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When the London Science Museum's steam exhibits needed a clean...

* London-Science-Museum.jpgWhen managers at the London Science Museum in Kensington decided that the museums many steam exhibits needed a good regular clean, they came to the conclusion that the most appropriate method for this was steam cleaning.

After much deliberation, they decided on the Steam Clean Systems SC3000 Industrial Steam Cleaner as the best steam cleaner for their needs.

As engineers that understand all aspects of steam generation, they liked the very large volume of super-heated, adjustable steam delivered by the SC3000, which is enough to degrease and clean the exhibits and their surroundings quickly and efficiently.

Another feature that really impressed was the Steam Clean Systems impressive self-descaling boiler, which with London's very hard water, makes this range of steam cleaners up to 70% more reliable than other machines.

The single-phase SC3000 has all the power and capacity to meet the most demanding industrial jobs. It produces steam at a pressure of 8 bar with an enormous volume of four Kg/hr. Its 10-litre water reservoir gives it over three hours' continuous running time on one top up.

It also has detergent injection to speed things up when enormous amounts of dirt need to be tackled, and an enormous 23-litre, 1300W vacuum to take care of it.

The SC3000 also has a pressure water facility which is incredibly useful when a surface needs rinsing or for extraction cleaning.

Using very little water with no harsh chemicals, the SC 3000 utilises the latest steam technology and thus provides maximum standards of cleaning and hygiene with minimum environmental impact.

All the company's steam cleaners have copper boilers with external heating elements which are not only explosion proof but in hard water areas they are not affected by limescale. Even when used for eight hours per day, the machines don't suffer from limescale problems as they all have a patented method of cleaning out the boiler which takes just five minutes a month.

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3rd May 2018

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