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International News

Face mask laboratory tests show light-activated dye can destroy human coronaviruses

Using the natural forces of air and light, scientists have unveiled a potent and versatile new ‘weapon’ in the war against human coronaviruses.

CovGuard SHyCoCan: a breakthrough innovation against coronavirus in enclosed spaces

* Covguard.jpg
Covguard Shycocan is a breakthrough innovation now available to defend against coronavirus within enclosed spaces. The device, launched by BV Consulting, is designed to disarm, disable and protect against Covid-19, providing real-time protection in buildings.

New data reveals consumer confidence in business cleanliness

* New-data.jpg
Findings from a recent US national survey has unveiled strong consumer confidence in business cleanliness, with two-thirds of Americans (65%) saying businesses are cleaning enough.

ISSA recognises 2020 Industry Achievement Award Winners

* Brian-Slack.jpg
ISSA has announced its 2020 Achievement Awards honorees, who have been recognised during the ISSA Show North America Virtual Experience, which is underway now.

A glance into the future - Interclean Amsterdam Online

* Science-Interclean.jpg
The first-ever Interclean Amsterdam Online, which took place from 3rd – 6th November 2020, marked the shift of rethinking our future. The pandemic is changing the world and the way to digitalisation is taking the lead and is moving us forward.

Diversey announces 3% to 4% price increase in Europe by January 1st 2021

Diversey has announced a 3% - 4% price increase across its Professional product ranges in Europe, effective January 1st 2021, due to continued cost movements and investment.

Virtual ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard Course

* Fundamentals_lynn_webster.jpg
If you are managing a cleaning business and are wishing to bring your organisation to the next level, you should consider joining the international edition of the training course 'Fundamentals of Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS)' and become a CIMS Certification Expert.

Germinator mobile sanitising & disinfecting adds ATP monitoring to its service offerings

* Germinator.jpg
The Germinator mobile sanitising & disinfecting system now comes with the option of adenosine triphosphate monitoring as part of a now patent-pending methodology.

Leading the way in infection control: A Covid-19 fighting solution

* Leading.jpg
The Covid-19 pandemic has wrought chaos, as health officials and organisations scramble to find preventative measures for the spreading of the virus until a vaccine is discovered to bring transmission under control.

New array of finishes expands design flexibility with Bradley's Touchless Washbar

* Bradley-basins.jpg
Bradley Corp. has added five new beautiful finishes to its popular WashBar series to complement every designer's vision for washroom design.

These durable and environmentally-friendly finishes further enhance Bradley's growing line of WashBar models.

Leobot wins Amsterdam Innovation Award 2020

The third day of Interclean Amsterdam Online, the Show's first-ever 100% virtual event, started with the announcement of the winner of the Amsterdam Innovation Award.

European social dialogue: SSDC's plenary meeting devoted to Covid-19

* EFCI.jpg
Late last month, EFCI (the voice of the European cleaning and facility services industry in Europe) and its members took part in the plenary meeting of the Industrial Cleaning Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee.

Forum Pulire 2020, a growing event

* Forum-Pulire-2020.jpg
The new digital version of this unique multidisciplinary congress attracted 45% more public than the 2018 edition, with 729 participants from 26 nations.

Spotta puts bed bugs to the test

* SPOTTA.jpg
In its first year of operation, Spotta's Bed Pods have reduced the amount of bed bug incidents discovered by hotel guests from 50% to just 3.3% in its customers' properties.

Clean N Coat offers combined solution to 24/7 cleaning and sanitising

* Clean-N-coat.jpg
Finnish manufacturer Affix Labs’ new ‘Clean N Coat’ surface cleaning product, is applied in the same way as other cleaning products but has the added benefit of leaving but an almost invisible, ultra-thin, anti-microbial coating that actively protects surfaces for up to seven days.

Meet Billy

* Meet-Billy.jpg
Billy is an electronically-controlled industrial compact steam cleaner, specifically designed to clean and sanitise food facilities such as restaurants, bakeries, pubs and lounges, grocery stores, butcher's shops and delicatessents, as well as hotels and transport systems, where it can sanitise up to 600sq.m/hr.

Procurement Excellence recognised with CIPS certification for Mitie

* CIPS-Mitie.jpg
Mitie has been awarded the Procurement Excellence Programme certification by the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) at standard level, demonstrating its commitment to maintaining a responsible, sustainable and professionally-managed supply chain.

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News hit us this week that London's Croydon Council is potentially about to go bankrupt, with, no doubt, many other local authorities in a similar position thanks to the pandemic... Plus of course decades of trying to balance budgets whilst ensuring the coffers are emptied each tax year so the council is awarded the same funding next time. 

My daughter, a central government worker, has grumbled that the public sector pay freeze is definitely going ahead and when I said that this was the right thing to do; that she's earning enough as it is, she asked why I felt this way. I told her that money is really tight and that if anyone were to be given a decent pay rise it should be frontline workers, such as nurses - and cleaners of course.

