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International News

Reflecting on 2023 predictions for distributors and the global supply chain

* 2023-predictions-global-supply-chain.jpg
Earlier this year, Michael Wilson, chief executive officer for AFFLINK, home to 300 independent distributors throughout the US, published his predictions for 2023 - specifically as they apply to distributors and the global supply chain.

57 varieties... of ISSA's Cleaning Industry Management Standard Certification

* 57-ISSA-GBACS.jpg
ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, announced yesterday that 57 companies have achieved the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) Advanced by GBAC certification.

Berry's PCR bottles support Bio-D's sustainability commitments

* Berry-Bio-D.jpg
Berry Global has created a range of reusable bottles made entirely out of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic for UK ethical cleaning company The Bio-D Company.

Soapbox: How inflation affects the prices of new vs. used machines - or how it doesn't

* Soapbox-inflation.jpg
by Dennis Kottmann, head of marketing at Surplex

"The economic situation and production costs determine the prices for new machines. It's an ideal time to sell your no longer used equipment in times of falling inflation rates.

New UVpro FMT Air and Surface Treatment boosts hygiene standards across industries

* Nuvonic-UVpro-FMT.jpg
Nuvonic, a global UV technology solutions provider, has launched UVpro FMT (Flange Module Tank) UVC disinfectors for the treatment of air and surfaces in storage tanks. This innovative solution ensures the cleanliness and safety of storage tank environments in various industries, including food and beverage, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.

Commercial refrigerator cleaning: tips from an expert

* Commercial-Refrigerator.jpg
According to a March 2023 Forbes article, those that predicted the demise of restaurants during the pandemic were “myopic (short-sighted) in the extreme”. The article concludes that instead of dying, the restaurant industry – in the US, anyway, has bounced back tremendously, with many restaurants busier and doing better now than before Covid-19.

Spain's exports soar; imports show steady growth in Q1 2023

* Spain-exports.jpg
Figures just released by ASFEL, the National Association of Spanish Cleaning & Hygiene Products Manufacturers, show that the sector's exports have soared over the first quarter of 2023, while imports have shown steady growth.

ISS Australia gears for growth with senior leadership changes

* ISS-Oz-Gears-for-Growth.jpg
ISS Facility Services Australia has announced strategic leadership changes that will bolster its growth and enhance its commitment to fostering a strong organisational culture.

Addressing gaps in the cleaning industry by creating an environment of care

* Addressing-gaps-care.jpg
In almost every country around the world, mental wellbeing is considered to be the second-biggest casualty of the pandemic behind the economy. As such, it has never been more important for cleaning brands to champion their cleaners' mental health - not only to contribute their overall success and longevity, but to instil a culture of care and protection in the industry.

CMS Berlin makes a strong comeback

* CMS-Berlin.jpg
About to take place for the 11th time (from 19th to 22nd September) after a four-year break, CMS 2023, the Berlin-held trade fair for the cleaning & hygiene sector, is as strong as ever, with bookings back to pre-Covid levels.

Vispa EVO now dries forwards AND backwards

* COMAC-Vispa-EVO.jpg
Comac’s Vispa EVO floor scrubber, known for its agility and power, now has a new function that makes cleaning even easier and more practical… it has a new squeegee that is designed to dry backwards.

Vispa EVO’s newly designed parabolic squeegee continuously follows the direction of the machine, but what makes this this one so special is its ability to dry backwards.

