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International News

Cleaning equipment market showing 'above-inflation' growth for 2018

* Cleaning-equipment-market.jpg
A new report on the commercial cleaning equipment market from MTW Research has found that sales are exhibiting above inflation growth in 2018, though cleaning manufacturers and distributors face several challenges and shifting product trends.

Amsterdam: the perfect place to become certified!

* ISSA-Boost.jpg

ISSA is aiming to get you certified during next month’s Interclean exhibition in Amsterdam. ISSA's Cleaning Management Institute will be hosting two training courses at the Rai exhibition centre:

Matrix expands network

* Matrix-expands-network.jpg
Having recently acquired Matrix Cleaning Systems' previous Australian distributor, Abco Products has become the steam cleaning machine specialist's new distributor. With locations in Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, Abco can provide national coverage.

Eco-responsible cleaning products receive impressive endorsement

* Eco-responsible-products.jpg
Hydros Solutions International's ECO.3 range of eco-responsible cleaning products has been awarded top spot by The Good Shopping Guide in its assessment of ethical companies and products.

"This is great news for our customers as they now have a third-party review confirming our products are indeed safe, non-toxic and ethically produced," says the company's Brent Dunleavey.

Waxie guides school to a sustainable waste diversion program

* Waxie-recycling-guides-Beulah.jpg
In a joint effort, EcoSafe national manager Jason Sanders, EcoSafe regional program manager Daniel Redick, and Waxie senior account consultant Jeff Kothe, worked alongside school staff to drive sustainability efforts at Beulah Payne TK-6 Elementary School in Inglewood, California. The partnership successfully eliminated waste through student education and streamlined waste management.

Hero Wipes to launch new bloodborne pathogen antiseptic wipes for EMS providers

* Hero-Wipes.jpg
The Hero Wipes brand has expanded its product line to tackle another threat faced by first responders: bloodborne pathogens.

With the launch of Hero Wipes EMS, first responders now have a wipe that effectively cleans and kills 99.9% of germs to reduce the risk of infection that bloodborne pathogens present. And, of course, if they are good for first responders, they are good for anyone who risks coming into contact with someone else's blood - such as cleaners.

Waxie Sanitary Supply names executive vice president

* Waxie_exec-vp.jpg
Waxie Sanitary Supply has announced the promotion of Mike Midas to executive vice president for the Northern California, Pacific Northwest and Colorado regions.

Tissue & Hygiene Market Industry Trends & Outlook 2018, just released

The newly-released Global Tissue & Hygiene Market Research Report 2018 provides strategists, marketers and senior management with the critical information they need to assess the global tissue and hygiene sector.

Along with strategically analysing the key micro markets, the report also focuses on industry-specific drivers, restraints, opportunities and challenges in the tissue and hygiene market.

New software reduces cleaning rounds from 90 to 68 per day at Unilever HQ

* New-software.jpg
Opened in 2009, Unilever's headquarters in Germany is a striking feature in Hamburg's newly redeveloped harbour district. With offices and public areas, washroom visitor numbers can be as high as 5,000 on a weekday.

Kimberly-Clark announces strategic investment in its Mobile, Alabama Mill

Kimberly-Clark Corporation has approved a capacity expansion project at its Mobile, Alabama manufacturing facility that will support K-C Professional's continued bath tissue category growth in North America.

"The Mobile team is excited about the role we will play in supporting the projected growth of the bath tissue category in North America as a result of this capacity expansion project," says Todd Visscher, mill manager for Kimberly-Clark 's Mobile operations. "This investment, the commitment of our employees, and the community support will together bolster Mobile Mill's competitive position within Kimberly-Clark."

Students launch self-cleaning fish tanks - using coconuts

* coconut-cleaning-fish-tank.jpg
Two French entrepreneurs are revolutionising fish tanks with a product that uses half a recycled coconut and means an aquarium rarely has to be cleaned, having starting their business CocoPlant while studying at Université Paris-Saclay.

ISSA Oceania announces leadership change & staffing expansion

* ISSA-Oceania.jpg
The Oceania division of ISSA is preparing for a change in leadership. Kim Taranto, ISSA Oceania manager, is passing the mantle to Lauren Micallef, effective tomorrow. The move comes as Kim takes her leave to pursue a new career opportunity and Lauren - a dynamic executive who has risen through the ranks of product and business marketing, leading teams and launching nationwide programs in Australia - will likely prove a worthy successor.

No - not a bad back; just making aqueous ozone

* TomCat-MCS.jpg
TC Cleaning machines is the exclusive UK importer for the TomCat range of floor cleaning equipment. Built in America on the banks of Lake Michigan, these machines are supplied by some 300 distributors in over 36 countries and we were impressed with the fact that the machine pictured here makes its own aqueous ozone as it goes along.