Our conversation reminded me of an email I sent to my local council this week, in response to the news that my replacement recycling bin would be with me within five days. I don't normally respond to such emails but the nation's finances are obviously worrying me...

"We've had thee bins over a very short period. The one you're replacing was broken during the first collection and it's been made steadily worse over time, recently ending up shattered on the pavement where it's generally thrown down, rather than put down. My daughter tore a treasured pair of trousers on the last one & has also cut herself on one of the broken parts. We keep our bins next to our front fence so don't abuse them in any way ourselves. I realise the refuse collectors are in a tearing hurry but if they took more care of the bins there would be more money in the pot for potential pay increases. Wondering if that's worth mentioning to them?"

After pressing 'send' I pondered over the cost of replacing damaged items such as bins, versus the labour costs for those who handle them. Surely there comes a point when by giving refuse collectors (and others in a similar position) a little extra time to complete the day's work, less damage will be caused to local authority property and a better job done? And what about the environmental factors? Does anyone ever do the maths, or are we all working at such a pace that we can't see the wood for the trees?



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Jan Hobbs

This Week's News

Zero products: A true force of nature for all your cleaning needs

* Zero-group-pic.jpgThe development of high performing cleaning chemical formulae, while respecting both nature and people, has always been Sutter Professional’s mission. Designed to meet your cleaning needs without damaging the environment, the portfolio includes a comprehensive range of Zero products, which do not require CLP (or hazard) pictograms because they are safe to use and kind to the environment.

It's just sanitiser - isn't it? All sanitisers are not created equal – says Bunzl Canada

* Just-Hand-Sanitizer.jpgSince the start of the pandemic, more companies than ever before have been producing and selling hand sanitisers. With so many new brands on the market, it is important to choose a product that kills germs effectively, and is both pleasant and safe to use.

Here Bunzl Canada’s team of cleaning and hygiene experts explains how to select hand sanitisers that are safe and effective for any facility…

Firms advised to combine compliance inspections to avoid Coronavirus delays

* COMPLIANCE-INSPECTIONS.jpgAs the pandemic continues to disrupt business operations worldwide, Bureau Veritas is advising businesses to combine compliance inspections where possible, so that one assessor can inspect multiple-sites in accordance with Covid-secure guidelines.

It comes as recent research shows that over half of UK companies expect the pandemic to lead to an increase in their risk profile, with health & safety posing the greatest threat. What's more, reputational risk and ethical stance was cited by firms as a bigger driver than fear of regulatory fines.

Lockdown boosts rat population to 150 million

* Lockdown-boosts-rats.jpgThe population of rats in the UK has increased by 30 million in a year to 150 million - boosted by quiet urban areas and plentiful waste food. There are now thought to be 2.2 rats for every person.

"They say you are only ever 6ft away from a rat - and in typical 2020 fashion it's now more likely than ever this year!", says Jenny Rathbone from UK Pest Control company Pest.co.uk
“There are now 2.2 rats for every person in the UK.”

GP surgery calls in design experts to help keep staff and patients safe

* GP-surgery-design-safe.jpgA Yorkshire Dales doctor's surgery has updated its waiting room to help keep its staff and patients safe. Reeth Medical Centre, near Richmond, has had its seating reupholstered with an easy-to-clean, antimicrobial surface to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Training is key to keeping a Covid-free Space

* Covid-training.jpgCommercial cleaning specialist Incentive QAS has urged the sector to prioritise training amidst the pandemic. Last month saw Channel 4 send a team of scientists around the UK to test more than 170 surfaces throughout six towns and cities as part of ‘Dispatches: How Safe Is It Going Out?'

The aim was to find out how clean big brands are keeping their stores in light of the pandemic and found that some commercial spaces fell short of the expected standards.

A ‘Hard Day's’ work for Vaxinol: Fab Four get Prochem Microsan treatment

* FAB-FOUR.jpgLiverpool's most famous sons got special attention when the city authorities upped their contingency for halting Covid-19's spread.

John, Paul, George and Ringo (or their effigies at least) got a proper spraying of Prochem's D500 Microsan biocidal cleaner from start-up sanitising specialist Vaxinol, fast-becoming the most famous go-to solution for Coronavirus treatment in the North West.

Jangro offers tailored solutions to support catering businesses

* Jangro-solutions-for-catering.jpgThe catering industry has been fundamentally threatened by the Covid-19 pandemic, with tighter restrictions set to stay in place for the foreseeable future.

Jangro, the UK and Ireland's largest network of independent janitorial suppliers, has expanded its comprehensive range of solutions to help businesses in the food industry continue trading throughout (and beyond) these uncertain times.

