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New robotic system to tackle toilet cleaning tasks

* Toibot.jpgFor the past couple of years, Israeli-based entrepreneurs David Alush and Daniel Tokarev have been researching the history and methods of toilet cleaning. They tell us they were amazed to discover that for the past 90 years the manual toilet brush has been the cleaning technique used for what can be the filthiest place in the workplace and other away-from-home facilities as well as the home.

They say that this is about to change with their new Toibot robot, which is capable of cleaning, disinfecting and polishing the toilet without anyone needing to touch either a toilet brush or the toilet bowl itself.

Toibot is made of anti-bacterial and hydrophobic materials which help keep it 99.9% bacteria free. It is battery powered and operates with the touch of a button that is located outside of the toilet bowl. It easily attaches to any toilet model and uses a custom-made shaped brush that is easily replaced. This brush is a strong and elastic device that reaches any point in the toilet bowl.

Long lasting cleaning capsules are also used in the robot. The capsules use a non-toxic solution that facilitate thorough and comprehensive cleaning. They are also easily installed and easily replaced.

With a working prototype and a lot of potential customers around the world, Toibot is preparing for its crowd funding campaign.

T: +972-50-7653701
E: [email protected]
W: www.toibot.net

24th November 2016

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