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International News

Manufacturers help infection control experts make sense of FDA rules on antiseptic ingredients

* Manufacturers-help.jpg
The American Cleaning Institute is helping infection control experts better understand the process and possible results from pending US Food & Drug Administration decisions on the safety and effectiveness of certain active ingredients used in healthcare antiseptics in early 2018.

Revolutionary new P-Wave urinal screen shows the shape of things to come in washroom hygiene

* New_P-Wave.jpg
P-Wave has launched its latest innovation in air freshening/deodorising technology. The Hex 3D is a 30-day urinal air freshener that, because of the new hexagon shape, has a better fit by folding into any size of urinal.

Dealing with potential Norovirus incidents in restaurants

* Dealing-with-potential-norovirus.jpg
People getting sick in restaurants is a fact of life. Because we must assume that the ill person has Norovirus, restaurant owners and cleaning professionals should take proper actions to help prevent the spread of the disease.

Cromwell Polythene's antimicrobial bin liners prove popular in Austria

* Cromwell-Polythene.jpg
A large order for Cromwell Polythene's new Sansafe 30 litre hygienic anti-microbial bin liners has been dispatched to Austria for use in washrooms throughout the capital, Vienna. A total of 90 of Sansafe 30 litre liners cases consisting of 900 rolls, or 22,500 bags, was sent.

Latest Sapphire largest jewel in the crown

* Prochem-Sapphire.jpg
Five years post-launch and Prochem Europe celebrates the introduction of the Sapphire range with its latest variant: the ultimate in high-pressure truck mounted cleaning technology.

Stepan to acquire Mexican surfactant production facility and part of its surfactant business

* Stepan.jpg
Stepan Company, through a subsidiary in Mexico, has reached an agreement with BASF Mexicana to acquire its surfactant production facility in Ecatepec, Mexico, and a portion of its associated surfactants business.

Reclassifying hospital floors as "critical" areas when it comes to cleaning

* Reclassifying-hospital-floors.jpg
For many years, hospitals considered floors "non-critical" areas when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting. This means floors were considered an unlikely source for the spread of infection in a hospital setting.

Social enterprise launches new eco-foaming hand wash

* Clarity-eco.jpg
New Honey Blossom Eco Foaming Hand Wash from the Social Enterprise, Clarity, is launching into large organisations and the Government to support the employment of blind, disabled and otherwise disadvantaged people.

Clean Hands Safe Hands secures investment from SC Johnson

* Clean-Hands-Safe-Hands.jpg
Clean Hands Safe Hands has secured investment from SC Johnson which will be used to expand operations across the US and expand the capabilities of the CHSH's analytics platform to drive better patient care.

APIC 2017 Film Festival winner highlights hand hygiene as infection prevention tool

* APIC-2017-Film-Fest.jpg
The Association for Professionals in Infection Control & Epidemiology has announced that Providence Health & Services Alaska is the winner of its seventh annual Film Festival competition, to be awarded during APIC's 44th Annual Conference.

Burgess Health Center implements Clorox Healthcare UV technology to fight infection

* Burgess-Health-Centre.jpg
Multi-drug resistant organisms that can cause healthcare-associated infections such as CRE (carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae), MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) continue to be a problem among healthcare facilities.

Cell Signaling Technology recycles 4,400 pounds of glove waste through innovative programme

* Cell-Signaling-Tech.jpg
As a life sciences company, Cell Signaling Technology uses about 200,000 pairs of gloves each year. But that glove waste no longer goes into a landfill. CST diverts it through an innovative programme that has enabled the company to recycle more than 4,400 pounds of gloves, which are then turned into flowerpots, lawn furniture and other products.

WaterAid and H&M Foundation join forces for sustainable water, toilets and hygiene in poor communities

* WaterAid.jpg
The H&M Foundation and WaterAid have embarked on the second phase of their global partnership for safe water, sanitation and hygiene in some of the world's poorest communities, with the goal of achieving long-term transformational change and improved living conditions.

SCA to close tissue production plant in the US

* SCA-Flagstaff.jpg
To further improve efficiency and strengthen the competitiveness for the Professional Hygiene business in North America, SCA has decided to close the tissue production plant in Flagstaff, Arizona, in the US.

Kimberly-Clark Professional delivers uncompromised care with Kleenex Ultra Rolled Hand Towel

* K-C_Pro.jpg
Kimberly-Clark Professional has recently launched in the UK and Ireland, the Kleenex Ultra Rolled Hand Towel Solution to help facilities managers deliver uncompromised care to washroom users, with Kleenex brand quality now available as a rolled towel.

ISSA joins CleantexPulire to expand African market value

* ISSA-CleantexPulire.jpg
Organisers of the CleantexPulire exhibition, e-squared publications (E2) and ISSA, have announced a joint ownership agreement to collaboratively administer and promote future events.

