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Biosciences research company deals with bleach influx into water supply

* Genesis-Biosciences-bleach-in-wastewater.jpgAs members of the public 'reach for the bleach' to rid their homes of germs following the Covid-19 outbreak, an increasing amount of chemical-based products are making their way into the communal water supply, subsequently reducing the overall water quality.

Pioneering biosciences research company, Genesis Biosciences, has this week launched a new range of wastewater treatment (WWT) products, specifically designed to combat this issue following more than two years of research into specific micro-organisms.

The environmentally responsible technology has been launched in the UK and Italy and will roll out across Europe and America throughout 2020. Available in a variety of blocks, powder and liquid products, Evogen WWT can be used in a wide range of applications across municipal and industrial water treatment systems.

Dr Chris Charles, Wastewater and Water Treatment specialist at Genesis Biosciences, explains: "The influx of harsh chemicals that we've seen entering our water supply increases the demands being placed on WWT systems, leading to reduced treatment effectiveness that can result in increased costs and time delays within the WWT plant.

"At Genesis, we study beneficial microbes in-depth using cutting edge genomic techniques to fully understand and characterise their properties and, in particular, the compounds they produce to degrade complex organic materials such as fats, oils and grease. Our highly-qualified team ferment naturally occurring, micro-organisms belonging to the Bacillus family and combine them with eco-benign technologies for maximum product effectiveness.

"All 15 of our Evogen WWT products are designed to address specific challenges encountered by the industrial and municipal WWT industries. We have used genomic techniques to identify and select individual Bacillus strains, and combined them to produce specific consortia to target a broad range of wastewater types ranging from municipal to demanding industrial effluents such as those generated from dairies, petrochemical plants and many more.

“All Bacillus strains within the range are safe and have a low potential for transmission of antimicrobial resistance. Each product type is supplied with a detailed technical datasheet outlining its use and limitations and expert technical support as standard.

"All our Evogen products use optimised, application-specific Bacillus strains which are combined with highly effective, proprietary environmentally friendly chemistry to provide unparalleled safe results in each application.”


14th May 2020

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