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International News

Interclean to become hybrid event in November

* INTERCLEAN-Hybrid-event.jpg
Interclean has just announced its inaugural hybrid event. Interclean has extended the physical event, taking place from 3rd - 6th November at RAI Amsterdam to a combination of online and offline making it possible for everyone to join, taking in mind global government and company restrictions on travelling and large gatherings.

Secure Clean Building Services releases guidance on Coronavirus and cleaning

Secure Cleaning Building Services, a contract cleaning company serving the midwest US, has just authored a new guidance entitled, 'Cleaning in the Post-Coronavirus Environment'.

New Shield Guard range certified effective against coronavirus

* Shield-Guard.jpg
Shield Guard from Healthguard Hygiene has been officially certified effective against the Novel Coronavirus, one of the first two products in the UK to be EN 14476A:2019 tested and approved.

'SafeDistance,' diminishes workplace woes while protecting employee health

* SafeDistance-app.jpg
A study has found that almost half of the UK workforce (47%) are nervous to go back to work and be in close proximity with others, as the Government continues to loosen lockdown restrictions.

Janitorial services explore technologies such as foggers and ozone in wake of Covid-19

* Janitorial-services.jpg
ResearchAndMarkets.com’s new report on the janitorial services industry reveals that as more countries reopen their economies, demand has increased for janitorial services to carry out cleaning of commercial spaces reopening after prolonged closure, and that some janitorial services companies are exploring using technologies such as disinfecting fogs or mists and ozone machines to destroy virus particles.

EZ-San hygiene range: Vectair launches four new products for North American market

* EZ-SAN-Range.jpg
Vectair has announced the launch of its EZ-San hygiene range. Available in North America, The Caribbean and Latin America, the range is designed to optimise hygiene on the go. As more and more public spaces look to reopen after the Covid-19 lockdown, the company hopes public hygiene standards can improve.

Cleaning and disinfecting/sanitising with Hako: Solutions for increasing hygiene standards

* HAKO-Antibac.jpg
The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need for exceptional cleaning and hygiene for commercial enterprises, industrial companies, hotels and restaurants, as well public facilities.

PSP introduces range of disinfecting fogging guns to UK in fight against spread of Covid-19

* PSP-fogger.jpg
PSP has added a range of disinfectant fogging guns to its cleaning and disinfecting product offering.

Cintas donates 100,000 face masks to Matthew 25 Ministries

* Cintas-masks.jpg
Cintas Corporation has donated 100,000 facemasks to Matthew 25 Ministries, an international humanitarian aid and disaster relief organisation headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, the US. The facemasks will be distributed to organisations on the front lines of Covid-19 prevention, containment and treatment.

Helping industries keep employees' hands ready for business

* Helping-industries.jpg
In response to the pandemic, Ecolab has increased its production capacity seven fold in Europe to provide customers with critical hand sanitiser and surface disinfectant solutions to help prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19.

As businesses across Europe are reopening and welcoming employees and customers back, Ecolab is introducing two new hand sanitisers to help meet demand, putting customers' business in safe hands.

Research: Key detergent polymers pose low risk to surface waters

* Research.jpg
Newly published research conducted by the American Cleaning Institute, Integral Consulting and Procter & Gamble indicates that an important ingredient used in detergents and cleaning products poses a low ecological risk to waterways.

Interserve's Support Services division to merge with Mitie

* INTERSERVE-MITIE_alan-lovell.jpg
Interserve Group and Mitie have announced a proposed merger of Interserve Support Services (comprised of Interserve's facilities management operations in the UK and overseas across both public and private sectors) with Mitie for a combined consideration of £271m, comprising £120m cash and a 23.4% shareholding in Mitie to be held by/on behalf of Interserve's shareholders.

Manufacturers must rethink global operations in face of Covid-19 - study

* Manufacturers-rethink-Covid-19.jpg
Manufacturers must redesign and reform their Global Supply Chains or Global Production Networks (GPN) if they want to survive and prosper in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, a new study reveals.

Autonomous cleaning through innovation: ICE launches Co-Botics portfolio

* ICE-Cobotics.jpg
ICE tells us it is ‘very excited’ to have launched its Co-Botics line – something it says is the industry's first comprehensive range of autonomous cleaning machines, from a small vacuum to a large sweeper and scrubber dryer.

