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International News

Proven technology updated to minimise contamination potential

* Osprey-Fogger.jpg
OspreyDeepclean has been supplying innovative steam cleaning technology for many years. The efficacy for use to remove healthcare-acquired infections - including viruses - was scientifically proven more than a decade ago and is very relevant in today's world.

A permanent change for the better in handwashing practice?

* Bradley-hand-washing.jpg
In the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, Bradley Corporation conducted its Healthy Hand Washing Survey to gauge the impact the virus has had on American's hygiene habits.

Business as usual, interesting Coronavirus info and some great products ready for delivery!

* M2-Ultra.jpg
Wrennalls Group's Shaun Bradbury says that despite the UK being in lockdown, his company is still very much operational and indeed it is 'business as usual', with some great products available and ready for delivery.

Paying attention to drains during the Covid-19 Pandemic

* Pay-attention-to-drains.jpg
One of the things we learned from the SARS epidemic that began in 2002, is that many people in Hong Kong contracted the SARS virus by inhaling contaminated air. This air was released from dried out drainage pipes of a large apartment complex in the city.

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Although I've worked from home for 19 years - which means that for me, nothing much has changed since lockdown, it feels different. I don't know if it's because much of the rest of the world has slowed down, but I'm finding I spend more time thinking deeply about things. A thought comes into my head and instead of batting it away because I have work to do, I'm taking time to explore it. I often find myself asking aloud where the day's gone!

Business associates with whom I normally exchange short emails are phoning to catch up. We're sharing more than we normally would, about our feelings and the way we're coping with life. I like that side of things. One of the thoughts that's kept recurring in recent weeks is what decisions I'd make if I had to physically go out to work. If I was a low-paid key worker - one of those who not only has to go out to work but one whose work requires, perhaps, travelling on public transport and physical interaction with others, (I'm not talking NHS here) - would I continue to work and put my health and that of my family at risk? Or would I resign? Resignation won that one hands down. But then I got to thinking that these workers are the ones perhaps juggling several jobs to make ends meet - potentially all of them public-facing - who probably aren't in a position to be able to make that choice.

My thoughts have led me to conclude that I wouldn't be a key worker for anything in the world right now and I take my hat off to each and every one of them. I've mentioned here before that I write across two industries, the other being the kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms sector. Over recent weeks I've seen the two swap places in terms of positioning and stature. With retail outlets being forced to close, manufacturing has slowed considerably or ground to a halt. Businesses are really struggling. Press releases have virtually dried up and publications have reduced frequency. Doing up the house doesn't seem quite as important as it was, in the big scheme of things. The cleaning industry - or parts of it, anyway, seems to be on a roll as those who didn't realise it before, now know that good cleaning is essential to life.

I wonder how things will pan out, further down the line...



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Jan Hobbs

This Week's News

Cleaning “key” for lockdown exit strategy: a sectorial approach is needed, says new Guidance

* EU-EFCI.jpgAn EU-produced, Joint European Roadmap providing a common framework for European and national authorities to phase-out Covid-19 containment measures, recognises the key role cleaning and disinfection have to play.

Queen's Award-winning MARS system's temperature monitoring protects key workers

* MARS-temperature-monitoring-system.jpgVital health and safety personal protection against coronavirus (Covid-19) for a wide range of NHS staff, key workers and other employees manning critical commercial, industrial and public sector facilities, has been developed by Metro Security (GB).

Metro has reacted to the global pandemic by developing an innovative new module for its 2019 Queen's Award-winning MARS analytics solution. This new temperature monitoring system provides immediately available, easy-to-install and effective detection of arriving employees, contractors and visitors at the entrance point to any facility.

New occupancy control system will help get us back trading – and safely

* Software-Farm-Illustration.jpgBig data management and tracking technologies specialist, The Software Farm, is to start installing Sintuitive - thought to be the first failsafe automated occupancy control solution for businesses.

Sintuitive is a fast tracked software solution which allows businesses to operate within the social distancing guidelines by the realtime counting of footfall in and out of premises using a thermal imaging camera and an automated smart display at the entrance to control occupancy levels.

Mitie launches post-lockdown guidance to help facilities get back to business

* Mitie-post-lockdown-guidance.jpgAs many governments make plans to loosen current lockdown restrictions, businesses are considering what action is needed to ensure their workplaces reopen safely.

Clean with Confidence to combat Coronavirus, with the aid of a scholarship

* Scholarships-available.jpgThere's only one way to beat this pandemic: together. And that means ensuring that cleaning professionals have the training and information necessary to work competently and confidently… and there's no better way to Clean with Confidence than by having the training and education to support it.

Mewa reusable cleaning wipes contribute to employee safety

* Mewa-wipes.jpgThe Coronavirus epidemic is affecting not only the availability of some types of cleaning wipes, but also how they are used in the workplace. Paper towels, especially blue roll, are currently in high demand, leading to limited supplies and longer delivery times.

For increasing hygiene requirements - Hako-AntiBac: antibacterial tanks as a standard

* Hako_AntiBac.jpgHako offers a wide range of scrubber-driers providing user-friendly and reliable wet cleaning of hard floors. Innovative features increase both the machines' economic efficiency and application options.

Since 2010, Hako's product programme has included scrubber-driers equipped with antibacterial tanks for use in areas with particularly strict hygiene standards, for example hospitals, nursing homes, commercial kitchens or applications in the food processing and -storage industry.

Stepan facilities around the globe helping out in Coronavirus fight

* Stepan.jpgStepan Company US has recently made donations of hand sanitiser and spray disinfectants to Chicagoland first responders on the frontlines of the Covid-19 crisis and other Stephan facilities across the globe are playing an important part too.