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I’ve known for many years that graffiti will inspire other vandals to leave their mark, that a smashed window in an empty building will soon lead to all the windows being smashed, and that litter dropped, always makes it easier for others to drop their own litter. Something I didn’t know however, which I learnt from Keep Britain Tidy this week, is that brightly-coloured items of litter act as a beacon to litterbugs, encouraging them to add to the mess!

New research by the Group’s Centre for Social Innovation has found that the presence of large, brightly-coloured items of litter – crisp packets, bottles, chicken dinner boxes and sandwich boxes – act as a ‘beacon’, (giving others permission to drop their rubbish) and that keeping areas free from these ‘beacons of litter’ reduces overall littering.

Keep Britain Tidy’s ‘Beacons of Litter’ social experiment involved cleaning three areas in two locations - Stourbridge in the West Midlands and Stoke Newington in north-east London - so that they were completely free from litter. ‘Beacon’ items were then planted in one location; other, smaller litter items - including tissues and small pieces of paper - were planted in a second location and a third area was kept litter-free as a control.

The sites were monitored to see how people behaved and how much litter accumulated and the results were clear. The experiment was repeated six times over two weeks, with a total of 72 hours of observations monitoring taking place.

In places where the ‘beacons of litter’ were present, the researchers found 35% of people littered their rubbish. In the areas where the smaller items were placed, that percentage fell to 22% and in the control, where no litter was placed, the percentage littering was 17%.

The researchers also discovered that people were more likely to drop ‘beacon’ items if other ‘beacons’ litter was already present - 41% of people observed, dropped drinks containers, plastic bags and other ‘beacons’ items, but this fell to just 11% in the ‘other’ condition and 10% in the control.
The research is available at: www.keepbritaintidy.org

It would seem that those responsible for street cleaning, should perhaps focus in future on areas that are notorious for ‘beacon’ littering, to help keep our environment as litter-free as possible…

I, however, just wish we could find a way to prevent people from dropping litter in the first place!

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Jan Hobbs

This Week's News

CSSA Annual Luncheon revisited

* CSSA-Annual-Luncheon.jpgA record 300 guests attended the Cleaning & Support Services Association's Annual Luncheon two weeks ago and the consensus was that these annual gatherings had been very much missed over the years that the CSSA had been part of the Building Futures Group and the event had disappeared from the calendar.

IICRC announces presenter lineup for technical conference

* IICRC-tech-conference.jpgThe Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification has announced a dynamic lineup of presentations and speakers for its second-annual technical conference taking place 9th - 11th August in Big Sky, Montana.

The conference titled, 'The Summit at Lone Mountain', will feature cutting-edge presentations in cleaning, disaster restoration and flooring inspection.

Latest fibre protector brings dual action aftercare

* Fluroseal_142.jpgProchem has just launched a new dual action aftercare solution for protecting your customer's carpets and upholstery from soil and stains.

B130 Fluoroseal CF carpet and upholstery protector replaces both Fluoroseal Plus and Aqua Seal Fabric Protector with one product, based upon cationic fluoropolymer technology for durable soil and stain resistance.

ACI Sustainability Report: some industry progress, but 'bold collective actions' needed for transformational change

* ACI-Sustainability.jpgThe American Cleaning Institute's fourth Sustainability Report, 'Foundations for Transformation', showcases the steps the cleaning product supply chain is taking to address the industry's core material issues.

The report highlights the progress made by companies throughout the cleaning product supply chain over the last two years, to decrease the industry's environmental footprint.

Transforming safety and hygiene

* GV-Transforming-Safety.jpgGV Health has announced a new end-to-end approach for public health and social care, which is designed to transform safety and hygiene.

The new approach addresses four key areas where leading public health and social care providers are seeking transformation. These are the management of waste - in particular infectious waste - to reduce environmental impact and increase safety:

SOAPBOX: Public Toilets UK - a matter of urgency

* SOAPBOX-Public-Toilet-closures.jpgwrites Gillian Kemp, MA, founder, Truckers Toilets UK Campaign

"Articles about public toilets appear to be ever increasing - usually because so many facilities are now closing. This is a great worry especially for the young, the elderly, those who are pregnant, on medication of various types that necessitate the loo, have a particular medical condition... in fact the list gets longer if you also take into account the needs of taxi drivers, bus drivers, train drivers, police officers, postal workers, night shift workers and so on...

Castlemeadow Care chooses Girbau Laundry

* Castlemeadow.jpgHealthcare Design Awards 2017 finalist, Castlemeadow Care, supports its residents with expertise, sympathy and respect for their dignity - as if they were a family member. Since 1999, the family-owned business has been helping the people of Norfolk and beyond to make the most of later life.

Incentive QAS secures contract extension with Johnson Matthey

* Incentive-QAS-contract.jpgIncentive QAS, the specialist cleaning arm of Incentive FM Group, has secured a major contract extension with Johnson Matthey, a global leader in science that provides cleaner air, improved health and more efficient use of natural resources.