* Eco-Depo-MCS.jpg
Thomas Fairbairn EcoDepo's general manager Rory McAlinden had a lot to show off on the stand and we were really impressed with the clever thinking behind the many different waste and recycling bins on display.

Rotowash: proven technology still going strong

* Rotowash-MCS.jpg
John and I both know Rotowash from our earliest days in the industry and we were pleased to learn that nothing much as changed with this popular technology, apart from "a few tweaks" as we were told. Well - as the saying goes: "I it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

Mira: delivering miracles?

* Lincoln-MCS.jpg
We loved the manoeuvrability of this piece of equipment, which as well as being able to clean efficiently in and around fixtures and low furniture thanks to its handle which can adopt just about any angle, was extremely light and easy to handle, as sales manager Simon Jackson ably demonstrated.

We weren't the only ones who'd been impressed by the Mira... Simon told us that the team had already taken 10 'really good' enquiries - and the show had only been open for about four hours!

Muck Muncher!

* Muck-Muncher-MCS.jpg
Sure Chemicals designs, manufactures and supplies a full range of high quality products for industrial, commercial and domestic applications. Established in 1983, its success is based on its flexibility in the manufacture of products to suit specific needs and quantity requirements.

Touchless technology cleans wet areas, carpet and upholstery

* Prochem-Touchless.jpg
Prochem Europe is showcasing its new touchless cleaning technology for washrooms and other wet areas that also can be used on carpet and upholstery.

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In recent weeks both John Austen and I have done a lot of travelling between southern Kent, the West Dorset coast, Manchester and many roads in between, and we've been disgusted by all the potholes. We're agreed that my home town, Epsom, seems to be the winner in pothole numbers, size and depth, and although I rarely see John display anything akin to road rage, I could tell he was far from happy when driving through Epsom recently.

One in my road repaired five months ago has already failed, with vehicles pebble-dashing innocent bystanders at the nearby bus stop, with chunks of gravel and - with the weather the way it's been - filthy rainwater. The hole's getting deeper; when it isn't waterlogged, you can no longer see the bottom of it from the path. When traffic allows I generally drive straddled across the centre line to avoid the holes. Mind you - holes isn't perhaps the best way to describe them and I'm wondering whether Epsom is starting to form its own Rift Valley.

* Titanic-pothole.jpg
When I can't straddle two lanes, I weave around like a drunk driver. I'm not the only one either and it's clearly dangerous. Aware of a survey carried out into driver behaviour and thoughts regarding potholes, I came across 'The RAC Guide to the Great British Pothole and Other Road Surface Defects' which had me chuckling with its pictures and descriptions of the various types of potholes, such as 'alligator', 'slalom' and 'moonscape'. It ended up in a real belly-laugh when I reached 'The Windermere'. Yes - I know the one! It's not really funny though, is it?

It's soul-destroying enough to have to sit in traffic for hours on end - particularly if you have to do it on the same stretch of road, five days a week, but to find that when you are actually moving, you're lurching around on unkempt road surfaces and into their depths... well - what if you have a lorry load of expensive cleaning equipment in the back of your van? Then there's the danger of unloading everything and going over on your ankle down a pothole and perhaps unwittingly damaging what you're carrying. I'd love to know, have you had/made any complaints about damaged goods/vehicles as a result of potholes and if so, what was the local council's reaction if you passed the complaint to them?

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Jan Hobbs

This Week's News

Guernsey to pilot 'pay as you throw' waste collection service next year

* Guernsey.jpgIn just under 18 months' time, Guernsey Council will become the first in the British Isles to start collecting waste on a 'pay as you throw' basis.

Collection arrangements for all island households will change from September this year, when new collections are introduced for food waste and glass recycling.

Not Just Cleaning learning how to work safely and effectively

* Not-Just-Cleaning.jpgNJC continually strives to ensure that employees are not harmed by the work that they do and to achieve this, the company applies industry best practice wherever it exists. However, the risks presented by some activities are not always fully understood and Reach & Wash cleaning is one such activity.

Although Reach & Wash avoids working at height, and therefore the risk of falling, it does involve manual handling of long and unwieldy poles. While NJC applies safe practice, the true extent of the risks is not fully understood at present.

Salisbury group gets global award for outstanding innovation

* Salisbury-group.jpgSalisbury Group, the national facilities management and maintenance company, has been named winner of the Outstanding Innovation category at the 2018 Global Business Excellence Awards.

The Outstanding Innovation Award recognises the transformational improvements achieved by Salisbury Group in moving its safety and incident reporting process from paper to an app-based system. The change has reduced average incident reporting times from 15 minutes to 90 seconds and has provided a 50% saving in back-of-house administration. It has also improved report completion rates from 40% to 100% and has been very popular with Salisbury Group's employees, who can access the system from any mobile or tablet device.

