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International News

New head of Canadian sales for Kaivac

* Canadian-Kaivac.jpg
Kaivac, developer of the No-Touch Cleaning System and the OmniFlex Crossover cleaning system, has just hired Drew Bunn to be its Canadian director of sales.

ISSA's new 2020 board members announced

* ISSA-2020-board.jpg
ISSA Board members for 2020 have been announced. The Board will be led by incoming ISSA president Ken Bodie of Kelsan (pictured), and comprises:

* Vice president/president elect: Steve Lewis, Golden Star
* Executive officer: Brendan Cherry, Bobrick Washroom Equipment
* Manufacturer director: Christine Vickers Tucker, Clorox Professional Products
* Distributor director: Ailene Grego, Southeast Link
* Director Canada: Amir Karim, Polykar

China's waste ban creates growth opportunities for circular economy in developed countries

* China-waste-ban.jpg
Following China's ban on solid waste, including plastics, hardware, ships, scraps of stainless steel, titanium and wood, countries are considering localised circular economy for domestic waste recycling needs, reports Frost & Sullivan, which says that the plastic recycling market is especially likely to experience high growth due to investments in new technologies, driving the $37.60 billion market towards $39.89 billion in 2019.

UV-Clean unit demonstrated its ability to eliminate 99.99% of C. diff and MRSA

* Proximity-Systems-UV.jpg
Proximity Systems has released the results from recent NSF International testing that demonstrates the efficacy of the company's UV light disinfection unit, UV-Clean.

Emitting low-intensity ultraviolet C light, UV-Clean eliminates 99.99% of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Clostridioides difficile (C. diff) endospores from keyboards.

Bog Standards: survey reveals importance of washroom design in hospitality sector

* Bog-Standards.jpg
Washrooms leave a lasting impression, reveals a new survey and report on the UK public's attitudes towards washrooms in hospitality establishments.

Formica Group commissioned the report to better understand what makes a bathroom good or bad, asking 2,000 respondents for their most common toilet bugbears and their best and worst experiences. The report also includes top tips for designing the perfect washroom.

Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit: key lessons

* Sustainable-cleaning-summit.jpg
The North American edition of the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit took place in New York in July. Senior executives discussed pressing sustainability issues facing the detergents & homecare industry. Some of the key points made were...

International Safety Awards 2020 are launched; new categories added

* International-Safety-Awards-launched.jpg
For the 2020 edition of the International Safety Awards, the British Safety Council has launched new categories of Awards to celebrate the achievements of individuals and organisations that campaign to transform health, safety and wellbeing.

Visible light disinfection technology can be used within general lighting systems

* SpectraClean.jpg
Lighting innovation specialist, Hubbell Lighting, has commercially launched a series of visible light disinfection SpectraClean luminaires.

Based around developments in the disciplines of lighting science and microbiology, they combine white and narrowband 405 nanometer (nm) visible light to meet ambient and task lighting requirements, while providing a continuous, unobtrusive disinfection option for commercial applications.

Ultimate washroom style in three easy steps

* Modulo.jpg
Dudley Industries has launched a new modular 'Behind the Mirror' hand hygiene solution to its global washroom offering. Modulo is a new cabinet system that provides a flexible and easy-to-install solution for stylish washrooms.

Exclusive offer for Cleanzine readers: Two free tickets to CMS World Summit 2019 in Berlin!

We're delighted to bring you a special offer from our friends at CMS Berlin: a free ticket, for two lucky readers, to the CMS World Summit 2019, taking place for the first time at the international cleaning trade fair CMS Berlin 2019. 

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If you're a regular reader of my Leaders you'll be aware that I spend many Summer weekends at festivals, enjoying the great outdoors, meeting new people, learning new skills, watching some great performers and sleeping in a tent. I also enjoy using the clean, sweet-smelling compost loos which don't require water for flushing and whose contents will, further down the line, be used to help nourish the crops.

If you don't attend the types of festivals that I frequent, you may be thinking that along with this 'hippie' vibe comes the damage to the countryside... litter, mountains of plastics, abandoned tents and other equipment... But it's not necessarily so.

* CZ-LEADER-PIC290819.jpg

The festivals I generally attend have a 'no drink, no drugs' policy and the 'Leave no trace' mantra often derided in the mainstream press is always adhered to. This year though I performed at a festival that doesn't have a drink/drugs ban and by golly what a difference! The large group I was with, are, like me, keen environmentalists and the only traces we left were faded patches where our tents had stood. Much of the site was the same but there were pockets of utter devastation where you couldn't see the ground for litter and abandoned equipment. In the midst of at least one of these pockets stood a tent that had been used by the group as a toilet. Disgusting doesn't begin to describe it...

