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International News

IICRC opens nominations for two prestigious industry awards

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification is seeking nominations for the Cy Gantt Award and Keith Williams Award. The Cy Gantt Award recognises special contributions to the industries served by the IICRC, while the Keith Williams Award recognises a significant technical contribution to the science of inspection, cleaning & restoration. The deadline for nominations is 15th August.

What a gum busting line up!

* gum-busting-line-up.jpg
The world's first battery operated steam machine for removing chewing gum continues to take the world by storm...

OspreyDeepclean's increasing international orders for multiple units are ready and waiting to be shipped from the production line straight to the company's distributors.

New research on preventing the spread of norovirus

* Nororvirus.jpg
The Food Standards Agency has published research carried out by Ipsos MORI, Food handlers and norovirus transmission: 'Social science insights'. 

This study aimed to help stop the 'Winter vomiting bug' norovirus from spreading, by understanding and improving food handler behaviours.

CMS 2017 Berlin jury nominates 17 PIA finalists

* CMS-jury.jpg
The eight members of the jury have nominated 17 entries for the final round of the CMS Purus Innovation Awards (PIA), which have now adopted a new focus.

Mechanised cleaning welcomed at Hubballi railway station

* Mechanised-cleaning.jpg
Complaints about the cleanliness of platforms and railway tracks at Hubballi Railway Station are likely to dwindle in the coming days, with the introduction of advanced cleaning machines for the work.

IICRC announces presenter lineup for technical conference

* IICRC-tech-conference.jpg
The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification has announced a dynamic lineup of presentations and speakers for its second-annual technical conference taking place 9th - 11th August in Big Sky, Montana.

Manufacturers help infection control experts make sense of FDA rules on antiseptic ingredients

* Manufacturers-help.jpg
The American Cleaning Institute is helping infection control experts better understand the process and possible results from pending US Food & Drug Administration decisions on the safety and effectiveness of certain active ingredients used in healthcare antiseptics in early 2018.

Revolutionary new P-Wave urinal screen shows the shape of things to come in washroom hygiene

* New_P-Wave.jpg
P-Wave has launched its latest innovation in air freshening/deodorising technology. The Hex 3D is a 30-day urinal air freshener that, because of the new hexagon shape, has a better fit by folding into any size of urinal.

Dealing with potential Norovirus incidents in restaurants

* Dealing-with-potential-norovirus.jpg
People getting sick in restaurants is a fact of life. Because we must assume that the ill person has Norovirus, restaurant owners and cleaning professionals should take proper actions to help prevent the spread of the disease.

Cromwell Polythene's antimicrobial bin liners prove popular in Austria

* Cromwell-Polythene.jpg
A large order for Cromwell Polythene's new Sansafe 30 litre hygienic anti-microbial bin liners has been dispatched to Austria for use in washrooms throughout the capital, Vienna. A total of 90 of Sansafe 30 litre liners cases consisting of 900 rolls, or 22,500 bags, was sent.

Latest Sapphire largest jewel in the crown

* Prochem-Sapphire.jpg
Five years post-launch and Prochem Europe celebrates the introduction of the Sapphire range with its latest variant: the ultimate in high-pressure truck mounted cleaning technology.

Stepan to acquire Mexican surfactant production facility and part of its surfactant business

* Stepan.jpg
Stepan Company, through a subsidiary in Mexico, has reached an agreement with BASF Mexicana to acquire its surfactant production facility in Ecatepec, Mexico, and a portion of its associated surfactants business.

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It takes a lot to make me cross, but sat in a long queue of cars with a boot-full of garden waste needing to be dumped at my local civic amenity tip, is not a way I like to spend a hot sunny day. I’d not expected it to be busy either, since it was late morning, mid-week… most people would have been at work.

The hold-up was partly caused because of the stringent checks made by the ‘gate-man’ to ensure we were indeed locals and that we were not dumping waste that we shouldn’t be. I can recall thinking that I’d had an easier time getting into some of the old Eastern bloc countries before Perestroika… It turned out that as well as the checks, he was handing out leaflets about a public consultation on reducing the tip’s opening hours.

The idea is, that the tip is shut completely for two days a week and that opening hours are further reduced. Other, smaller Surrey tips are earmarked for closure, meaning more people than ever, are going to be trying to dump waste at my local tip, which is to have its open hours drastically cut.

It used to be open until 20:00 in Summer. It was open every day apart from Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. Now it shuts at 16:00. Who amongst us (who doesn’t work from home) can join the queue that early in the day?

So – more traffic travelling further across the county, polluting our environment, and more time spent by residents sitting in queues, hoping they’ll get to the front before the gates are shut. Oh yes – and more illegal dumping, blighting our countryside.

And this is happening all over the country, as councils try to reduce costs…

I spoke to one of the workers inside the dump who said everyone was worried for their jobs. Yes, there was a likelihood that they’d be redeployed but no-one was sure and many were sick with worry.

As usually happens, I lost the leaflet explaining the changes and with it the web address I need to visit to be able to comment on the proposals, but thought I’d be able to easily find the consultation on the council’s website.

OK, I’ve only spent a few minutes looking for it but I’m yet to uncover it. I wonder why?

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Jan Hobbs

This Week's News

Groundbreaking British Standard for the 'circular economy' launched

* Groundbreaking-BS8001.jpgBSI, the business standards company, has launched a new standard for the 'circular economy', BS 8001: 2017: Framework for implementing the principles of the circular economy in organisations - guide.

