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Mitie builds on environmental commitments by joining EP100

* mitie-van.jpgMitie has signed up to the EP100 commitment. By joining the initiative, Mitie has committed to double its energy productivity - measured by the amount of energy used per pound of revenue generated - over the next 25 years (from baseline year of FY18/19).

However, based on current targets to improve its energy productivity, Mitie anticipates meeting this goal significantly sooner.

EP100 is a global initiative by international non-profit The Climate Group. The campaign brings together companies that have committed to improving their energy productivity by integrating ambitious energy targets into their business strategies.

EP100 is the second of The Climate Group's initiatives that Mitie has signed-up to, having become a member of EV100 in 2019, with a commitment to convert its entire fleet to electric vehicles. The initial target for the fleet's EV conversion was 2030 but Mitie has accelerated its programme with an ambition to achieve this by 2025.

As an EP100 member, Mitie will undertake a number of practical steps to improve its energy productivity and increase smart energy use across the business, with a focus on targeting its largest source of energy use - travel. In addition to converting its entire fleet of 5,500 cars and vans to zero carbon vehicles over the next five years, Mitie will reduce business travel by increasing the use of online video conferencing tools. Through these initiatives alone, Mitie anticipates that it will achieve the EP100 goal in just five years, by 2025.

Mitie will also run an extensive training and awareness internal communications programme for its nearly 50,000 employees, to educate them on how they can each play their part in reducing energy use across the business.

Mitie's membership of EP100 builds on its recent Plan Zero commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions across the entire business by 2025. Plan Zero is built on three core pillars, with a number of more specific actions underneath each. The pillars are:

- Eliminate carbon emissions from power and transport
- Eradicate non-sustainable waste
- Enhance inefficient buildings to meet the highest environmental standards

By focusing on these three areas, Mitie is ensuring that it is targeting the parts of its business that contribute the most towards its own sources of carbon emissions.

"The climate crisis is not a challenge that we can solve alone - it is only by joining other like-minded businesses that we can come together and tackle it," says the company's Simon King, director of sustainability and social value.

"We're proud to be taking another step closer towards our Plan Zero commitment by joining this important initiative to double our energy productivity."

Jenny Chu, head of EP100, says:
"By doing more with less energy, Mitie is seizing the opportunity to save emissions and boost the bottom line - leading by example in the facilities management and professional services sector. We are thrilled to have them join our global EP100 initiative for energy-smart companies, and know they will inspire others to follow suit."

The Climate Group's global EP100 initiative brings together a growing group of energy-smart companies committed to doing more with less to improve their energy productivity. By integrating energy efficiency into business strategy, these leading companies are driving tech innovation and improving competitiveness while delivering on emissions reduction goals - inspiring others to follow their lead.

EP100 is led by The Climate Group in partnership with the Alliance to Save Energy as part of the We Mean Business coalition and is delivered in association with the World Green Building Council's Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment.

www.mitie.com / www.theclimategroup.org

7th May 2020

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