2,000% growth surge for Manchester sanitiser firm helping fight against Covid-19

* GROWTH-FOR-MANCHESTER-SANITISER-FIRM.jpgManchester-based OneSpray, which is supplying surface sanitiser for Transport for London's full fleet as it works to keep passengers safe from Covid-19, has seen a 2,000% increase in turnover this year.

Founded in 2018, the business had grown steadily but saw a huge surge in demand after the outbreak of Covid-19 prompted a sharp rise in interest for the business' high efficacy products.

New antimicrobial coating treatment kills & protects against coronaviruses and other harmful germs for up to a year.

* Antimicrobial-coating-treatment.jpgBiotech and microbial control company, Zonitise, has launched an antimicrobial surface treatment proven to kill harmful bacteria and viruses including TGEV coronavirus - the model virus for SARS COV 2, for up to 12 months after one application.

Nano technology is used to bond quaternary ammonium within the coating, which kills harmful bacteria and microorganisms to ensure hospital grade cleanliness on surfaces and touch points that are treated.

Cobotics, a real step change for the cleaning and hygiene industry

* COBOTICS.jpgThe cobot Leobot, a collaborative robot that works side-by-side with cleaning operatives, won the Amsterdam Innovation Award 2020. Out of a total of 86 submissions in four different categories, it was a cobot that took the prize home.

What makes this innovation so unique and what does cobotics mean for the future of the cleaning and hygiene industry? In this article, Interclean’s brand marketing manager, Hilke de Vries, helps us to dive into the world of cobotics.

Egholm launches four winter upgrades to powerful utility machine

* Egholm-winter-upgrades.jpgIn December last year, Danish-manufacturer Egholm introduced the new City Ranger 3070 to the market which is now followed up by four efficient ‘Winter’ attachments - a snow sweeper, snow plough, snow V-plough and salt and sand spreader.

City Ranger 3070 is a large and multifunctional utility machine. With a total weight of three tonnes, an engine capacity of 67 HP and a new innovative sweeping system, the machine has become the preferred choice by many organisations involved in urban cleaning.

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Recent UK News

99Point9 Hygiene appoints industry expert to its board

* Keith-Baker.jpg
99point9 Hygiene, the technology company producing the automated door handle disinfecting system approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency, has announced the appointment of Keith Baker to the company's board with immediate effect.

53 million disposable face masks sent to landfill every single day

* face-masks-to-landfill.jpg
The UK is binning an incredible 53,000,000 disposable face masks every single day, with reports that many face masks are ending up being carelessly discarded in the street ending up in streams and rivers.

"If you walk around any street now you will see disposable face masks being blown around with leaves in the gutter - they are the new cigarette butt - people are simply chucking them after use,” remarks Charlotte Green from waste company TradeWaste.co.uk

Key industry appointments for hygiene experts

* Key-appointments-hygiene-experts.jpg
Christeyns Food Hygiene, manufacturer of professional hygiene products, is celebrating the appointments of two of its senior staff members, as they take on key roles in renowned industry associations.

Long-awaited publication ‘BICSc Standards & Best Practice’ released

* BICSc.jpg
Since 1961, The British Institute of Cleaning Science has been an industry leader in education, standards and best practice. At a time when cleaning and hygiene remains a top agenda item, the Institute has released a brand-new publication aptly named 'Standards & Best Practice'. 

With contributions from highly regarded industry experts, the publication combines intelligence, experience and knowledge which, when followed, will become an integral part of your organisation's overall performance.

Cleaning and FM industries pay tribute to Patrick Jongbloet

* Patrick-Jongbloet_BCC.jpg
Members of the cleaning, hygiene and facilities management sectors have been paying tribute after popular colleague, Patrick Jongbloet, passed away.

Hunt for CSSA's 2021 Innovation Showcase award winners is now on

* CSSA-2021-Innovation-Showcase.jpg
The Cleaning & Support Services Association's 2021 Innovation Showcase, which celebrates the cleaning industry's most innovative products, services and initiatives, has been launched with the help of sponsor the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association.

The deadline for entries is 31st December 2020.

UK prepares for giant lockdown fatbergs

* lockdown-fatbergs.jpg
With our nation starting yet another lockdown today, BusinessWaste.co.uk is urging closing businesses not to throw oil and grease down the drain and for households to think about what they flush down the toilet.

New act at Andrew Lloyd Webber's theatre group receives rave reviews

* Purehold-handles.jpg
Andrew Lloyd Webber's theatre group has announced a range of hygiene measures across theatres, to make the West End more Covid-secure and help protect staff and visitors in preparation for when the West End eventually reopens again.

£400 penalty for Rowlands Castle fly-tip

* fly-tipper-fined.jpg
An investigation into a fly-tip in Rowlands Castle has led to a £400 penalty charge being paid. The tip containing garden waste and household rubbish was found on an unlit rural road last month.

Significant win for Incentive QAS

Incentive QAS, the cleaning arm of the Incentive FM Group, has secured a significant contract amidst unprecedented pressures within the sector.

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