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Egholm launches four winter upgrades to powerful utility machine

* Egholm-winter-upgrades.jpgIn December last year, Danish-manufacturer Egholm introduced the new City Ranger 3070 to the market which is now followed up by four efficient ‘Winter’ attachments - a snow sweeper, snow plough, snow V-plough and salt and sand spreader.

City Ranger 3070 is a large and multifunctional utility machine. With a total weight of three tonnes, an engine capacity of 67 HP and a new innovative sweeping system, the machine has become the preferred choice by many organisations involved in urban cleaning.

Besides the cutting-edge sweeping technology, the City Ranger 3070 has 1cu.m hopper capacity, high manoeuvreability, optimal operator comfort and Quick-shift, meaning that attachments can be changed in less than one minute.

Egholm’s launch of the four attachments to the City Ranger 3070 emphasise the true meaning of multifunctionality. The new additions will allow housing associations, contractors and municipalities to keep traffic running and pedestrian zones safe when snow starts falling.

The snow sweeper easily sweeps away up to 250mm of light fluffy snow while the snow plough handles up to 400mm of heavy snow. When even heavier and icy snow covers the ground, you need the snow V-plough close at hand. This uses the tip of the 'V' to cut through heavy and encrusted snow, separating and pushing it to both sides. Finally, the salt and sand spreader is a perfect match to the front attachments with a maximum capacity of 600-litres or 950Kg, all depending on the material.

Family-owned and run Egholm develops, produces and markets utility machines that keep roads, parks and outdoor areas clean and inviting all year round. Built by craftsmen in Denmark, Egholm machines along with their special attachments, are in operation in cities and parks all over the world.

T: +45 97 81 12 05
W: www.egholm.eu

26th November 2020

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