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International News

Duplex goes Turbo at Pulire

* Duplex-Turbo.jpg
Battery operated, compact, high cleaning performance, suitable for any floor surface. That's the new Duplex Turbo floor-scrubbing machine launched at this year's Pulire in Verona, Italy.

New Gloria MultiBrush

* Gloria-MultiBrush.jpg
Also seen at Pulire, German manufacturer Gloria, perhaps best known for its industrial foam spraying systems, has launched the new MultiBrush for cleaning exterior floor surfaces and joints.

Lyreco launches new chemical-free cleaning range

* Lyreco-new-range.jpg
One of the UK's leading providers of workplace supplies has launched a new range of chemical free cleaning products in its ongoing drive to offer more sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions to its customers.

CMEP 2017: Focus on Floor Pads Market

* CMP-2017.jpg
Reports suggest that the global floor pad market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of close to 4% during the forecast period 2017 to 2021.

RayVio shows UV-C dosing as highly effective for water sterilisation

* RayVio-UV-charts.jpg
RayVio, an advanced health and hygiene company, has published its latest application note detailing the company's ultraviolet dosing experiments proving the water sterilisation capability of RayVio's UV-C LEDs. Water safety is of particular concern in appliances and applications where water may stand for a period, be exposed to contaminants, or be turned into vapour and distributed through the air, as is the case with humidifiers.

Not just paper: beverage cartons can also be used to make dispensers!

* Lucart-recycled-dispensers.jpg
At the Pulire exhibition, Lucart presents an example of circular economy unprecedented in Italy. The sustainability and innovation of this product have allowed Lucart to win the coveted EU Ecolabel award.

ETS Pulire Verona 2017

* ETS-Pulire.jpg
The European Tissue Symposium, ETS, exhibits and participates in the speaker programme with a presentation by ETS chairman, Roberto Berardi, on 'The Advantage of Paper'.

Zonzini takes it to another level...

* Zonzini.jpg
For over 40 years, Zonzini has been developing and establishing itself as a producer of electric stair climbing trolleys that meet all transport needs. All its products ensure comfort during use, safety and reliability.

Zero to Hero on new range and innovation

* IMG_1726.jpg
Italian manufacturer and multi-award-winning Sutter Professional sells more than 300 professional cleaning products through a network of distributors in more than 60 countries. It operates through subsidiaries in Spain, Portugal, France, Argentina, Chile and Brazil and in other countries through agreements with local distributors. In the UK it partners with Northwood Hygiene Products.

Robot foamer first time at Pulire

* robot-foamer.jpg
The Yaskawa GP8 robot foamer is for automatic cleaning in the food industry thanks to a partnership with Ecosi. Ecosi is a leading manufacturer of multi-sector detergents and disinfectants.

Depureco Industrial Vacuums

* Depureco.jpg
Long established (since 1972) industrial vacuum specialist Depureco is showing two new models intended for cleaning in conjunction with CNC production machines.

New Nettuno TDuck

* Nettuno-new-disp.jpg
Nettuno has introduced its new TDuck hand soap dispensing system which will be available from July.

To be used with its 3000ml T-Bags, the new dispenser is extremely hygienic as soap may now be dispensed by using only the forearm against the large lever.

TVH reaches the parts...

* TVH-team-Pulire.jpg
"Unbelievable!" exclaims TVH's much-travelled Meindert De Boer. Their stand, which offers spare parts for virtually every sweeper and scrubber-drier machine on Earth, was manned by eight people here in Verona, yet they were run off their feet with the volume of enquiries from visitors..

Taski Swingobot 2000 wins Pulire Verona 2107 Innovation Award

* Pulire-Verona-2017-winner.jpg
Last night was a thoroughly deserved win for Diversey Care's Taski Swingobot 2000.

Director Taski global machines Laurent Ryssen was presented the award in a packed auditorium by Afidamp's Toni d'Andrea.

Laurent confided to Cleanzine afterwards that he thought for a moment that they'd 'only' won 3rd prize as theirs was the first product called after the Finalists Awards!