New ultra-compact class consummate for cleaning confined areas

* Hako-Scrubmaster.jpg
Working areas such as restaurants, canteens, sanitary facilities or small retail shops with confined, choc-a-block floor spaces or furnished with tables and chairs are a real challenge for cleaning technology equipment.

KT and Hyundai accelerate digital transformation with smart robots

* KT-Hyundai.jpg
KT Corp., South Korea's largest telecommunications company, has signed strategic cooperation and investment contracts with Hyundai Robotics and Hyundai Heavy Industries to speed up joint development of intelligent service robots including those for the cleaning and foodservice industries, technological research in autonomous driving, and smart factory solutions.

Triton introduces essential handwash units

* Triton-T30i.jpg
The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for more rigorous hygiene processes and frequent handwashing in the workplace, as well as in the home.

New ultra-portable surface sanitisation solution aids continuous cleaning applications

* Goodway-BioSpray.jpg
Goodway Technologies is launching BioSpray-5, a lightweight, ultra-portable surface sanitisation system that helps to improve the overall safety and wellbeing of occupants by effectively disinfecting surfaces against bacteria and viruses quickly.

Welcome to the


Cleanzine - the original Cleaning & Hygiene industry e-news

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A story in this week's newspapers took me right back to the early days of Cleanzine - must have been at least 900 issues ago - when over the space of a few weeks there were three stories about cleaners having inadvertently 'done the dirty' on their employers. I can't recall the details but two had tidied desks they weren't supposed to touch, resulting in money, important paperwork and jewellery being binned. The third, which shouldn't have made me chuckle but did, involved a cleaner who'd tidied and binned an 'important' exhibit at a museum or art gallery, thinking it was "a load of rubbish", which I believe it actually was. As the cleaner had screwed up the various parts so it took up less space in the bin, the exhibit - once retrieved and reconstructed - was never quite the same.

The story reminding me of these unfortunate incidents, involved famous graffiti artist Banksy, who, heavily disguised in PPE and brandishing a pressure sprayer similar to those used in our industry, produced 'artwork' on a tube train carrying passengers along London's Central Line. Designed to encourage people to wear masks when in public, it featured a rat splattering the carriage and window with body fluids from its nose and mouth, some using face masks as parachutes and others appearing to used antibacterial hand gel to create their own graffiti, including: 'I get lockdown... but I get up again' - mimicking the well-known Chumbawumba song. 

* BANKSY.jpg

The work - valued by various experts as being worth anything up to 7.5million, was subsequently removed by the cleaning team as graffiti.

I wonder if they'll ever live it down or whether they'll be taking jibes from their colleagues, management, families and friends for the rest of their days.

Perhaps we should have an industry award for such mishaps... We have! Cleanzine awards them a 'Dusty', our very own tongue in cheek award!

If you'd like to see him in action, Banksy uploaded a video of this latest prank at www.instagram.com



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Jan Hobbs

This Week's News

New scheme will evaluate effectiveness of asymptomatic testing for people in high-contact professions such as cleaning

New-scheme-asymptomatic-testing.jpgThe UK Department of Health has launched a pilot to evaluate the effectiveness of testing people without Coronavirus symptoms, who work in high-contact professions such as cleaning, taxi driving and retail, to see if there is demand for testing amongst these kinds of workers, and how they are affected by the virus.

This targeted, asymptomatic swab testing will take place from tomorrow as part of a close partnership with Government, local authorities and a number of employers, with tens of thousands of tests offered to selected groups.

Spread your message, not germs

* 3sanitise-units.jpgCOVID-19 has caused a stir across the globe, from changing the way we work to the way we shop and coordinate around public spaces. The unprecedented lockdown across the UK has encouraged businesses to work remotely, making the most of digital communication and services. With the reduction in lockdown currently occurring, individuals are returning to use public spaces, retail, leisure and hospitality facilities as well as public transport on a more regular basis.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed the way people operate now, but how they will operate in the future meaning companies need to be prepared to protect both their staff and their customers.

Manchester Cleaning Show 2020 announces further postponement

* MCS-FROM-VID.jpgThe organisers of the Manchester Cleaning Show 2020, originally due to have been held in March and postponed until September because of the pandemic, has now been rearranged for October 14th and 15th, 2020. A statement posted on the British Cleaning Council’s website said:

“We're so disappointed that we had to postpone the Manchester Cleaning Show precisely at the moment when the UK's cleaning industry was being pushed to the forefront of a national crisis.

