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CovGuard SHyCoCan: a breakthrough innovation against coronavirus in enclosed spaces

* Covguard.jpgCovguard Shycocan is a breakthrough innovation now available to defend against coronavirus within enclosed spaces. The device, launched by BV Consulting, is designed to disarm, disable and protect against Covid-19, providing real-time protection in buildings.

It works by releasing safe, negatively charged electrons which neutralise the spike (S) proteins on the virus, so that they cannot attach to human cells.

Powered by Scalene Hypercharge Corona Cannon (SHyCoCan), the emanated electron cloud actively 'disarms' and disables air and surface transmission. The product has been tested and proven to be effective against 99.9% of the Corona family of viruses. It does not kill the virus; but works to stop it attaching and infecting a host cell in enclosed spaces.

Installation is simple: The CovGuard SHyCoCan is designed to be wall-mounted in corridors and rooms in any facility, including healthcare, hospitality, retail, schools, colleges and universities, corporate, industrial, airports and sporting environments. Its hyper-charged cannon fires trillions of electrons per second, reaching an area of 1,000sq.ft and covering every corner, nook and surface.

The plug and play device is easy to install and manage. Like any other appliance, it is plugged into a regular power socket, straight out of the box - and it comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty. The indicator light at the front of the product shows that it is working and releasing the hypercharged electrons.

Once turned on, the device acts like a light bulb and is instantaneous because of the extremely high speed at which the electrons travel. When first switched on, it can take approximately 30-45 minutes to cover a 1,000sq.feet area.

The product, which has a power consumption of 30W, is designated for real-time continuous use and is recommended to be on 24/7 for continuous protection. The product conforms to the CE marking directive. It is proven to be safe for human usage and does not interfere with other electronic devices such as air conditioning. The device has a low noise level of 45-48 decibels (dB).

The eco-friendly device does not produce harmful ozone gas, or any chemical or harmful compounds. It does not kill bacteria, fungi or any eco-friendly microorganisms in the atmosphere that might impact the environment.

CovGuard SHyCoCan was invented by Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar, a scientist from India who first started developing it in 2014-15 in response to the SARS virus. His field of research is mainly bio-physics, sustainable energy and nanotechnology with specialisation in electronics and medical engineering.

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19th November 2020

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