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International News

Cleaning “key” for lockdown exit strategy: a sectorial approach is needed, says new Guidance

* EU-EFCI.jpg
An EU-produced, Joint European Roadmap providing a common framework for European and national authorities to phase-out Covid-19 containment measures, recognises the key role cleaning and disinfection have to play.

Proven technology updated to minimise contamination potential

* Osprey-Fogger.jpg
OspreyDeepclean has been supplying innovative steam cleaning technology for many years. The efficacy for use to remove healthcare-acquired infections - including viruses - was scientifically proven more than a decade ago and is very relevant in today's world.

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Interesting times ahead, I reckon, with much of the world easing back into 'normal' routine following the extended lockdown aimed at reducing Coronavirus infections. I know we all need to get back to work somehow but it strikes me that some governments don't seem to have thought through the best way of going about things. My Prime Minister announced late Sunday evening that we should return to work (if we couldn't work from home) the following morning, without, it appeared, any thought as to whether or not our workplaces were even open!

Risk assessments needed to be carried out and employee distancing measures put in place and while some companies will have had the foresight to carry out these tasks during lockdown, most will not have done so because none of us knew how things were going to pan out. These things need careful planning if we’re to get them right and reduce this ‘second wave’ that threatens; something which seems to have been lost on my Government. And what about the need to clean our workplaces thoroughly, before we return to them?

Parents responsible for home-schooling young children being will have had to arrange childcare at short notice and many won’t have managed. Companies employ people to do a particular job because they need them in that job; we’re like cogs in a wheel and if vital cogs are missing then nothing will run smoothly. What if you’re in manufacturing and don’t have all the parts you need to produce whatever it is you manufacture, or if all none of the packers have made it into work? I'm sure I'm not the only one who had a 'head in hands' moment when I heard the announcement.

My personal view that the youngest children should shortly start back at school, with social distancing measures in place and many school staff wearing masks, is akin to child abuse. It’s crazy too. Choosing to send mere babes to school where they're going to have to avoid all the sorts of things they normally do (hold hands, pick noses, suck thumbs, plait one another’s hair etc) is crazy. They're going to be traumatised and no doubt the staff will suffer too - and that's without even considering the threat of catching Coronavirus. These children may well be bringing in infection from home via parents who are back at work. Are there special cleaning measures in place to keep everyone safe, I wonder? Somehow, I think not…



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Jan Hobbs

This Week's News

SOAPBOX: Covid-19 and PPE Equipment: Do they conform?

* Paul_Vectair.jpgPaul Wonnacot, managing director and president at Vectair Systems, writes:

Question: what do Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic and (amongst others) the UK have in common?
Answer: all have been duped into purchasing unsafe, non-conforming and dangerous Protective Safety Equipment (PPE) needed for essential workers in the fight against coronavirus.

The category winners of the Amsterdam Innovation Award 2020

* LIONSBOT.jpgThe first day of Interclean Amsterdam online, Innovation Day, revealed the category winners of the Amsterdam Innovation Awards 2020.

As the current pandemic is impacting the world and as the people become more focused on hygiene and cleaning, it has become even more crucial to highlight all the great developments and innovations in our industry.

Growth continues for Tidy Green Clean

* Tidy-Green-Clean.jpgTidy Green Clean, the environmentally-friendly cleaning business that operates on a franchise model, is continuing 2020 with its commitment to growth, with the appointment of two new regional directors, including its first in England. Alex McCarthy is the regional director for Northern England and Callum Cruickshank is regional director for Aberdeen West.

The business, positioning itself for further expansion this year, has recently had its three ISO certifications - ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for environmental and ISO 45001 for health and safety - renewed for a further three years.

Biosciences research company deals with bleach influx into water supply

* Genesis-Biosciences-bleach-in-wastewater.jpgAs members of the public 'reach for the bleach' to rid their homes of germs following the Covid-19 outbreak, an increasing amount of chemical-based products are making their way into the communal water supply, subsequently reducing the overall water quality.

Pioneering biosciences research company, Genesis Biosciences, has this week launched a new range of wastewater treatment (WWT) products, specifically designed to combat this issue following more than two years of research into specific micro-organisms.

WoolSafe ‘Panel of Experts’ webinars

* WOOLSAFE-WEB.jpgThe aim of the webinars is to help the businesses of professional cleaners - and WoolSafe members in particular - survive the Covid-19 crisis.

Recordings of webinars 1 and 2 are available and free to view:

Matrix Cleaning Systems - UK manufacturer supports frontline workers globally in fight against COVID 19

* MATRIX-WORKSHOP.jpgMatrix Cleaning Systems is a leading UK manufacturer of a complete range of steam machines manufactured in Leyland, Lancashire, and the company has stepped up to the mark to support frontline workers in the fight against COVID 19, all over the globe.

“We have seen the demand for steam cleaning machine technology increase dramatically - not only here in the UK, but through huge demand from overseas,” says company sales director, Mike Osiadacz.

Disinfectants - why reading the label is vitally important

* READ-THE-LABELS.jpgAs a manufacturer of the disinfectant Nemesis eH2O, Adrian Gee-Turner explains why it is necessary to read a disinfectant's label in order to determine whether it is suitable for the intended application.