If you are interested in seeing the Swingobot 2000 in action on your desktop download the Taski Intellibot AR from the Apple app store or Google Play.

Innovation Awards Finalist Sealed Air Diversey Care

* Swingobot-2000.jpg
Diversey Care also reached the Innovation Awards finals with two products: the Taski Swingobot 2000. This machine combines intellibot navigational technology with Taski cleaning quality.

Robotic floor cleaning allows the operator, once the machine is set up to go, to get on with other jobs while the machine does the repetitive and fatiguing task. "It's the way forward", says Laurent Ryssen, director Taski global machines.

Innovation Awards Finalist Teinnova

* Multibot.jpg
This Spanish company reached the finals in the Innovation Awards with its Multibot duct cleaning robot.

Multibot has four cleaning functions: cleaning, disinfecting, visually inspecting, and sealing any cracks or gaps in the ducting.


Innovation Awards finalist: Karcher

* Karcher-air-filter.jpg
Karcher had two products up for the Innovation Awards: the AFG 100 air purifier that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but features 3 stage filtration. The first stage captures large dust particles, while the second stage plasma filter actually destroys smaller particles. The final, third stage filter is HEPA and active carbon to leave the air clean an fresh.

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I'm sure we all at some time or other get mad about litter lying around... Some of us are still brave enough to tackle those that drop litter; others may well have reported fly-tippers... Many of us will have picked up litter dropped by others & binned it ourselves.

One woman, featured on the BBC website today, has gone a lot further in dealing with rubbish and she's made such a difference to her environment, that others are following suit. Now a PhD-holding octogenarian, Zeinab Mokalled - disappointed that the authorities weren't tackling the rubbish that was building up in the streets in Beirut, Lebanon, took matters into her own hands, setting up an all-woman community recycling and rubbish collection team in her village. And despite a lack of landfill sites meaning that some of the city's waste is still being thrown into the Mediterranean (she's campaigning on that one!), she's proved that DIY local initiatives can actually work, when local services fail.

As the culture dictated that the women in the household were responsible for sorting recycling and putting out the rubbish, Zeinab recruited female volunteers to go door-to-door to get the message across to the women in every house. Her friend Khadija Farhat bought a lorry and Zeinab turned her own garden into a storage area for recyclable waste. And as it wasn't likely that the 10,000 villagers would pay to have their rubbish collected, the volunteers paid for it themselves!

Some 19 years later they still do... each of 46 members of the organisation - now called 'Call of the Earth', putting in about $40 each year. Initially, they recycled glass, paper and plastic. Electronic waste is now recycled too and a paid researcher is investigating compost-making under local conditions.

Zeinab says that the only help the team has received from the authorities, after three years' work, was a gift of 300 plastic bins and some land, which enabled her to reclaim her garden. A grant from the Italian embassy paid for a warehouse. As women from two nearby villages have now set up their own initiatives (funded though, by villagers receiving the services, rather than the volunteers themselves), Zeinab must be delighted that her message is getting through that caring for the earth is our responsibility. She's proved that if the local authorities in some parts of the world can't (or won't) do their bit, all is not lost.

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This Week's News

SCA to close tissue production plant in the US

* SCA-Flagstaff.jpgTo further improve efficiency and strengthen the competitiveness for the Professional Hygiene business in North America, SCA has decided to close the tissue production plant in Flagstaff, Arizona, in the US.

The closure of the Flagstaff tissue production plant is part of SCA's 'Tissue Roadmap' and is aligned with the company's strategy to optimise the geographic production footprint to drive cost and capital efficiency and further increase value creation in the professional hygiene business area.

Kimberly-Clark Professional delivers uncompromised care with Kleenex Ultra Rolled Hand Towel

* K-C_Pro.jpgKimberly-Clark Professional has recently launched in the UK and Ireland, the Kleenex Ultra Rolled Hand Towel Solution to help facilities managers deliver uncompromised care to washroom users, with Kleenex brand quality now available as a rolled towel.