I support the call by Clean up Britain (www.cleanupbritain.org) for festival-goers to have to partake in a tent deposit scheme whereby they pay a deposit when they take a tent into the festival, with the money returned to them when they leave with the tent. I wonder though whether the £25 mooted is enough to be a real deterrent?

I had a chat with the organisation's founder John Read this morning to learn more about his proposals. He says that any money not claimed could be used to administer a tent distribution scheme for homeless charities, youth clubs, community groups etc. Like me, he feels that if the tents and other equipment are salvageable, everything should be done to prevent them from going to landfill.

I also agree with John's point that the organisers of the environmentally-damaging festivals should launch a sustained and highly visible advertising campaign in the run-up to - and during - future festivals to make people aware of the environmental damage they're causing. He also suggests that the councils involved should insist that organisers embrace these sort of suggestions as a condition of granting the festival licence - another great idea!



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Jan Hobbs

This Week's News

How to use a smartphone to detect Norovirus...

* Norovirus-detecting-smartphone.jpgUniversity of Arizona researchers have struck a balance between sensitivity and affordability, with a new method for identifying Norovirus - and you do not have to be a scientist or an engineer to run the device; analysis will be achieved automatically by a smartphone app, so all you have to worry about is loading a sample of water onto the chip.

A little bit of Norovirus - the highly infectious microbe that causes millions of cases of food poisoning and about 200,000 deaths globally each year - goes a long way. Just 10 particles of the virus can cause illness in humans. The researchers have created a simple, portable and inexpensive method for detecting extremely low levels of Norovirus.

It pays to keep those floors and steps clean and dry...

* It-pays.jpgWe worry so much about employee safety that we tend to forget just how much money is paid out to non-employees who may slip & injure themselves on a spillage that hasn't been cleaned up. In news that broke just after our last Cleanzine had been broadcast, the BBC carried a story about a commuter who had been awarded £27,602 for a 'possible pigeon poo slip' at London's Paddington station.

That was just one payout by Network Rail... Data obtained by the BBC has revealed that Network Rail has paid out nearly £1m in five years for slips, trips and falls at its stations across the UK. Over half of the payouts were made following accidents at the London stations Euston, Paddington, Victoria and Liverpool Street.

Diarrhoea-causing C.diff bacteria adapts to improve spread in hospitals

* lab-pic.jpgThe gut-infecting bacterium Clostridium difficile is evolving into two separate species with one group highly adapted to spread in hospitals, according to new research published in Nature Genetics. Often found in hospital environments, C.diff forms resistant spores that allow it to remain on surfaces and spread easily between people, making it a significant burden on the healthcare system.

Researchers at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), Wellcome Sanger Institute and collaborators, identified genetic changes in the newly-emerging species that allow it to thrive on the Western sugar-rich diet, evade common hospital disinfectants and spread easily.

Easy-peazy, lemon squeezy: A new era of sanitary and sweet-smelling floor cleaning has arrived

* Lemon-Floor-Gel.jpgOnly scratching the surface with traditional gel cleaners? Put the zest back into your floor cleaning with Bio-Productions' Lemon Floor Gel!

Renowned UK chemicals manufacturer Bio Productions is getting rave reviews about this addition to its portfolio of environmentally-sympathetic alternatives to traditional harsh chemicals.

CMS Practice Forum 2019 - an overview

* CMS-Practice-Forum.jpgA programme of practically oriented lectures, delivered by cleaning industry professionals and targeting professionals, will be taking place in Hall 6.2 in the Berlin Exhibition Grounds as part of CMS Berlin 2019 (20th - 27th September).

As the trade fair provides an international platform for expertise in the cleaning and hygiene market, the Practice Forum has been designed to address every specialist audience in the cleaning sector.

Birmingham University researchers say new antimicrobial coating could be key in fight against HAIs

* Birmingham-research.jpgScientists at the University of Birmingham have created an antimicrobial coating for steel surfaces which has proven to rapidly kill bacteria that cause some of the most common hospital-acquired infections.

Developed by researchers at the University of Birmingham, patented by University of Birmingham Enterprise, and to be commercialised by a new company NitroPep, the coating - also called NitroPep - has been heralded as a new tool in the fight against the spread of infection.

Genting casino site uses smart technology to save 1.5 million litres of water annually

* Genting-casino.jpgFor businesses with large property sites, there are many concerns when it comes to the day-to-day running of buildings. From planned refurbishments and maintenance to cleaning contracts and energy use, each cost needs to be optimised and balanced against customer experience.

Many businesses have, as yet, struggled to find a way to dramatically reduce their water consumption in their property estates - despite many recognising this as a sustainability challenge.

