection robot

* Marshall-County-Hospital-UV-robot.jpgMarshall County Hospital in Benton, Kentucky, US, has added a new member to its environmental services team to proactively reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections.

The new addition, Tru-D SmartUVC, short for 'total room ultraviolet disinfection', is a UV disinfection robot that uses UVC light energy to kill deadly pathogens such as C. diff, MRSA, MERS, Ebola and more.

Vectair Systems' Paul Wonnacott to speak on 'Game Changing Innovations & Trends for 2018' at Hotel Tech Live

Paul_Vectair.jpgPaul Wonnacott has been invited to join an exciting panel of speakers at the Hotel Tech Live exhibition, to discuss the game changing innovations and trends that are set to transform the hotel industry in 2018.

Managing director & president of Vectair Systems, a global 'away from home' hygiene company that specialises in washroom, aircare and fragrance systems, British-born Paul founded Vectair in Basingstoke, UK in 1989, and has since gained considerable experience in many of the world's most important markets.

Keeping drainage fresh and healthy at New Covent Garden Market

* New-Covent-Garden.jpgUKDN Waterflow (LG) is keeping the drains at the UK's largest fruit, vegetable and flower market in a clear and healthy condition to help Londoners enjoy the freshest food and the brightest blooms.

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Recent UK News

Revealed: UK outside Europe top 10 for average cleaning salaries

* European-cleaners-wages.jpg
Cleaners earn more in 10 other European countries than they do in the UK, according to the latest research.

SpaceVac chooses Rawlins as UK distributor

* SpaceVac-External-System.jpg
High-level vacuuming system SpaceVac has joined the line-up of innovative cleaning products provided by Denis Rawlins.

Bite-sized training videos to protect uptime

* Bite-sized-training-videos.jpg
Hard-pressed cleaning teams and their supervisors have a new aid to help them ensure their floorcare procedures are effective, following the launch of a series of videos by Truvox International. The comprehensive video library covers cleaning and polishing hard floors with rotaries, injection-extraction carpet cleaning, vacuuming and scrubber dryers.

CHSA's accredited distributors demand conformance from suppliers

* CHSA-accredited-distributor-mark.jpg
Membership of the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association's Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Schemes has increased as distributors joining the Accredited Distributors Scheme demand conformance from their suppliers.

Survey shows that 83% of FM professionals believe BIM will support delivery of facilities management

* BIFM.jpg
Building Information Modelling has the potential to deliver significant benefits to the facilities management industry, according to the results of a new survey published by The British Institute of Facilities Management.

The FM Awareness of Building Information Modelling survey, developed in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University and the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, aims to establish a benchmark of the current perceptions of the impact of BIM on the FM sector and the benefits and challenges it presents.

Forestry Commission logs into Salisbury Group's facilities management

* Forestry-Commission.jpg
FM innovator, Salisbury Group, has won a competitive tender to provide cleaning, security & support services for up to five years at Silvan House in Edinburgh, the head office of Forestry Commission Scotland and shared UK services for the Forestry Commission.

Children's Hospital introduces cutting edge Surfacide technology to combat HAIs

* UV-robots.jpg
There is a large variation in hospital infection rates across the UK, with the worst performers having more than five times the number of cases of Healthcare Acquired Infections than the best performing hospitals.

Infection rates can be cut with better hygiene and improved patient care in hospitals, surgeries and care homes, such as ensuring staff, patients and visitors regularly wash their hands.

Zenith Hygiene Group and CPL Online announce new working partnership

* Zenith-Hygiene_CPL.jpg
CPL Online, which provides learning and development software, has announced a new partnership with Zenith Hygiene Group.

The Merseyside-based company has developed a bespoke range of learning resources for Zenith Hygiene, which includes an e-learning course, learning management system and mobile app.

Clarity -The Soap Co. awarded The Planet Mark

* Clarity-award.jpg
Clarity -The Soap Co., the social enterprise that creates employment for blind and disabled people, has been awarded The Planet Mark for demonstrating its commitment to reduce its carbon emissions by at least 5% over the next 12 months.

Award-winning Julius Rutherfoord Training Academy passes BICSc audit with flying colours

* Award-winning-JR.jpg
The Training Academy at Julius Rutherfoord & Co's home in Battersea, London, has passed its British Institute of Cleaning Science audit with flying colours.

Sikafloor system washes away fears of flood damage spread at pharmaceutical plant

* Sikafloor.jpg
The Smith and Nephew manufacturing facility based in Hull specialises in the production of medical equipment used in advanced wound management.

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Clean Middle East Pulire
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2nd December 2017
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