ISSA joins CleantexPulire to expand African market value

* ISSA-CleantexPulire.jpgOrganisers of the CleantexPulire exhibition, e-squared publications (E2) and ISSA, have announced a joint ownership agreement to collaboratively administer and promote future events.

The agreement aims to reinforce and enhance this established African cleaning & hygiene showcase, elevating it to the next level as well as to expand the association's local member benefits.

Standards for level 4 and level 6 FM Apprenticeships approved

* Dr-Paul-Wyton.jpgThe standards for two new Facilities Management Apprenticeships developed by employers in collaboration with the British Institute of Facilities Management and other key stakeholders have been approved by the Minister of State for Skills.

The FM Manager (Level 4) and Senior/Head of FM Degree (Level 6) Apprenticeships will be available to FM professionals looking to take the next step in their careers later this year once the assessment plans for each have also been approved by the Government.

Eight ways to motivate teams with Pull Management

* Eight-ways-to-motivate.jpgBy Roger Green, CEO, Spotless Commercial Cleaning, who employs over 2,000 people across the UK.

"I recently found myself discussing with a colleague the benefits of Pull Managers over Push Managers. Which one are you?

At the extreme Push Management is the autocratic, dictatorial management style where results are achieved through diktats and determination. The manager pushes the team hard to achieve better results.

Service integration transforms UK facility management market

* Service-integration.jpgTechnology innovation, new business models, emerging value propositions, and creative new service offerings are transforming facilities management in the UK. The market is moving toward service integration with sophisticated advisory services focused on business productivity; however, FM services are commoditising and organic growth is hard to find.

Companies must embrace service innovation and innovative value propositions built around enhancing business productivity if they are to remain profitable in a rapidly evolving ecosystem.

Call for abstracts: Open Learning sessions at ISSA/Interclean Amsterdam 2018

* open-learning-call.jpgThe organisers of the ISSA/Interclean Amsterdam 2018 Show have issued a call for abstracts for an extensive and varied open learning programme that is an integral part of the event and will run next to the ISSA educational conference.

Building on the successful seminars staged at the InnovationLab at previous editions of the show, the open learning sessions present relevant educational, insightful, and thought-provoking content for everyone in the cleaning industry. The organisers are now calling for abstracts for sessions detailing innovative solutions and best practices that are particularly applicable to the hotel, hospitality, and foodservice industries.

Uniting to celebrate 'Canada 150' with national cleanup programme

* Uniting-to-celebrate.jpgGlad has been partnering with Canadian city cleanup programmes since 2010 but this year, in honour of Canada 150, they took the partnership country-wide to create a unified cleanup under the #CleanCanadaTogether banner.

The #CleanCanadaTogether challenge provides a simple way for people to get involved in their community and to take part.

More than ever raised at CHSA Gala Ball!

* CHSA-ball.jpgMembers and sponsors of the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association, together with their guests, raised £9,950 at its Annual Gala Ball for the Chairman's Charity, this year being The Royal National Institute for Blind People.

The Annual Gala Ball, held again this year at Heythrop Park, Oxfordshire, is a wonderful way for members to get together. Alongside the sumptuous dinner, the evening was packed with entertainment including a comedian/compere, silhouette artist, close-up magicians, live band and dancing.

Klenzan supports NSPCC - changing childhoods for the better

* Klenzan-NSPCC.jpgWarrington-based hygiene specialist Klenzan is supporting the NSPCC by entering a team in the Lake District Adventure Challenge, being held on June 10th in Coniston.

Some 21 enthusiastic Klenzan staff will take part in this challenging event which pits them against the spectacular and demanding landscapes of the Lake District National Park by bike, kayak and on foot. The team will trek to the summit of the Old Man of Coniston, 2,634 feet high, cycle 12km of off-road trails in Grizedale forest and kayak across Coniston Water.

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Recent UK News

Kärcher UK celebrates new home

* KarcherUK-HQ.jpg
Kärcher, the pioneering German cleaning technology company, officially opened its purpose-built UK headquarters recently, marking the end of a five-year project to relocate its rapidly expanding UK operations. The official opening was presided over by Hartmut Jenner, Kärcher's global chief executive & chairman of the Kärcher Management Board.