Hunt for CHSA's 2018 Undergraduate Scholars begins

* CHSA-Bursary.jpgThe Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association has launched the search for its 2018 Undergraduate Scholars; at least two will be awarded this year.

The CHSA has further committed to awarding at least two new bursaries every year for the next five years. The sons and daughters of CHSA members, who on 1st September 2018 will be 18 years or over and commencing their higher education studies this year, are eligible to apply.

When the London Science Museum's steam exhibits needed a clean...

* London-Science-Museum.jpgWhen managers at the London Science Museum in Kensington decided that the museums many steam exhibits needed a good regular clean, they came to the conclusion that the most appropriate method for this was steam cleaning.

After much deliberation, they decided on the Steam Clean Systems SC3000 Industrial Steam Cleaner as the best steam cleaner for their needs.

Anniversary milestone for cleaning company's star supervisor

* Bio-Productions-anniversary-milestone.jpgA star supervisor from Bio-Productions has reached a milestone achievement with the cleaning company this month.

Olga Cepukoit-Kulmatytska is celebrating 10 years since she joined the business, which manufactures environmentally-friendly cleaning products for professional, janitorial and industrial use, after moving to England from Lithuania in 2008.

Laundry specialist boosts Irish sales team as business booms

* Laundry-specialist.jpgCommercial laundry specialist Christeyns, has appointed Victor Kiely, from Cork, as a technical account manager to strengthen its Irish team, which is headed up by Jerry O'Brien, operations manager, Ireland.

Victor (pictured) will be field based and will provide support across all of Ireland. He is currently undertaking a six-week induction course at Christeyns' head office in Bradford, UK.

ISS Australia wins award for healthcare innovation

* ISS-Australia-wins-award.jpgISS Australia has won the healthcare category of the Australian FM Innovations Award for introducing a real-time patient feedback tablet. It won the award for the introduction of a tablet-based survey that provides instant patient feedback regarding the cleanliness of the environment at Northern Health sites across Victoria, Australia.

The easy-to-use tablet allows patients to give real-time feedback from their beds, enabling ISS to quickly address any potential problems. The innovation was implemented to improve the quality of cleaning services, as well as the patients' perception of room cleanliness and their overall hospital experience.

Self-cleaning surfaces create new revenue and higher margins for cleaning companies

* Self-cleaning-surfaces.jpgThe battle for cleaner, healthier facilities is getting a surprising boost from self-cleaning surfaces being embraced by commercial cleaners around the globe. And while these surfaces are providing cleaner places to live, work and play for the general public, they are also helping to reverse the commoditisation of cleaning services and increase margins for cleaning companies.

SAO water offers solution for cleaning without chemicals

* SAO.jpgWecovi recently established an international cooperation with Tersano - the company that offers an ingenious cleaning system that turns mains water into stabilised ozone water. This replaces all daily cleaning chemicals, is more powerful and has a cleaning and sanitising effect lasting 24 hours. This system fits in perfectly with a CSR cleaning policy.

The system consists of a lotus Pro dispenser and a SAO-24 cartridge. The cartridge is a stabilisation module filtering lime and minerals out of the cold mains water. The lotus Pro dispenser filters oxygen out of the air. Electric current turns the oxygen into ozone, which is added to the stable water. The mains water has now been transformed into ozone water, available from the lotus Pro dispenser for immediate use.

'Pollen bomb' explosion affecting human and HVAC health

* Pollen-bomb.jpgWith the misery of hayfever in full swing, John Grenville from ECEX asks: "Are your building's filtration systems equipped to deal with the season's 'pollen bomb' - a natural phenomenon that causes hay fever and has the potential to reduce the efficiency of plant such as air handling units, chillers and air conditioning equipment?

"Changes in the weather are behind this 'pollen bomb' caused by the simultaneous release from millions of birch, plane and oak trees," he explains.

SwipeSense acquires mobile application for recording hand hygiene observations

* SwipeSense-Acquires.jpgSwipeSense, a Chicago-based healthcare technology company, announced this week the acquisition of iScrub Lite, a leading mobile application for hand hygiene observation. Originally conceived and developed by the Computational Epidemiology Research Group at the University of Iowa, iScrub Lite was launched to simplify the time-consuming and error-prone process of recording hand hygiene observations and sharing the results with healthcare professionals.

As part of its commitment to helping hospitals save more lives, SwipeSense reached an agreement with the University of Iowa to take ownership of iScrub Lite and will now be responsible for maintaining and ensuring the free application remains available to the infection control community.

What do the worlds five largest brands have in common?

* Whiffaway.jpgBesides being well-known names, engines of economic growth and drivers of social change, the answer is less obvious. All five brands rely on WhiffAway Group to deliver waterless urinal technology to reduce water consumption and embedded energy usage within their buildings, thus significantly cutting costs in the process.

