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International News

Eurogip's new comparative study on musculoskeletal disorders focuses on cleaners

* Screen-Shot.jpg
Eurogip has published the results of a comparative study on the recognition of occupational musculoskeletal disorders in 10 European countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland.

Australian Cleaning Industry to enjoy new national show

* MCEC-Expansion-Map.jpg
ISSA and Australia's commercial and institutional cleaning industry have announced the launch of the ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo Australia. This new dedicated expo experience is one of the first accomplishments resulting from the recent National Cleaning Suppliers' Association merger with ISSA. The Expo will debut 9th - 10th May, 2017, at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

Hospital installs bacteria-fighting operating room light fixtures

* hospital-cleaning-lights.jpg
Las Vegas's Henderson Hospital is the first in the nation to purchase and install Indigo-Clean disinfecting lights in its operating and recovery rooms.

Lindhaus launches LS38 L-ion, the new mini multifunction cordless vacuum cleaner

* Lindhaus-LS38L-ion.jpg
"Our goal was to build a great, small machine... something offering excellent performance but still of a small size," says Nicola Negro of Italian manufacturer Lindhaus. "We succeeded with the new LS38L-ion, a mini 'twin force' multifunction vacuum sweeper for floors and carpets."

Urbanns' natural pest control solutions helping India get rid of bed bugs, fleas, ticks etc

* Urbanns.jpg
Formulated by an entrepreneur who has a strong preference for organic and natural products, Urbanns' products are helping naval ships, frequent travellers, students at hostels, medical colleges, paying guest residents and individuals at large, get rid of bed bugs and other insects from their lives.

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As someone who’s angered by litter, I applaud the stance Thurrock Council in Essex is taking in an attempt to bring litter louts to heel, by fining culprits £75 (see story below). I hope that before long the initiative leads to litter-free streets in Thurrock and that other councils that aren’t already taking litter louts seriously, will follow suit.

I also hope though, that the council is sensible in terms of who it fines, and doesn’t bring itself into disrepute by fining someone – as Swansea Council did earlier this month – who’s simply feeding the local wildlife.

In case you’re not familiar with the ‘crime’ in question, a young woman, who had amused herself by sharing her chips with nearby birds, is being taken to Court by the council for not paying the litter inspector who caught her in her moment of generosity, the on-the-spot fine he demanded.

I would back the council if any chips had been left to litter the area, but understand that the greedy pigeons and seagulls had consumed everything on offer, thus leaving the street clean.

The comment by the litter official that had the woman been feeding the birds seeds rather than chips she wouldn’t have been fined, puts paid to the council’s argument that the fine was given as it’s campaigning to prevent people from feeding pigeons and seagulls which are seen as a nuisance and need to be discouraged, inferring perhaps that it doesn’t like being ignored...

I understand that with more frequent attacks by seagulls in particular, which try to steal food that’s not being freely given, the council wants to ensure that they’re not encouraged, but there’s probably little difference between chips and seeds when considered by a hungry pigeon, so in this case, a friendly explanation and a warning not to feed seagulls and pigeons in the streets should have sufficed, don’t you think?

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Jan Hobbs

This Week's News

Twenty-nine countries join forces to prevent healthcare associated infectious diseases

Over 60 universities, research institutes and companies from 29 European countries are to jointly study the impact that antimicrobial (nano-)coatings can have on the spread of infections in healthcare environments.

The beneficial aspects of the application of such coatings will be assessed in the context of potential environmental adverse effects, as well as development of bacterial resistance.

Savlon India introduces low cost innovation for hand hygiene

* Savlon-India.jpgOn Children's Day, ITC's leading hygiene brand, Savlon India, unveiled its Hygiene & Health programme - Savlon Swasth India Mission. 

Dwyer Group acquires Window Genie

* Window-Cleaning_genie.jpgThe Dwyer Group, one of the world's largest parent companies of trade service brands, (think Molly Maid, Drain Doctor and Rainbow International, amongst others) has completed the acquisition of Window Genie, a nationally ranked home service franchise.

The deal marks the eighth acquisition for Dwyer Group in the last 27 months and grows the organisation to $1.4 billion in system-wide sales. The Group will now have 14 franchise brands with more than 2,600 franchisees across service brands and a record 600+ employees throughout North America, the UK and Germany.

Bunzl branches out further into Europe

* Bunzl-centre-logistic.jpgYesterday, Bunzl announced that it has entered into agreements to acquire two further businesses in Denmark and France.

