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Mewa reusable cleaning wipes contribute to employee safety

* Mewa-wipes.jpgThe Coronavirus epidemic is affecting not only the availability of some types of cleaning wipes, but also how they are used in the workplace. Paper towels, especially blue roll, are currently in high demand, leading to limited supplies and longer delivery times.

The complete service cleaning wipe system from the textile management company MEWA, ensures that hygienic industrial cleaning wipes are available at any time when needed and that they are safely stored after use, ready for collection, cleaning and redelivery.

With this approach to managed rental, workplaces receive their cloths in an airtight MEWA security container, the SaCon. After use, a cloth is simply thrown into a second safety container. When it is full, it will be picked up and fresh towels and containers will be provided.

At MEWA's advanced washing facility, the towels are washed at a temperature of 90 degrees C for at least 15 minutes, whereby all germs and microorganisms are completely deactivated.

"The Coronavirus has not impacted our door to door delivery and because the towels are washed and reused up to 50 times, in our own facility, there are no supply chain issues," explains Günes Yenen, MEWA UK country manager. "We can ensure that workplaces have a permanent supply of hygienic cleaning wipes and a safe storage system for both clean and dirty wipes."

The MEWA system not only offers reliability in terms of delivery and security, but also full cost control thanks to price transparency and predictability from the start. MEWA cleaning wipes are also extremely absorbent and save up to 30% cleaning time compared to paper towels.

MEWA has been providing full-service textile management for cleaning since 1908 and is therefore considered a pioneer in textile sharing. Today MEWA supplies companies from 45 locations across Europe with work and protective clothing, cleaning cloths, oil collecting mats and floor mats - including care, maintenance, warehousing and logistics. In addition, occupational safety articles can be ordered. 5,600 employees serve 188,000 customers from industry, trade, craft and gastronomy.

In 2018 MEWA achieved sales of 704 million euros, making it a leader in the textile management sector. The company has received numerous awards for its commitment to sustainability and responsible action, as well as for its brand management.

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7th May 2020

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