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International News

How to use a smartphone to detect Norovirus...

* Norovirus-detecting-smartphone.jpg
University of Arizona researchers have struck a balance between sensitivity and affordability, with a new method for identifying Norovirus - and you do not have to be a scientist or an engineer to run the device; analysis will be achieved automatically by a smartphone app, so all you have to worry about is loading a sample of water onto the chip.

Diarrhoea-causing C.diff bacteria adapts to improve spread in hospitals

* lab-pic.jpg
The gut-infecting bacterium Clostridium difficile is evolving into two separate species with one group highly adapted to spread in hospitals, according to new research published in Nature Genetics. Often found in hospital environments, C.diff forms resistant spores that allow it to remain on surfaces and spread easily between people, making it a significant burden on the healthcare system.

Easy-peazy, lemon squeezy: A new era of sanitary and sweet-smelling floor cleaning has arrived

* Lemon-Floor-Gel.jpg
Only scratching the surface with traditional gel cleaners? Put the zest back into your floor cleaning with Bio-Productions' Lemon Floor Gel!

Renowned UK chemicals manufacturer Bio Productions is getting rave reviews about this addition to its portfolio of environmentally-sympathetic alternatives to traditional harsh chemicals.

CMS Practice Forum 2019 - an overview

* CMS-Practice-Forum.jpg
A programme of practically oriented lectures, delivered by cleaning industry professionals and targeting professionals, will be taking place in Hall 6.2 in the Berlin Exhibition Grounds as part of CMS Berlin 2019 (20th - 27th September).

New head of Canadian sales for Kaivac

* Canadian-Kaivac.jpg
Kaivac, developer of the No-Touch Cleaning System and the OmniFlex Crossover cleaning system, has just hired Drew Bunn to be its Canadian director of sales.

ISSA's new 2020 board members announced

* ISSA-2020-board.jpg
ISSA Board members for 2020 have been announced. The Board will be led by incoming ISSA president Ken Bodie of Kelsan (pictured), and comprises:

* Vice president/president elect: Steve Lewis, Golden Star
* Executive officer: Brendan Cherry, Bobrick Washroom Equipment
* Manufacturer director: Christine Vickers Tucker, Clorox Professional Products
* Distributor director: Ailene Grego, Southeast Link
* Director Canada: Amir Karim, Polykar

China's waste ban creates growth opportunities for circular economy in developed countries

* China-waste-ban.jpg
Following China's ban on solid waste, including plastics, hardware, ships, scraps of stainless steel, titanium and wood, countries are considering localised circular economy for domestic waste recycling needs, reports Frost & Sullivan, which says that the plastic recycling market is especially likely to experience high growth due to investments in new technologies, driving the $37.60 billion market towards $39.89 billion in 2019.

UV-Clean unit demonstrated its ability to eliminate 99.99% of C. diff and MRSA

* Proximity-Systems-UV.jpg
Proximity Systems has released the results from recent NSF International testing that demonstrates the efficacy of the company's UV light disinfection unit, UV-Clean.

Emitting low-intensity ultraviolet C light, UV-Clean eliminates 99.99% of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Clostridioides difficile (C. diff) endospores from keyboards.

Bog Standards: survey reveals importance of washroom design in hospitality sector

* Bog-Standards.jpg
Washrooms leave a lasting impression, reveals a new survey and report on the UK public's attitudes towards washrooms in hospitality establishments.

Formica Group commissioned the report to better understand what makes a bathroom good or bad, asking 2,000 respondents for their most common toilet bugbears and their best and worst experiences. The report also includes top tips for designing the perfect washroom.

Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit: key lessons

* Sustainable-cleaning-summit.jpg
The North American edition of the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit took place in New York in July. Senior executives discussed pressing sustainability issues facing the detergents & homecare industry. Some of the key points made were...

International Safety Awards 2020 are launched; new categories added

* International-Safety-Awards-launched.jpg
For the 2020 edition of the International Safety Awards, the British Safety Council has launched new categories of Awards to celebrate the achievements of individuals and organisations that campaign to transform health, safety and wellbeing.

Visible light disinfection technology can be used within general lighting systems

* SpectraClean.jpg
Lighting innovation specialist, Hubbell Lighting, has commercially launched a series of visible light disinfection SpectraClean luminaires.

Based around developments in the disciplines of lighting science and microbiology, they combine white and narrowband 405 nanometer (nm) visible light to meet ambient and task lighting requirements, while providing a continuous, unobtrusive disinfection option for commercial applications.

Ultimate washroom style in three easy steps

* Modulo.jpg
Dudley Industries has launched a new modular 'Behind the Mirror' hand hygiene solution to its global washroom offering. Modulo is a new cabinet system that provides a flexible and easy-to-install solution for stylish washrooms.