Sæbe Compagniet, which is based near Copenhagen, is a distributor of cleaning & hygiene related products to a variety of end user customers, principally in the hotel, restaurant and catering sectors, in Denmark. Revenue in the year ended 30th April 2016 was DKK113 million (c.£13 million). Completion of the acquisition is subject to clearance of the transaction by the Danish competition authority.

Europe looks to Scotland in fight against food waste

* Scot-food-waste.jpgThe household food thrown out by Scots each year would be enough to make 800 million meals - enough to feed everyone in Scotland three times a day for 50 days. Zero Waste Scotland is calling on Scots to act now and put an end to unnecessary food waste, which also costs households £1 billion a year.

The need to reduce this waste is being highlighted by a Europe-wide week of action (European Week for Waste Reduction, 19th - 27th November), with schools, universities, businesses, charities and community groups sharing their ideas for tackling food waste with their European neighbours.

iVo launches EleVac 'super quiet' cordless backpack HEPA vacuum

* iVo-EleVac-BackVac.jpgThe new iVo EleVac BackPack vacuum runs very quietly and also boasts full HEPA filtration. It has a powerful vacuum and is available in both lithium battery and mains versions.

"The advantage of a backpack is easy to see when trialed, giving a massive 66% saving on time compared to tub or upright vacuums, according to independent ISSA tests," claims the company. "This is a massive saving.

Kimberly-Clark renews commitment to help solve global sanitation crisis

* Kimberly-Clark_sanitation.jpgThis November 19th, on World Toilet Day, Kimberly-Clark renewed its commitment to its Toilets Change Lives programme - a multi-national commercial programme that leverages the power of its well-known brands to educate consumers and help solve the global sanitation crisis.

The United Nations General Assembly officially designated World Toilet Day in 2013 to raise awareness and inspire efforts to tackle the global sanitation crisis. A lack of basic sanitation affects more than 2.4 billion people around the world, making 'access to water and sanitation for all' an important platform for the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Polishing up for a shinier floor

* SEBO-Dart.jpgSebo experts in the UK discuss how to get the best results from your floor cleaning equipment...

New robotic system to tackle toilet cleaning tasks

* Toibot.jpgFor the past couple of years, Israeli-based entrepreneurs David Alush and Daniel Tokarev have been researching the history and methods of toilet cleaning. They tell us they were amazed to discover that for the past 90 years the manual toilet brush has been the cleaning technique used for what can be the filthiest place in the workplace and other away-from-home facilities as well as the home.

They say that this is about to change with their new Toibot robot, which is capable of cleaning, disinfecting and polishing the toilet without anyone needing to touch either a toilet brush or the toilet bowl itself.

Deb launches new website

* Deb-web.jpgSkincare solutions expert Deb has launched a new website. It brings together all elements of the group's fight against occupational skin disorders and the spread of infections - which is in line with its mission to 'Make Hands Matter in the Workplace'.

Bin it - no ifs or butts

* Thurrock-litter.jpgThurrock Council in Kent tells us it wants residents to feel proud of their environment and that one of the ways to achieve this is to ensure that streets and neighbourhoods are clean, safe and litter-free.

"We are taking a zero-tolerance approach to those caught dropping litter - whether it's a small piece of chewing gum, a cigarette butt or drinks can," it warns.

OspreyDeepclean brings back both good and bad from ISSA/Interclean Chicago

* OspreyDeepleen-Interclean.jpg"Judging by the weather we've seen of late it would appear the gales have followed us home from the 'Windy City' and this year's host of the North American ISSA/Interclean; Chicago!" writes OspreyDeepclean's Katy Bell.

"The exhibition proved an immense success for OspreyDeepclean and GumBusters as we showcased our world's first battery technology for busting gum for the first time on US soil.

Campaign group to protest against QMC hospital cleaning contractors with 12-foot rat

* Rat-protest.jpgCampaign group 'Keep Our NHS Public' is taking a 12-foot inflatable rat to a protest ahead of a meeting today, between Nottinghamshire's QMC and City hospitals Trust and the cleaning contractor, Carillion. The meeting is being held to discuss the future of the deal between the two and KONP says it will be protesting against the continuation of the deal - using a giant 12-foot inflatable rat to 'make the point as clearly as possible'.

We have Mail: Mixed washrooms? We don't think so...

Regarding your article in the Cleanzine dated 20th October (www.thecleanzine.com) concerning 'mixed' washrooms, I do not think you are a prude. You are a realist.

I am a woman; there are approximately 33,035,600 women in Britain. My husband is a man; there are approximately 32,074,400 men in Britain. The Office for National Statistics (following its Integrated Household Survey) estimated 1.5% of people in Britain are gay, lesbian or bisexual.