The new deal runs for three years with the option of a further two and is worth in the region of £1.5 million per year.

Delta-Q Technologies announces lithium charger supply to Orbot LiFe floor machines

* Delta-Q-lithium.jpgVancouver, Canada-based Delta-Q Technologies announced yesterday that it will supply its lithium IC650 battery charger to the Orbot LiFe floor machine.

Manufactured by Hruby Orbital Systems, a company dedicated to the low moisture orbital floor care industry, the Orbot LiFe is a lithium-battery-driven, versatile, compact commercial and residential orbital floor machine for carpet, hard floors, and many other floor types.

Gemini Commercial Cleaning increases market share with latest acquisition

* Gemini-Commercial.jpgIn a bid to expand its market share, Gemini Commercial Cleaning - said to be Blackburn's largest commercial cleaning company - has taken its next leap in growth with the addition of rival company Lancashire Cleaning Services. Gemini describes the its acquisition as an 'integral part' of its business growth strategy.

Jangro network expands again

Jangro has welcomed Crystal Cleaning Supplies as the latest addition to its independent janitorial distribution network, an expansion which brings the total number of distributors in the group to 44, strategically located across the UK, Ireland and the Isle of Man.

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Recent UK News

UK Government urged to end health & safety deregulation following Grenfell Tower blaze

The UK Government has been urged to scrap its approach to deregulation of health & safety legislation in the light of the Grenfell Tower blaze.

Gelpack now CHSA accredited

* Gelpack.jpg
Gelpack, the manufacturer of refuse and recycling sacks and high performance flexible packaging, has joined the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association Plastic Refuse Sacks Accreditation Scheme.

Green World Innovations launches GreenFit Solutions service

* Green-World-Inno.jpg
The growth of Green World Innovations continues as the company launches a new installation and maintenance service - GreenFit Solutions.

Soapbox: The Bathroom Manufacturers Association's CEO Yvonne Orgill on 'Leaky Loos'

* Soapbox-BMA.jpg
"Today, a typical British sunny day has seen heightened activity regarding Dual Flush WC's. Radio interviews, articles in the national press, comment by many, have all raised the issue 'leaky loos'!

De-messing about on the water

* De-messing1.jpg
With summer getting into gear, the team at Banbury-based contractor Pro-Clean love being on the water. Just don't tell them they're 'messing about'...

BCC Chairman praises EFCI 'Best Value' guide

* Selecting-best-value.jpg
Developed by the European Federation of Cleaning Industries (EFCI) and UNI Europa with European Commission support, the EFCI 'Best Value' guide aims to assist buyers of cleaning services in their tendering process by highlighting the benefits of choosing quality.

Working together to keep schools clean and safe

* Working-Together.jpg
The Cleaning Company is working with Avon House Preparatory School to keep its premises hygienically clean whilst also meeting the pinnacle of safeguarding standards.

Leading industry awards return with renewed focus on raising standards

* GSA.jpg
The 2018 Kimberly-Clark Professional Golden Service Awards programme has been launched and is now open for entries. Founded in 1991, the awards recognise excellence in the cleaning sector and have become one of the UK cleaning industry's most esteemed events.

How to keep a hotel room clean

* hotel-room-clean.jpg
As the summer season begins in hotels across the world, making sure that they will be clean is a top priority for both the guests and the hotel staff. However, when there are so many rooms to clean, this can often be a difficult task.

Standards for level 4 and level 6 FM Apprenticeships approved

* Dr-Paul-Wyton.jpg
The standards for two new Facilities Management Apprenticeships developed by employers in collaboration with the British Institute of Facilities Management and other key stakeholders have been approved by the Minister of State for Skills.

Eight ways to motivate teams with Pull Management

* Eight-ways-to-motivate.jpg
By Roger Green, CEO, Spotless Commercial Cleaning, who employs over 2,000 people across the UK.

"I recently found myself discussing with a colleague the benefits of Pull Managers over Push Managers. Which one are you?

Service integration transforms UK facility management market

* Service-integration.jpg
Technology innovation, new business models, emerging value propositions, and creative new service offerings are transforming facilities management in the UK. The market is moving toward service integration with sophisticated advisory services focused on business productivity; however, FM services are commoditising and organic growth is hard to find.

More than ever raised at CHSA Gala Ball!

* CHSA-ball.jpg
Members and sponsors of the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association, together with their guests, raised £9,950 at its Annual Gala Ball for the Chairman's Charity, this year being The Royal National Institute for Blind People.

Klenzan supports NSPCC - changing childhoods for the better

* Klenzan-NSPCC.jpg
Warrington-based hygiene specialist Klenzan is supporting the NSPCC by entering a team in the Lake District Adventure Challenge, being held on June 10th in Coniston.

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