CSSA celebrates 50 years!

* CSSA-50th.jpg
Congratulations to the UK's Cleaning & Support Services Association - celebrating its 50th year in 2017!

To mark this special birthday, Chairman Douglas Cooke hosted a special lunch at London's iconic Shangri La at the Shard. Our picture shows Doug (right of pic) with current and past CSSA chairmen and CEOs.

Recycle unwanted electrical devices free of charge

* Recycle-electricals.jpg
South West Computer Recycling offers completely free of charge nationwide collection and recycling of your old electrical devices. The company can collect and recycle absolutely anything electrical, including computers, laptops, screens, TV's, projectors, smart boards, phones - in fact anything electrical at all.

NIC awarded £6m additional business with Morrisons

* NIC-Morrissons.jpg
NIC Services Group has been awarded circa £6m of additional business with Yorkshire-based supermarket chain Morrisons. The additional business is the award of a further region covering the Nottingham, Stoke and Leicester areas. NIC will now be delivering cleaning services to this new region in addition to the stores the contractor already services across the North of the England and Scotland.

Washroom services providers to be recognised

* Washroom-services.jpg
As part of the programme's exciting 30th Anniversary celebrations, the Loo of the Year Awards organisers have decided to introduce a Loo of the Year Washroom Service Provider Award this year. This recognises the contribution that washroom services providers have in the provision of award winning washrooms.

Jangro is proud to pay the Living Wage

* Jangro-Living-Wage.jpg
Jangro, the largest network of independent janitorial distributors in the UK and Ireland, is delighted to announce that it has received accreditation as a Living Wage Employer. The Living Wage commitment will see everyone working at Jangro, regardless of whether they are direct employees or third-party contracted staff, receive a minimum hourly wage of £8.45 in the UK or £9.75 in London.

RPC bpi refuse wins seal of approval for its UK manufacturing business

* RPC-bpi-refuse-win.jpg
RPC bpi refuse is celebrating three major business wins across the healthcare, facilities management and cleaning sectors. The UK-based refuse sack manufacturer is estimating a combined value of over £6 million per annum will be achieved from the new contracts.

Inspirational speakers to motivate cleaning and FM leaders at Facilities Show 2017

* Inspirational-speakers.jpg
The world-class speaker programme at Facilities Show 2017 includes inspirational presentations from physicist and TV science presenter, Professor Brian Cox OBE; double Olympic gold medallist, Dame Kelly Holmes, and Falklands War veteran, Simon Weston OBE.

These three keynote speakers join a host of industry specialists sharing over 30 hours of practical and strategic cleaning and FM content, from 20th - 22nd June 2017 at ExCeL London.

Alex Reid brings Cocchi and Grandimpianti machines to the UK market

* Alex-Reid_Cocchi.jpg
Laundry specialist and machine supplier, Alex Reid, has announced two new partnerships that will bring Grandimpianti and Cocchi laundry equipment to its growing machines portfolio.

Alex Reid is now the exclusive UK supplier of Cocchi finishing equipment and one of very few UK distributors of the Grandimpianti washers and drying machines..

Why water deregulation has left some customers high and dry with maintenance & detection services

* water-deregulation.jpg
SW based water and sewerage repair service business Pipefix is experiencing a steady stream of customers who, since the introduction of deregulation on 1st April 2017, are finding the everyday maintenance services performed by the old water companies - including leak detection and repair, step-testing, tank cleaning and valve testing - are no longer available.

Re-enforcing a cleaner borough

In the continued zero tolerance approach on littering, Havant Borough Council can now confirm a new contract has been agreed to ensure the area's streets are clean. Litter and dog fouling enforcement functions within the borough will now be enforced by EH Commercial Services.

Numatic International

* Numatic-sd.jpg
Like taking coals to Newcastle (or ice to Eskimos) Numatic is one of the few British companies brave enough to take its vacuum cleaners to Italy. But we are talking about the world-famous Henry of course, and Henry's companion Hetty.

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