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We're running a Soapbox piece this week which echoes the sentiment I've often expressed in these Leaders: the need for consistency when it comes to our recycling abilities and procedures and better labelling so we can easily see what can and cannot be recycled.

I say abilities because I'm aware that what can be recycled in some areas cannot be recycled in others; something I find most odd. Procedures? Well, one might be forgiven for thinking that councils have banded together to make kerbside collection procedures as confusing as possible for residents who move house, for short-term visitors or those who perhaps, have to take responsibility for sorting someone else's waste in a different borough - such as carers, for example. Some councils allow a combination of paper and card, some like white paper separated out, some let you add cans to the mix while others like cans and glass jars/bottles together but separated from paper and card. Business waste seems to be treated completely differently from household waste even within the same borough. Even if it were to be treated the same, a workforce comprising staff from other boroughs would create sorting errors because of the current inconsistencies. Is it like this in other countries I wonder or is it just a UK thing?

I'm drawing attention to this Soapbox piece because when John and I set up Cleanzine some 18 years ago I was working with the UK's local authority group the Association of Building Cleaning Direct Service Providers and was given permission to use the database to build our circulation (long before the Data Protection Act!). I'm hoping that every one of these people will read the piece. Obviously our readership has been regularly updated to reflect changes and I know we have most, if not all, of the UK's local authorities on our circulation as well as huge numbers carrying out similar roles in the 163 countries in which Cleanzine is received. This is of concern to all of you as well as people like me who are affected by any decisions made.

One of the things the ABCD was so good at was sharing best practice and warning of things that hadn't worked well. And while I'm delighted that EU Circular Economy Legislation is being transposed into UK law, the way we tackle waste is such an important subject that we all need to work together on this. We must share ideas, best practice and procedures as much as we can on a global level, rather than just locally. Don't you agree?



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Jan Hobbs

This Week's News

Soapbox: Going 'All In' on the Resource & Waste Strategy

* Soapbox-waste-strategy.jpgWill Keer, corporate account director, SWRnewstar, argues that the Deposit Return and the Extended Producer Responsibility schemes will be far more successful if careful thought is put into their design and implementation and that consistency is key...

"Now that the first round of Government consultations on the Resource & Waste Strategy is complete, and the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DeFRA) has published its responses, we've taken a big step forward towards implementing significant change in how waste is managed in the UK.

Jangro launches Enviro water soluble sachets

* JANGRO-SOLUBLE-SACHET.jpgJangro, the UK and Ireland's largest network of independent janitorial suppliers, has extended its Enviro range with innovative cleaning and sanitising products housed in 'smarter' packaging - water soluble sachets.

Specially designed to minimise landfill burden and reduce the use of plastic by avoiding the use of traditional plastic bottles, the sachets are 100% biodegradable and phosphate free and they offer many other benefits:

Social enterprise Beco wants you to steal its staff

* Beco.jpgBeco, the social enterprise soap brand, is taking a new approach to business, calling on competitors and UK employers to take a stand when it comes to recruitment.

An impressive 80% of Beco's workforce is visually impaired, disabled or disadvantaged - Beco wants to show big corporations the value and skillset in every person by encouraging employers to follow suit and see workability, not disability.

Bunzl Canada opens new distribution facility in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec

* Bunzl-Canada.jpgBunzl Canada has announced the opening of a new, state-of-the-art distribution centre in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec.

The company's previous investments in the province have included the acquisition of sanitation supply businesses Emballages Maska and Plus II Sanitation, which now operate under the R3 Redistribution brand banner.

Cintas's Restroom Finder App helps users avoid 'stinky stalls' when nature calls

* Cintas-Restroom-Finder.jpgAs Summer winds down and students head back to school, Cintas is reminding everyone about its free mobile restroom-finder app, 'Got to Go', which allows users to find washrooms in their vicinity and rate them based on cleanliness.

"People say there's only two things for certain in life, but we know of a third; the need to use the restroom," says John Engel, director of marketing, Cintas Corporation. "With more than half of Americans finding it difficult to locate a clean restroom while on the road, we hope to give travelers some added relief by helping them find not only a nearby restroom, but a clean one."

ISSA appoints Dennis Goodwin business development manager for UK, Ireland and Middle East

* Dennis-Goodwin_ISSA.jpgISSA has announced the appointment of Dennis Goodwin as its new education and certification business development manager. Dennis will be responsible for the development, marketing and sales of ISSA training, certification, and education programmes in the UK, Ireland and the Middle East.

Reporting to Manuela D'Agata, ISSA's international education and certification director, Dennis joins the Association's international education and certification team, which also includes Alexandra Adams, international programme coordinator. His appointment reflects ISSA's efforts to further build education and certification services such as the Cleaning Industry Management Standard programme and various training opportunities across the globe. Dennis will operate out of a home office in the UK.