Any one of us can walk in to a supermarket and purchase a disinfectant/sanitiser in the confident belief that this product will protect us and our family. However, there are a number of important issues that should be taken into consideration. For example, is that product effective on the target microorganisms? And how quickly does it kill them?

Vira-Care broad spectrum disinfectant-cleaner beats the bugs

* Vira-Care.jpgEN1276 tested under dirty conditions, GHS Direct’s Vira-Care broad spectrum disinfectant-cleaner is effective against E. Coli, MRSA, Enterococcus Hirae, Listeria, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Salmonella and Staphylococcus Aureus.

It has also been EN16777 tested (Vaccinia Virus Test) for effectiveness against Coronavirus, Hepatitis A,B,C, D, HIV, Influenza, Paramyxoviridae and was found to eliminate all enveloped viruses in the medical areas.

Interclean Amsterdam Innovation Awards: Measurable aftersales success with ToolSense

* Interclean-TOOLSENSE.jpgFor machine manufacturers and distributors, capturing the aftersales potential of their sold machines is an important source of revenue. ToolSense offers the necessary technology for this, combining a comprehensive platform (software) with smart sensors (hardware).

The measurable success of ToolSense customers speaks for itself: Up to 10% revenue increase per machine & up to 45% margin increase per machine. The platform makes life easier for end users too…

Clean Sweep works around the clock in Covid-19 battle

* Clean-Sweep-distancing.jpgOne South Wales cleaning company has pulled out all the stops to do its bit to help the nation's fight and the NHS's response to Covid-19.

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Recent UK News

New Master for the WCEC focuses on the fight against Coronavirus

* John-Shonfeld.jpg
The chairman of a business which has been repivoted to make hospital gowns for the NHS during the Coronavirus pandemic has been appointed as the new Master of the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners.

Mitie builds on environmental commitments by joining EP100

* mitie-van.jpg
Mitie has signed up to the EP100 commitment. By joining the initiative, Mitie has committed to double its energy productivity - measured by the amount of energy used per pound of revenue generated - over the next 25 years (from baseline year of FY18/19).

However, based on current targets to improve its energy productivity, Mitie anticipates meeting this goal significantly sooner.

Washrooms and the spread of Covid-19

* LOTY-logo.jpg
"You can also catch the virus if you touch a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touch your mouth, nose, or eyes".

The Coronavirus can live for hours to days on surfaces such as toilet cubicles, WCs, washbasins, hand-dryers and entrance door handles. How long it survives depends on the material the surface is made from.

Vinci Facilities’ Paul Cottam joins Mates in Mind Board of Trustees

* Vinci-Paul-Cottam.jpg
Mates in Mind recently appointed Paul Cottam, a director of Vinci Facilities, as a Trustee Board Member.

Industry body calls for all cleaners to be included in priority list for Coronavirus testing

* BCC-testing.jpg
The British Cleaning Council is calling for all cleaners to be to be included in the expanded first wave of testing for Coronavirus for 'essential workers' announced last week.

Coronavirus - the impact on the cleaning & hygiene supply chain

* Coronavirus.jpg
The Coronavirus is having a significant impact on the cleaning and hygiene supply sector, creating what is likely to be the most challenging environment members have ever experienced, says the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association.

A true war effort: Selden converts facility to maximise on production of anti-viral portfolio

* Selden-Lab.jpg
When the sheer scale of the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic became clear, companies in this industry were faced with a choice: ‘keep calm and carry on’ or join what has often been dubbed ‘the war effort’.

Prochem reports increased demand for Microsan

* Microsan.jpg
Due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Prochem Europe has seen increased demand for its D500 Microsan biocidal cleaner.

Originally developed in the 1980's for the HBV, HCV and HIV blood-borne viruses, the Microsan formulation is also effective against Coronavirus (Coronaviridae family including MERS-CoV) and is approved to EN14476 for use on hard washable surfaces.

Colleagues down tools as two cleaners at Ministry of Justice die from suspected Covid-19

* MoJ.jpg
United Voices of the World Union members at the Ministry of Justice walked off the job on Tuesday, International Workers Memorial Day, in response to two of their colleagues dying from suspected Covid-19.

The cleaners claim they have been forced to work throughout lockdown despite repeatedly complaining of inadequate PPE, to their employer OCS Group.

Lives of cleaners 'put at risk' due to lack of Coronavirus testing

* BCC-logos-2019.jpg
The lives of cleaners working on the frontline in the fight against Coronavirus are potentially being put at risk because they are not automatically entitled to testing, according to the industry body for the sector.

Coronavirus cleaning solutions from FM provider Samsic UK

* Coronavirus-Samsic.jpg
A Coronavirus Environmental Deep Clean programme has been launched by facilities services provider, Samsic UK.

Ecocleen targeting franchise network expansion following record levels of growth

Ecocleen, a leading commercial contract cleaning provider, is creating a host of new franchise opportunities within the UK following a record year in 2019, which saw the company grow by over a third.

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