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Recent UK News

Vax to close its commercial floorcare division

Vax has announced the closure of its commercial floorcare division, Vax Commercial, by the end of 2016. This means that all existing trading relationships will cease on 31st December 2016. The current sales team will remain in place to support this transitional period until 5th December 2016 and at this point no further orders will be accepted or processed.

Vax will, of course, continue to support its customers by honouring all aftersales service and warranty liabilities.

Vectair Systems crowned one of the world's greenest manufacturers for its V-Air Solid air freshener

* Vectair-V-Air-SOLID.jpg
Following last year's success of being recognised as an 'International Green World Ambassador', Vectair Systems has now won a prestigious 'Green World Environment Award' in the international campaign to find the greenest countries, companies and communities.

CHSA backs CSSA Inaugural Awards

The Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association has announced that it has signed up as a Champion of the inaugural Cleaning & Support Services Association Awards.

The CSSA Awards have been developed to recognise everything that shines within the UK cleaning sector - great products, great systems, great contractors and great individuals.

Health and safety at work statistics published for 2016

* eufig1.jpg
The Health & Safety Executive's latest annual statistics have been published and show that while Britain continues to be one of the safest places to work in Europe, many workers are still being injured or made ill by work.

How do you clean a plane?

* dirty-airplane.jpg
It's more than forgivable to go about your daily life with no consideration for how things that pass you by are cleaned or maintained. But what if cleaning unusual - and everyday objects - was a cool, more epic job than you once thought and in fact worth marvelling at?

New Research to support the business case for paying the Living Wage in SMEs

New research by Middlesex University London and the University of Liverpool and funded by the Barrow Cadbury Trust has shown the clear business case for the Living Wage, with small business that pay the Living Wage experiencing fewer employee disputes, an increase in productivity and staff motivation and a reputational and corporate brand advantage over competitors.

Key findings from the report include:

Greyland back in London for 2017 Cleaning Show!

Other than the Manchester Cleaning Show earlier this year, Greyland has been notable by its absence as an exhibitor in recent years.

Now, due to the success of the newly launched London and Manchester events, Greyland is re-taking its rightful place as a 'must-see' exhibitor once again.

Pioneering partnership shortlisted for award

A groundbreaking shared services deal between five councils more than 85 miles apart, which could save them around £40m, has been shortlisted in the 'Most Innovative Service Delivery Model' category of the LGC's public sector awards 2017.

Thought to be the first time local authorities have looked beyond their immediate neighbours to share services, those involved are Hart District Council, Mendip DC, South Oxfordshire DC, Vale of White Horse DC and Havant Borough Council. East Hampshire DC is also involved through services already shared with Havant.

TCFM evolving with communications infrastructure business Arqiva

* CrawleyCourt.jpg
TC Facilities Management is celebrating the successful mobilisation and ongoing delivery of cleaning, security, catering, post room and reception services at Arqiva. The contract, now into its sixth month, is being managed by Raphael Sagula, FM manager, TCFM.

New real Living Wage Rates announced for London & the UK, to impact cleaning contractors

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced recently that the new London Living Wage has increased from £9.40 to £9.75 per hour to reflect the higher cost of living facing families in the city - an increase of 3.7%.

This year over 300 more London-based employers have signed up to pay their staff the hourly rate required to make ends meet in the capital, bringing the number of London Living Wage employers to nearly 1,000 - with a number of them being contract cleaning companies.

Cromwell launches 'Black Sack Friday'

* Black-bag-being-held.jpg
Specialist waste management sack supplier Cromwell Polythene has come up with a novel twist on 'Black Friday', the American shopping event that takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving each year and which has provided a massive boost to retail sales since its UK introduction in 2010.

To coincide with this year's event on 25th November, the Leeds-based company is launching 'Black Sack Friday', when a wide selection of its best-selling black sacks will go on sale at pre-Brexit vote prices or less.

CHSA calls on local government buyers to specify Accredited product

* CHSA-stand.jpg
Exhibiting at the Local Government Procurement Expo, the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association called on procurers of cleaning & hygiene products to specify CHSA Accredited product.

"Our Accreditation Schemes for soft tissue, plastic refuse sacks and industrial cotton mops are recognised as driving up standards in the industry," explains Mike Stubbs, chairman of the Accreditation Scheme Panel.

Brightwell’s Matthew Dwelly to share his industry expertise at this month’s Dubai industry event

* Matthew-Dwelly.jpg
Matthew Dwelly, Brightwell Dispensers' general manager, will be giving a talk on the 'Do's and Don'ts of Dispensing' at this month's International Cleaning & Hygiene Conference in Dubai. The talk is scheduled for 14th November.

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