London-based CleanCloud named 2019 SaaS Awards winner

* CleanCloud-2019-SaaS-winner.jpgLondon-based CleanCloud, which serves 5,000 users in more than 70 countries, has been named the Best SaaS Product for Small Non-US Businesses in the 2019 SaaS Awards.

CleanCloud, the point-of-sale software solution which transforms dry cleaners and laundromats by giving them the digital infrastructure they need to streamline their processes and procedures, beat competition from the likes of rankingCoach and Applauz to come top in its category.

FSA publishes latest annual report on local authority food law enforcement

* FSA-report.jpgThe Food Standards Agency has published official statistics on food law enforcement by local authorities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland for the year ending March 2019. The information, provided by local authorities and compiled by the FSA, gives a detailed breakdown of enforcement activities carried out across the three countries.

The new data shows that across the three countries:

Prolong lifespan of commercial kitchen appliances with proper cleaning

* Commercial-kitchen.jpgBeckie Hatton, product manager at Home Appliance Care, shares her top tips for cleaning commercial kitchen appliances to improve their lifespan.

"Whether it's a restaurant, bar, or hotel, ensuring appliances are properly cared for and maintained is vital, both for longevity and health & safety. To ensure that a commercial kitchen is kept at the highest levels of hygiene, it's important that the correct cleaning procedures and followed. Over time, grease and dirt will naturally begin to accumulate on ovens, refrigerators and extraction units. If allowed to build up, they can become a fire and health risk. I'm going to explain how best to clean each of the main commercial appliances.

NIC continues to strengthen relationship with Sainsbury's

* NIC-Sainsburys.jpgNIC Services Group has been awarded a new multi-million pound contract of additional business with supermarket chain Sainsbury's.

This additional business is the award of further stores across the UK, further cementing NIC's already strong and growing partnership with Sainsbury's.

New guide to water system disinfection: Protecting the sectors where clean water matters

* Water-system-guide.jpgThe WCS Group has launched a new guide to water-based disinfection control, highlighting the different methods of preventing bacterial proliferation and their pros and cons; ideal for facilities managers, building services and health & safety professionals responsible for safe water used in processes, as part of HVAC systems, process and potable water.

Suitable for a range of sectors where clean water matters, the guide covers options for healthcare, food & beverage, leisure and hospitality, manufacturing and more.

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Recent UK News

It pays to keep those floors and steps clean and dry...

* It-pays.jpg
We worry so much about employee safety that we tend to forget just how much money is paid out to non-employees who may slip & injure themselves on a spillage that hasn't been cleaned up. In news that broke just after our last Cleanzine had been broadcast, the BBC carried a story about a commuter who had been awarded £27,602 for a 'possible pigeon poo slip' at London's Paddington station.

Birmingham University researchers say new antimicrobial coating could be key in fight against HAIs

* Birmingham-research.jpg
Scientists at the University of Birmingham have created an antimicrobial coating for steel surfaces which has proven to rapidly kill bacteria that cause some of the most common hospital-acquired infections.

Genting casino site uses smart technology to save 1.5 million litres of water annually

* Genting-casino.jpg
For businesses with large property sites, there are many concerns when it comes to the day-to-day running of buildings. From planned refurbishments and maintenance to cleaning contracts and energy use, each cost needs to be optimised and balanced against customer experience.

Banner Chemicals UK adds Northern Powerhouse Export Champions Award to Queen's Award for International Trade

* Banner-Chemicals.jpg
Banner Chemicals UK, a member of 2M Holdings group, has this year been given both the Queen's Award for International Trade and the Northern Powerhouse Export Champions Award, by UK Government's Department for International Trade - in recognition of significant export growth.

Breckland fly tipper and illegal waste carrier face fines

* Breckland-fly-tipper.jpg
Breckland Council is showing residents it expects them to adhere to waste regulations by issuing fixed penalties to two men who broke the law; one of whom was fined £300 for illegally dumping waste in Thetford while the other was fined £300 for illegally collecting household scrap metal and storing it in a residential car park.

Winners of the CHSA's 2019 Undergraduate Bursary announced

* Winners-CHSA-bursary.jpg
Two talented and hard-working young people - Maisey Woodisse and Timothy Young - have been named as the recipients of the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association's 2019 Undergraduate Bursaries.

Dog mess enforcement action stepped up in London

* Dog-mess-enforcement.jpg
As part of the Cleaner Havering campaign, the authorities stepped up enforcement action around the disposal of dog mess and reiterated strongly that residents are required to pick up after their pets.

Mitie launches dedicated careers portal specifically for veterans seeking a new career in FM

Mitie is furthering its commitment to veterans, reservists and families of those working in the armed forces, by launching a series of new initiatives focused on supporting these employees and pledging to recruit more individuals from the armed forces community into the facilities management profession.

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