Stepan's plant near Joliet, Illinois, US, has donated 800 gallons of hand sanitiser and several hundred gallons of disinfecting spray solution to the Chicago Police and Fire departments as well as numerous departments in the Chicago suburbs.

Covid-19: Donations also come from Nettuno!

* Nettuno-alt-pic3.jpgNettuno, renowned Italian manufacturer of products for handcare and hygiene, has momentarily suspended its 50th anniversary celebrations for a bigger cause: to actively support Italy in the fight against the Coronavirus.

The first initiative aims at supporting healthcare facilities and families in the most critical phases of patient care, making hospital places available more quickly for new patients. Moreover, says Nettuno, having been taking care of hands for 50 years, how could it not support all the doctors, health workers and volunteers who are taking care of the rest of us right now?

New Master for the WCEC focuses on the fight against Coronavirus

* John-Shonfeld.jpgThe chairman of a business which has been repivoted to make hospital gowns for the NHS during the Coronavirus pandemic has been appointed as the new Master of the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners.

John Shonfeld founded laundry and garment manufacturing and rental business, Tibard, with his wife Sue in 1979, from a bedroom in their family home. The company now has a turnover of £18.5 million annually, employs 150 people and exports to the Middle East, Asia, Europe, China, the Mediterranean and a fast-growing market in the Caribbean.

Mitie builds on environmental commitments by joining EP100

* mitie-van.jpgMitie has signed up to the EP100 commitment. By joining the initiative, Mitie has committed to double its energy productivity - measured by the amount of energy used per pound of revenue generated - over the next 25 years (from baseline year of FY18/19).

However, based on current targets to improve its energy productivity, Mitie anticipates meeting this goal significantly sooner.

Washrooms and the spread of Covid-19

* LOTY-logo.jpg"You can also catch the virus if you touch a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touch your mouth, nose, or eyes".

The Coronavirus can live for hours to days on surfaces such as toilet cubicles, WCs, washbasins, hand-dryers and entrance door handles. How long it survives depends on the material the surface is made from.

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Recent UK News

Vinci Facilities’ Paul Cottam joins Mates in Mind Board of Trustees

* Vinci-Paul-Cottam.jpg
Mates in Mind recently appointed Paul Cottam, a director of Vinci Facilities, as a Trustee Board Member.

Industry body calls for all cleaners to be included in priority list for Coronavirus testing

* BCC-testing.jpg
The British Cleaning Council is calling for all cleaners to be to be included in the expanded first wave of testing for Coronavirus for 'essential workers' announced last week.

Coronavirus - the impact on the cleaning & hygiene supply chain

* Coronavirus.jpg
The Coronavirus is having a significant impact on the cleaning and hygiene supply sector, creating what is likely to be the most challenging environment members have ever experienced, says the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association.

A true war effort: Selden converts facility to maximise on production of anti-viral portfolio

* Selden-Lab.jpg
When the sheer scale of the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic became clear, companies in this industry were faced with a choice: ‘keep calm and carry on’ or join what has often been dubbed ‘the war effort’.

Prochem reports increased demand for Microsan

* Microsan.jpg
Due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Prochem Europe has seen increased demand for its D500 Microsan biocidal cleaner.

Originally developed in the 1980's for the HBV, HCV and HIV blood-borne viruses, the Microsan formulation is also effective against Coronavirus (Coronaviridae family including MERS-CoV) and is approved to EN14476 for use on hard washable surfaces.

Colleagues down tools as two cleaners at Ministry of Justice die from suspected Covid-19

* MoJ.jpg
United Voices of the World Union members at the Ministry of Justice walked off the job on Tuesday, International Workers Memorial Day, in response to two of their colleagues dying from suspected Covid-19.

The cleaners claim they have been forced to work throughout lockdown despite repeatedly complaining of inadequate PPE, to their employer OCS Group.

Lives of cleaners 'put at risk' due to lack of Coronavirus testing

* BCC-logos-2019.jpg
The lives of cleaners working on the frontline in the fight against Coronavirus are potentially being put at risk because they are not automatically entitled to testing, according to the industry body for the sector.

Coronavirus cleaning solutions from FM provider Samsic UK

* Coronavirus-Samsic.jpg
A Coronavirus Environmental Deep Clean programme has been launched by facilities services provider, Samsic UK.

Ecocleen targeting franchise network expansion following record levels of growth

Ecocleen, a leading commercial contract cleaning provider, is creating a host of new franchise opportunities within the UK following a record year in 2019, which saw the company grow by over a third.

Could UK's rotting waste replace pandemic with the plague?

* drone-pic-fly-tipping.jpg
Government urged to upgrade recycling workers to critical status and reopen council tips

Mountains of waste are being flytipped in epic proportions across Britain, as warnings are raised that the Government risks replacing the coronavirus pandemic with a plague if councils keep recycling and waste tips shut during the lockdown.

Call for Government to draft in window-cleaners to fight Coronavirus

Britain’s window cleaners should be employed in a nationwide rolling programme of sanitisation to fight the Coronavirus, according to the Federation of Window Cleaners. The FWC is calling for Government to launch an initiative like the schemes operated by other countries, to disinfect problem areas during the pandemic.

Sitemark launches Covid-19 Workplace Hygiene Programme

* Sitemark.jpg
Sitemark, the independent benchmarking service for the facilities management industry, has this week launched a workplace hygiene programme in response to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Fourth emergency service rises to Coronavirus challenge

* Orbis-Protect.jpg
A 'staggering' jump in demand for decontamination services to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic has today been revealed by specialist cleaning and security company Orbis Protect.

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