What is the Ecoray System and how can it aid infection control during Covid-19 pandemic?

* Willmop-50-Vertical-Scrubber-Dryer.jpgThe Ecoray system is a totally autonomous addition to the range of Grande Brio scrubber dryers and Willmop vertical scrubber dryers from TSM Italy - brought to the UK market in an exclusive partnership with Hooper Services in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Using UV technology to destroy micro-organisms on a cellular level, the Ecoray system can destroy up to 97% of bacteria, mould or viruses without the use of a chemical.

BCC publishes industry-backed myth-busting guide to cleaning and hygiene terms

* BCC-THANK-YOU-WEBSITE-BANNER.jpgThe industry body for the UK's cleaning & hygiene sector has published a guide to cleaning terms to help the UK economy reopen safely following the Coronavirus lockdown.

Since the pandemic began, the British Cleaning Council has received many enquiries about cleaning applications, processes and procedures from a variety of organisations that are reopening premises or seeking to design cleaning regimes that will ensure staff, visitors and the public stay safe and well.

Jokey's PPE Disposal System promotes safe disposal of facemasks and other small PPE

* Jokey-mask-bin.jpgWe have all seen the pictures, and the unlucky ones amongst us have come across them in real life... selfishly discarded facemasks and protective gloves littering and potentially contaminating our streets, beaches, and green spaces as well as those who mistakenly touch them. It does not have to be like that though...

Jokey manufactures a system that positively encourages PPE users to discard their used items, safely and responsibly.

OspreyDeepclean’s Steam & Vac Pro passes important test with enveloped viruses

* ODC-Steam-Vac-Pro-trolley.jpgOspreyDeepclean has now received the Expert Opinion from the Institut fuer Hygiene & Mikrobiologie (Institute for Hygiene & Microbiology) in Bremen, Germany, that the Steam & Vac Pro model achieves a greater than 5-log reduction against modified Ankara, based on EN 16615.

In Europe, the modified vaccinia Ankara (MVA) represents the official surrogate test virus for all enveloped viruses including Sars-Cov-1 and Sars-Cov-2 and all human influenza viruses.

Sleek and lockable, this foot-operated hand sanitiser dispenser holds 7-litres of product

* Pedal-Pro.jpgOne thing the Coronavirus has done is promote the benefits of hand sanitiser to the public and many establishments are now supplying sanitiser spray and gel in an attempt to make us feel safe enough to enter their premises and spend our money. Employers are tending to do the same to improve hygiene in the work environment.

While cleaning professionals will realise that these products are dispensed at a fixed dosage that is enough to do the job, the general public still tends to think 'more is better', which means dispensers need to be replenished more often than they really should. This issue is just one that is addressed by a cleverly-designed British-manufactured system from Fig Products.

Be safe, don't fall, stay alive!

* Be-safe-FASET.jpgAs the lockdown eases and people begin returning to work, the No Falls Foundation is urging workers to 'Be Safe, Don't Fall, Stay Alive!' Dedicated to preventing falls from height and helping people affected by the life-changing consequences of a fall, the charity is keen to ensure that height safety remains a priority despite the understandable pressures to kick-start the economy.

"Falls from height are the single biggest cause of workplace deaths and one of the main causes of major injuries," notes chair of the trustees, Peter Bennett OBE. "It's therefore imperative that safety is not compromised for the sake of productivity.

Principle awarded five-year contract for 22 Bishopsgate

* Threadneedle-Street.jpgPrinciple Cleaning Services has been awarded a contract with JLL for an initial five-year term to provide housekeeping services to London's new, people-focused workplace destination, 22 Bishopsgate.

Offering over 1.275 million square feet of office space over 62 floors, 22 Bishopsgate will also provide over 150,000sq.ft of amenity and community space for the benefit of its 12,000 residents and visitors.



We've been following your articles and in particular Susan Cunningham's letter, with interest, over public toilet safety now that the UK lockdown is starting to ease.

The Bladder and Bowel Community is an online information and support platform with a closed Facebook group with around 11.5K members. We are also a member of the Toilet Consortium who collectively have been monitoring information from patients, medical practitioners, scientific and government advice and deciding on the best strategy to advise our members in need.

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Recent UK News

Soapbox: Principle Cleaning Services' Douglas Cooke says we need to think again about industry gatherings in 2020...

* Doug-Cooke.jpg
"Over the years, Principle Cleaning Services has won numerous awards, dating back over 20 years! With the Covid-19 crisis, we have decided to devote all our energy and resources into supporting our staff and clients.

