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Sleek and lockable, this foot-operated hand sanitiser dispenser holds 7-litres of product

* Pedal-Pro.jpgOne thing the Coronavirus has done is promote the benefits of hand sanitiser to the public and many establishments are now supplying sanitiser spray and gel in an attempt to make us feel safe enough to enter their premises and spend our money. Employers are tending to do the same to improve hygiene in the work environment.

While cleaning professionals will realise that these products are dispensed at a fixed dosage that is enough to do the job, the general public still tends to think 'more is better', which means dispensers need to be replenished more often than they really should. This issue is just one that is addressed by a cleverly-designed British-manufactured system from Fig Products.

Sleekly designed and ultra-hygienic, this hands-free, foot-operated steel dispenser is slim enough for installation in the smallest of spaces where it can be easily screwed into the floor or fixed to the ground if desired. It holds seven-litres of sanitiser - a minimum of 1,750 normal doses - and is simple and quick to refill. It is also lockable.

Weighing 10.5Kg (c.17Kg when full) it can be used indoors and out and it comes with a one-year manufacturer's guarantee. Different colour options are available.

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16th July 2020

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