Banner Chemicals UK adds Northern Powerhouse Export Champions Award to Queen's Award for International Trade

* Banner-Chemicals.jpgBanner Chemicals UK, a member of 2M Holdings group, has this year been given both the Queen's Award for International Trade and the Northern Powerhouse Export Champions Award, by UK Government's Department for International Trade - in recognition of significant export growth.

The world's sole owner of Perklone and Triklone, the company produces a huge portfolio of products which includes a range of surfactants for household & industrial hygiene cleaning and precision cleaning, as well as coatings and fragrances.

Breckland fly tipper and illegal waste carrier face fines

* Breckland-fly-tipper.jpgBreckland Council is showing residents it expects them to adhere to waste regulations by issuing fixed penalties to two men who broke the law; one of whom was fined £300 for illegally dumping waste in Thetford while the other was fined £300 for illegally collecting household scrap metal and storing it in a residential car park.

The fly tipper, who was apprehended thanks to public reports, was interviewed under police caution before the council's Enforcement Officer issued him with a fixed penalty notice. The officer was able to link the waste to the offender, who had left household waste and clothes near a wooded glade, rather taking it to the nearby recycling centre.

Wellbeing provider Mytime Active chooses B38 Group for its 26 sites

* Wellbeing-Mytime.jpgSocial enterprise Mytime Active which has 22 golf and leisure sites nationwide, plus a head office in Bromley, has appointed B38 Group to provide a range of facilities management services for the next three years.

The Wakefield-based facilities management company will manage a wide range of services covering mechanical and engineering; and heating, ventilation and air conditioning. In addition, B38 Group will take a more strategic role including the provision of maintenance staff, training and support, as well as building lifecycle management with forward maintenance planning.

NIC secures major new contract award with Morrisons

* NIC-Morrisons.jpgNIC Services Group has been awarded a new multimillion-pound contract with Yorkshire- based supermarket chain Morrisons. This contract will see NIC continue to deliver support services across the UK and Internationally; it is not only a continuation of the already very strong partnership with Morrisons but sees that partnership grow even further with the award of significantly more stores across the estate.

NIC's innovative approach to cleaning and its extensive knowledge of the retail sector ensured that it was successful in retaining and growing the contract as one of Morrisons' key supplier partners. Its first-class service delivery has ensured that this partnership continues to grow and develop.

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Recent UK News

Winners of the CHSA's 2019 Undergraduate Bursary announced

* Winners-CHSA-bursary.jpg
Two talented and hard-working young people - Maisey Woodisse and Timothy Young - have been named as the recipients of the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association's 2019 Undergraduate Bursaries.

Dog mess enforcement action stepped up in London

* Dog-mess-enforcement.jpg
As part of the Cleaner Havering campaign, the authorities stepped up enforcement action around the disposal of dog mess and reiterated strongly that residents are required to pick up after their pets.

Mitie launches dedicated careers portal specifically for veterans seeking a new career in FM

Mitie is furthering its commitment to veterans, reservists and families of those working in the armed forces, by launching a series of new initiatives focused on supporting these employees and pledging to recruit more individuals from the armed forces community into the facilities management profession.

New managing director takes the helm at Phs Wastekit

* New-MD-Phs-Wastekit.jpg
Phs Wastekit has appointed a new managing director as it seeks to expand its offering to create a whole service solution to waste management. Jason Smith joins Wastekit with 16 years' experience across the plant and tool hire industry and in retail management.

New proposals for action on litter and fly-tipping

* New-proposals.jpg
Plans have been announced by North Lanarkshire council in Scotland to create a new taskforce aimed at cleaning up communities. The Environmental Improvement Taskforce will tackle the scourge of litter and fly-tipping, which blights communities.

Schools in pioneering environmental green audit campaign with Keep Britain Tidy

* Eco-schools.jpg
Children all over Britain will be given a hands-on role in challenging the confusion around what can and cannot be recycled as part of a groundbreaking environmental audit with Keep Britain Tidy.

Arcus FM selects Bsquare to help develop distributed intelligence solution for retail FM

* Arcus-FM.jpg
Bsquare Corporation a provider of intelligent devices and systems, has announced an agreement with UK facilities management provider, Arcus FM, to develop a distributed intelligence management solution to serve Arcus's growing portfolio of clients.

Facilities Show sees further growth for its 2019 edition

* Facilities-Show-Eddie.jpg
The Facilities Show had one of its most successful years yet, consolidating its status as a leading global event for cleaning and facilities managers, with the 2019 edition seeing further visitor growth.

Jangro announces award winners

* Jangro-awards.jpg
The UK's leading cleaning and janitorial suppliers gathered together recently to celebrate the best in the industry at the annual Jangro Supplier Awards. The 2019 winners were revealed at a glittering ceremony, which took place at the Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel & Country Club in Coventry.

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