We have, therefore, decided not to enter any awards or attend high profile functions and this includes trade shows, for the rest of 2020 at least. We believe our approach is responsible and appropriate given the current pandemic and economic climate."


PUBLIC TOILET FORUM:- We have Mail: Susan Cunningham

Hello Jan,

I was delighted to read your latest issue of The Cleanzine as you managed to cover so many aspects of the important topic of public toilets.

Thank you for including a link to my first draft for a proposed Hygiene Ratings System for public toilets. Judging by my post, you will be receiving some very interesting letters from your readers. Also, in case you haven't received a copy, here is a link to the BSI guidance "Safe Working during the Covid-19 pandemic - General guidelines for organisations July 2020 Version 2" (issued 2nd July).

PUBLIC TOILET FORUM:- We have Mail: additional thoughts on toilet rating system

Dear Jan,

Having read the article in the Cleanzine on 2nd July, I would like to build on the letter from Susan Cunningham, based on my many years of buying and sourcing cleaning contracts for large companies. The principles she proposes are sound, particularly in displaying the basic information/standards to reassure facility users.

PUBLIC TOILET FORUM:- We have Mail: Paul Wonnacott

* PUBLIC-TOILET-FORUM-Paul_Vectair.jpg
Hi Jan

I hope this mail finds you well?

Following your lead article last week, I personally wrote to Susan Cunningham commending her on the continued efforts she is making, as well as offering whatever help and assistance our organisation can provide, in promoting her quest for Toilet Hygiene Standards.

Mitie to provide services at a further seven Coronavirus Regional Testing Centres

* Mitie-coronavirus-testing-centres.jpg
Mitie is building on its support for Britain's efforts against Coronavirus by providing services for a further seven Coronavirus Regional Testing Sites. The Centres are based across England and Wales at Ashford, Deeside, Ebbw Vale, Gloucester, Newbury, Ramsgate and Salisbury and are in addition to those located at Bournemouth, Inverness, Llandudno, Penrith and Perth.

Incentive QAS pays tribute to frontline staff

* Incentive-QAS.jpg
Cleaning specialist Incentive QAS has distributed more than 800 wellbeing packs to its staff all over the UK.

We have mail: What price long-term relationships?

Hi Jan,

As businesses adapt to new cleaning processes and to ensuring that they are prepared in protecting their staff, yesterday saw me out delivering another batch of our sanitiser trolleys. With the option of two nozzle types and variable pressure, they can deliver droplets down to 20 microns - and with a 25-litre container and a battery that lasts for almost a day, they combine portability with productivity.

BCC announces the election of two new directors

* Delia-Kim.jpg
Two new directors have been elected to the board of the British Cleaning Council. Delia Cannings (pictured left), national lead for education & training, the Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals, and Kim Phillips (pictured right), chair of the Association of Building Cleaning Direct Service Providers, both regularly represent their trade associations at the BCC.

TCFM gives workers instant access to 50% of their pay as soon as they have earned it

* TCFM-WagestreamApp.jpg
TC Facilities Management has partnered with Wagestreamto enable colleagues to instantly access up to 50% of their pay as soon as it is earned. The company has launched Wagestream, through its partnership with Innovise, because it provides genuine financial wellbeing support, and a lifeline to help deal with unexpected expenses and relieve financial stress.

We have Mail: Safety of public toilets

* Public-toilet-safety.jpg
Hi Jan,

Thank you for once again introducing the issue of the availability and safety of public toilets. You may not be aware that a BSI Committee has been addressing this issue and trying to ensure that sensible, accurate information is available to the providers of sanitary facilities during these very difficult times.

Customers can shop in confidence with Jangro

* Jangro-trading-responsibly.jpg
As the pandemic continues to fuel unprecedented demand for cleaning & hygiene products, the UK Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association recently advised buyers against purchasing from new, unethical, and profiteering companies. Following this recent warning, Jangro, one of the first distributors to be accredited by the CHSA's Accredited Distributors Scheme, is reassuring customers that it is committed to quality, reliability and prices.

Industry donations help children’s specialist healthcare Trust reopen safely

* Provap-Evo-Vac.jpg
The James Hopkins Trust, a respite centre for very severely disabled and life-threatened children who live in Gloucestershire, has recently been faced with the challenge of reopening its doors as the Covid-19 situation comes under control.

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