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Leading the way in infection control: A Covid-19 fighting solution

* Leading.jpgThe Covid-19 pandemic has wrought chaos, as health officials and organisations scramble to find preventative measures for the spreading of the virus until a vaccine is discovered to bring transmission under control.

However, a small business in Sheffield is supporting these agencies with a range of Covid-fighting UV-C products.

The use of UV technology, specifically UV-C light, is a proven technology. When applied in doses of 5mJ/cm2, studies have found that the use of UV-C light reduced 99% of the prominent strain of Covid-19, SARS-CoV-2, within an astounding six seconds. This has the power to change an organisation's approach to infection control.

LED Direct's state-of-the-art UV-C light sanitiser, the Purelight Flow, is a portable and reliable provider of UV lighting treatment. As an affordable UV light distributor suitable for both treatment and preventative measures, the Purelight Flow comes in two forms: the Standard Flow and the Hybrid.

Already, UV technology is being integrated into infection control measures. It is used by many leading organisations, including the NHS, Transport for London, and various gyms and clinics. This comes after the World Health Organisation approved the use of UV technology to help fight Covid-19.

UV radiation is so effective because it works by disinfecting both the surfaces and the air within a room, breaking down the microscopic cells and RNA (Ribonucleic acid) of the virus. This then renders the Covid-19 cells unable to reproduce, meaning they simply die off and can no longer infect others.


12th November 2020

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