Welcome to the Cleanzine


The passing down of information and anecdotes from parents, grandparents or the elders of the family or village is a wonderful tradition long observed all over the world, and while I can imagine that over repeated ‘tellings’, stories can change a little, generally the gist will remain true to the original. I like to think that the same goes for stories concerning this industry but I have to admit a glaring error… it’s in an item we carried on 13th July and I should have picked it up when I read the press release, rather than repeating it and exacerbating things by adding further ‘facts’ that were skewed as a result. It concerns a statement that incoming chair of The British Cleaning Council, the multi-award winning Delia Cannings, (congratulations Delia!) is only the second woman to have held the role. I added that the first had been Judith West, from 2005 - 2007. It took an email from an old industry friend who handled the PR for The British Cleaning Council for 19 years along with that of the National Carpet Cleaners Association amongst other important roles, to point out the original error, which has been repeated by other publications. 
Said the wonderful Jay Gremby: “Has everyone forgotten Hazel Woodbridge, the first chairlady of the BCC in 1992 to 1994?” Jay appears to be right in that respect, since I got to know Hazel in that role when I first joined the industry in 1992 and should not have forgotten her important work. As I said to Jay: “That's what happens when the young things take over the world. They don't know the history!” So, the record’s now put straight, and apology, from someone who now realises she’s an industry ‘elder’ who needs to try harder, hopefully accepted! 
Last week I discussed outsourcing issues in hospitals and although people have asked the contractors’ names, let me just say that I hope everyone checks their catering arm to see if improvements should be made. I showed my Leader to a midwife who threw up her arms in despair, saying that thanks to the poor food all these under-nourished mothers were struggling to feed their babies. She indicated that concerns had been raised with management but nothing had changed and my daughter admitted that because those serving the food were so lovely, no patient wanted to offend them by refusing the food and would secretly bin it. I feel it’s time to stop just leaving reviews on Internet platforms and start emailing those at the top, if we really want to make a difference. More to follow on this one…


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Jan Hobbs

This Week's News

International appointment for Genesis set to cultivate customer network

* Genesis_Lawrence-Keen.jpgGenesis Biosciences has welcomed a new appointment, Lawrence Keen, to its growing sales team as the company looks to expand its customer network across the UK and Ireland.

Lawrence's rich experience in the science and sales fields, gained throughout his career overseas, will come together to mark his first position in a science and sales collaboration.

The antimicrobial nature of bioflavonoids…

* antimicrobial-bioflavonoids.jpgBy Richard Thomas, managing director of Citrox Biosciences

“The pandemic certainly hammered home the benefits of regular handwashing and surface disinfection in controlling microbial proliferation. However, traditional cleaning products often contain toxic chemicals that are damaging to the environment, or that can lead to a range of health problems, including dermatitis, asthma and even cancer.

After France, Korea and China… Idrobase Spain is born

* Idrobase-AFTER-FRANCE.jpgIdrobase Spain has joined the already operating Idrobase France, Idrobase Korea and Idrobase Ningbo in China, with the birth of Idrobase America and Idrobase Japan pending.

The signing of the Idrobase Spain agreement took place in Borgoricco in the ‘headquarters’ of the Paduan company, a leader in pressurised water technologies and solutions for breathing healthy air. The Italian group will directly manage the distribution of its products on the Iberian market, thanks to an agreement with the Spanish Zarzuela Filtracion Industrial.

Shared wheelchairs – a neglected contamination risk?

* Wheelchair-Cleaning.jpgDid you know that over 65 million people worldwide use wheelchairs every day? And that in addition, another one billion people use wheelchairs temporarily, for instance, due to illness or injury? Or that unfortunately, many wheelchair users develop illnesses and infections?

According to a study published by the US National Library of Medicine in April 2023, 85% of wheelchair users experience skin problems and over 50% develop fungal infections from using a wheelchair. These fungal infections can occur on various parts of the body, including the skin, nails, mouth, throat, lungs, and urinary tract.

Gojo recognised as a key partner to the NHS

* GOJO-NHS-75.jpgGojo tells us it is proud to be a brand showcased in an official publication commemorating the NHS, entitled 'NHS 75: Celebrating 75 Years of the National Health Service’. This accolade demonstrates the key role played by the skin and hygiene specialist, which has now been a partner to the organisation for more than 30 years.

Widely used in the NHS, Purell is a trusted brand in healthcare facilities around the world. As a market leader of hand hygiene within the UK's health service, it has been instrumental in helping core NHS metrics to be achieved, such as reductions in the number of healthcare associated infections (HCAIs).

Ecoserv Group expands executive team

* Ecoserve-executive-Team.jpgStephen Jones and Jim Humphrey have joined the executive team of sustainable commercial cleaning specialist Ecoserv Group, as well as both becoming shareholders in the business. Stephen will take on the role of chief operating officer, while Jim will be responsible for key accounts and procurement as a shareholding director.

As COO, Stephen will be responsible for overseeing the company's operations and providing strategic direction for business activities, in line with the organisation's growth and financial plans. He has gained extensive experience in housekeeping, industrial factory cleaning, and post-construction cleaning in the building sector having managed Ecoserv Group's southwest region since 2021.

