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Urbanns' natural pest control solutions helping India get rid of bed bugs, fleas, ticks etc

* Urbanns.jpgFormulated by an entrepreneur who has a strong preference for organic and natural products, Urbanns' products are helping naval ships, frequent travellers, students at hostels, medical colleges, paying guest residents and individuals at large, get rid of bed bugs and other insects from their lives.

Typical solutions for insects like these have become less effective due to resistance as well as the high rate of recurrence observed when using standard pest control treatments, says the manufacturer.

Urbanns' products work mechanically by cutting into the exoskeletal layer of such insects and drying them up using its silica based desiccant properties. This prevents any resistance in insects and works on their eggs as well when left spread around, preventing any resistance. These solutions are said to be safer than chemical based ones.

Urbanns' products are based on Diatomaceous Earth - a natural mineral base on fossilised algae, also known as Siliceous Fossil Flour, D.E., diatomite, or kieselgur/kieselguhr. The manufacturer has been working with a group of agricultural scientists to test product variants and effectiveness as well as build the supply chain and quality assurance systems for the products, which currently offer solutions for bed bugs, fleas and ticks, pet deworming, plant and garden pest control and soil conditioning. The Pest Guard product can work across multiple insects found in commercial buildings and urban homes.

Through the company's research and interactions with customers of Urbanns Bed Bug Powder, it has provided various insights on the menace of bed bugs in the country.

"It is a big and prevalent problem but no one facing it wants to talk about it openly, fearing stigma," observes proprietor Pooja Jain Hansaria. "Bed Bugs are no longer found in dingy and unkempt places, they are seen at premier hotels, lodges, paying guest facilities, private buses, hospitals and across urban homes. They are more resistant to old treatments and have a high rate of recurrence, requiring an integrated pest control approach involving natural methods, cleaning and recycling of clothes, thorough check and treatment across home and other living areas.

"In India, over the last year, states of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Delhi, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal have much higher incidence than other states. Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi top the list among cities. Through the year, March-April and July-September months see much higher incidence."

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W: www.urbanns.com

3rd November 2016

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