Based on proven commercial, environmental and operational savings, waterless urinals do not cost organisations or institutions anything. In fact, when implemented and maintained correctly, they are a net contributor in every way. A few facts to consider... A standard flushing urinal wastes up to 40,000 gallons of potable water per urinal per annum. In 2010, there were 54 million urinals in the world and rising (for example nine million in the US and two million in the UK).

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Recent UK News

UK businesses make world-leading pact to tackle plastic pollution

* UK-plastics-pact.jpg
Unnecessary single-use plastic packaging will be a thing of the past as businesses sign up to a world-first pact, which aims to transform the plastic packaging system in the UK and keep plastic in the economy and out of the ocean.

The UK Plastics Pact, launched today by sustainability expert WRAP, is a unique collaboration which brings together businesses from across the entire plastics value chain with UK governments and NGOs to tackle the scourge of plastic waste.

Changing roles and responsibilities within British Cleaning Council announced

* BCC-changing-roles.jpg
The British Cleaning Council, which represents over 20 national trade and membership associations linked to the UK's cleaning, hygiene and waste management sectors, has officially welcomed several new Council member representatives.

Legal to work here?

* uCcomply.jpg
How often do employers of all sizes check if applicants have the right to work here, and how failsafe are their methods? With fines of £20,000 per illegal worker or imprisonment for the employer looming and over 8,400 producers of fake documents in Europe, it is easy for a busy recruiter to miss one fake, using traditional methods.

Salisbury Group sets Gold Standard

* Salisbury-Group.jpg
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has awarded facilities services provider Salisbury Group, a prestigious Gold Award for excellence in health & safety practices. The Award recognises Salisbury Group's high level of performance, well-developed occupational health & safety management systems and culture, outstanding control of risk and very low levels of error, harm and loss.

Are you ISO 45001 ready?' Embrace change now to help spearhead workplace safety

* ISO-45001-ready.jpg
With workplace safety presenting one the biggest challenges for modern industry, global certification firm Bureau Veritas is urging businesses to take up the mantel and ensure they are 'ISO 45001 compliant' ahead of time in order to help improve standards for all.

Weltec Biopower expands plant lineup in Northern Ireland

* Weltec-Biopower.jpg
German biogas specialist weltec biopower is currently building three anaerobic digestion plants in Northern Ireland. All three 500KW plants will shortly be completed and will go live in Summer 2018. Two of them are being set up in County Antrim in north-east Northern Ireland. Another plant is being built in Benburb in County Tyrone. Thus, Weltec will soon account for nine of a total of about 40 biogas plants in Northern Ireland.

Greyland by name - but very colourful by nature!

* Greyland-colourful-trailer.jpg
A colourful new fleet of long haul trailers has been delivered to Greyland, reflecting on the company's standing as one of Britain's leading independent cleaning chemical manufacturers.

Manchester Cleaning Show exceeds 2016 debut

Last week's Manchester Cleaning Show has exceeded its 2016 debut, with 27% more exhibitors, 40% more floor-space and higher visitor numbers, reports the British Cleaning Council, which co-produces the event with Quartz Business Media. Held again at Event City in Trafford, the 2018 show attracted over 2,400 visitors - nearly 5% up on the first North West show in 2016.

Industry giants to become UK and Ireland's largest supplier of cleaning & hygiene products

* Industry-giant.jpg
Diversey and Zenith Hygiene Group have announced the completion of the transaction by Bain Capital Private Equity which will combine the two companies, creating the UK and Ireland's largest manufacturer and supplier of cleaning and hygiene products.

I know my place

* Greyland-lineup.jpg
Visitors of a certain age to the recent Manchester Cleaning Show could be forgiven for doubling up with laughter as they passed the Greyland stand.

FSA trials new technology for remote monitoring of food businesses

* FSA-trials-new-tech.jpg
New digital technology that is increasingly used by food businesses to manage hygiene practices could soon also be used to help environmental health officers monitor food businesses in real time, enabling them to detect food safety problems sooner and improve protection for the public.

Cleaning businesses need to take a systematic approach to support sustainable growth

* Systematic-approach.jpg
A lack of standardisation and business process is a clear barrier to building a valuable contract cleaning company according to Paul Ridden, CEO of SmartTask.

Principle awarded The Office Group contract

* Principle_Henry-Wood-House.jpg
Principle Cleaning Services has been awarded a new two-year cleaning services contract with The Office Group (TOG), a leading provider of flexible office space, meeting and co-working spaces.

Greyland: moving toward sustainability

* Greyland-MCS.jpg
Greyland Chemicals' Richard Dyson told us that as part of its continuous strategy to be the 'best in class' in its market sector, it has been working with its bottle supply partner Alpla UK to develop and implement sustainable bottle packaging.

As a result, Alpla is shortly to introduce recycled polymer packaging to the industrial chemicals cleaning sector.

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