Hygiene trio join forces

* New-partners.jpgFamily-owned supplier of detergents and disinfectants, Christeyns Food Hygiene, has joined forces in a tri-partner initiative with Danish food hygiene equipment expert Foamico and hygiene equipment specialist H&M Disinfection, to offer unique turnkey solutions.

This partnership provides the confidence that hygiene operations need, to deliver world-class cleaning in the demanding food, dairy and beverage industries - from design and supply, to effective cleaning and disinfection.

AI-Powered air care: Putting the 'AI' in air freshener solutions

* AIr-Care.jpgWrites Matt Wonnacott, founder of Ennovamark - a new agency created to help aircare, hygiene and washroom technology brands and businesses develop effective innovations and marketing strategies. Matt’s two decades of experience in the industry, enables him to support clients with outstanding and truly innovative ideas - both for branding and products.

“We've all seen the news, headlines from that way too dramatic presenter on the BBC, NBC, Sky News etc. about how artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising various industries, making our lives more convenient and efficient (apparently).

EarthSafe introduces new line of high-efficiency absorbents

* Earthsafe.jpegEarthSafe, known for its eco-friendly industrial cleaning solutions, responded to overwhelming demand for natural yet powerful absorbents and expanded its portfolio of spill containment products with FlashDry coir absorbent at its core.

In the short time since its launch last year, FlashDry Industrial Absorbent has gained rapid adoption across industries ranging from energy to aviation. Clientele include Global Partners, a Fortune 500 company with over 1700 gasoline and convenience stores; HMS Motorsport, a leading safety equipment supplier, and Massachusetts Port Authority - currently implementing FlashDry at its three airports, cruise port and container terminal.

BioVate Hygienics announces recruitment of four new staff in latest expansion drive

* BioVate-four.jpgBioVate Hygienics, a leading provider of innovative hygiene solutions, has welcomed four qualified professionals to its growing team.
The new members - Graham Peace, Spencer Berry, Jon Chomicz and Sammy Riggins – have taken up key positions, further strengthening the company's capabilities and supporting its continued expansion.

Strategic operations manager, Graham Peace, will play a pivotal role in the continued scale up of the business, developing and streamlining internal processes, improving productivity, and enhancing overall operational performance. His wealth of experience in the hygiene industry will be instrumental in driving operational excellence, aligning departments, and implementing best practice.

Sodexo expands Clifton College partnership with four-year cleaning contract

* Sodexo_Clifton-College.jpgIndependents by Sodexo has been awarded a new four-year contract at Clifton College in Bristol, adding cleaning to its existing catering services portfolio.

The contract, which has a value of £5 million, includes the delivery of cleaning services including laundry and domestic services across the whole College estate, including boarding houses, teaching facilities, sports centres and the College theatre.

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Recent UK News

Celebrating 30 years of continuous service

* Tennant-handshake.jpg
Tennant UK is celebrating 30 years of continuous service from Michael Bradburn, field support manager within Tennant's nationwide service division.

Analytics Dashboards live track cleaning business costs and profit

* BigChange_Analytics-Reporting_Sapphire.jpg
BigChange has launched a series of Analytics Dashboards to display critical business information for cleaning firms.  Big-screen graphs and tables provide an instant view of performance, such as job costs, productivity, customer service, and finance. 

The dashboards receive live data from across the business, including job updates from field operatives equipped with mobile devices, giving managers and staff complete visibility of all aspects of the business.

First class career progression at Jangro

* JANGRO-Tammy-graduation.jpg
Congratulations to Tammy Ladner, who, thanks to support and encouragement from her employer Jangro, has just completed 4.5 years of study to earn herself a top honours degree, (and with it the Governer's prize) along with promotion to the role of operations & welfare manager at the company!

Work-related fatality figures show waste & recycling needs attention

* Work-related-fatality-figures.jpg
Work-related incidents in Great Britain claimed 135 lives in the last year, according to figures published this month by the Health & Safety Executive.

Pura NappiCycle gives more than 31,000 used nappies a second life

Eco-friendly baby brand, Pura, has released the results of the first phase of its groundbreaking nappy recycling trial - in partnership with NappiCycle - revealing that 6.3 tonnes of waste was saved from landfill - the equivalent of 31,500 used nappies.

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