The 'circular economy' is a concept which challenges organisations to rethink how their resources are managed to create financial, environmental and social benefits.

Registration for WFBSC Congress available at preferential rates until 27th July

* Registration-WFBSC.jpgRegister for the 22nd World Federation of Building Service Contractors Congress - the world's leading conference for the cleaning sector - before 27th July, and you'll enjoy a preferential rate. The event, which is being held in Berlin for the first time, will cost early registrants 1,200 euros (incl. 19 % VAT), and 550 euros (incl. 19 % VAT) per person for those accompanying them. Those missing the deadline will pay 1,500 and 600 euros respectively.

International visit puts Arrow on course for Far Eastern expansion

* International-Arrow.jpgA UK manufacturer of professional cleaning and maintenance chemicals received a Chinese seal of approval recently.

Arrow Solutions was praised for the performance of its cleaning solutions, its manufacturing facilities and its health & safety track record during a high profile visit from the Industrial Cleaning Association of China.

Protect hands and reduce cross contamination threat with I-Con

* Protect-hands.jpgHand protection specialist Globus has launched I-Con - a new colour-coded glove system providing enhanced chemical protection for workers in the cleaning and hygiene sector.

The new I-Con glove system not only protects workers' hands against the most common chemicals and substances found in contract cleaning but also helps prevent contact contamination from bacteria, viruses, pathogens, and vaccines that may be encountered.

Vectair Systems' V-Air Solid wins 'Carbon Footprint' approval

* Vectair-Systems-V.jpgVectair System's flagship environmentally-friendly and non-aerosol aircare product V-Air Solid has been awarded the latest internationally recognised standard for demonstrating low carbon credentials.

V-Air Solid is now 'Carbon Footprint Approved' after being CO2e assessed to the latest Carbon Footprint Standard 2017.

Audax Private Equity announces the acquisition of EnviroVac from RLJ Equity Partners

* Audax.jpgAudax Private Equity, along with Kevin Jackson, CEO and founder of EnviroVac, and the EnviroVac Management team, have acquired EnviroVac, provider of mission-critical cleaning and maintenance services.

Unusual cleaning job leads to fall and fine

Falls from height have been brought to our attention again with the news that national bread maker Warburtons has been fined £2million after a worker was hospitalised following a fall.

Late in 2013, Andrew Sears was cleaning one of the mixing machines at the Wednesbury bakery, a routine job he carried out every few weeks, when he lost his footing and fell nearly two-meters.

RAS participates in schools' events

* RAS-participates-schools.jpgAs Nan Hua Primary School celebrated Earth Day and No Cleaners Day on at the end of May, the Restroom Association Singapore joined other organisations including the National Environment Agency to set up a booth exhibition showcasing a student game project under its Sustaining Toilets As Restrooms (STAR) Awards Programme.

After the storm: Cintas offers retailers a Summer storm checklist

* After-the-storm.jpgWould you know what to do if a severe summer storm damaged your retail facility? Time is critical following a natural disaster.

With Summer storm season just beginning in parts of the US & well underway in much of Europe, Cintas Corporation offers retailers a checklist to help limit downtime following a severe storm.

FM sponsor brings the ultimate facility service to the FM Forum - its own pub

* FM-sponsor-Beerhouse.jpgFM innovator, Salisbury Group, has created its own solution to the end of a hot day for participants and speakers alike, attending the FM Forum event in Manchester this week.

To slate their thirst and refresh themselves, attendees will head for the iconic Principal Hotel's basement pub, converted by the headline sponsor into 'The Salisbury Arms' for the duration of the event.

OCS flying high after UTC Aerospace Systems contract extension

* OCS-flying-high.jpgGoodrich Actuations Systems, UTC Aerospace Systems company, has awarded OCS a five-year (2+2+1), multi-service contract at its Wolverhampton site.

OCS has been working with Goodrich Actuation Systems since 2011 to deliver facilities services at the company's five UK sites.

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Recent UK News

Cleaners fare better than some when it comes to buying a first home (but it's not all good news)

Online estate agent HouseSimple.com has looked at the latest Office for National Statistics wages data and average prices for first-time buyers' properties, to compile a table of jobs where it will take so long to save for a deposit for an average UK property, that those concerned (unless they get help from the Bank of Mum & Dad), won't have saved enough until at least 2100. Cleaners aren't the worst off, but the picture is grim...

Call to end 'one in, three out' deregulation gains wide support

More than 700 organisations and individuals have now signed an open letter to UK Prime Minister Theresa May which challenges arbitrary deregulation of health & safety.

Enforce professionalism: drone effectiveness study showsFM sector is seeking better governance

* Enforce-Sector-Prof.jpg
Leading facilities managers, construction and energy companies are seeking better drone governance... So say the results of Sky Revolutions' first interrogation of the market.

Celebrating 20 years in commercial cleaning

* Celebrating-20.jpg
DeepClean Hygiene Solutions is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, expanding its Head Office in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

Official workplace fatality figures hide tens of thousands of related deaths

The GMB Union, which has members across every sector of the British economy, says yesterday's official workplace death figures hide tens of thousands of related deaths.

SOAPBOX: Why I now love B2B review websites

* Spotless.jpg
by Roger Green, CEO, Spotless Commercial Cleaning

"After a few years in the commercial cleaning business I soon learnt that all cleaning companies say that they are 'excellent' at everything they do and they all promise their customers the world. Prospective customers are unsurprisingly distinctly immune and unimpressed by this hyperbole.

ARL wins contract with leading restaurant operator

* ARL.jpg
ARL Window Cleaning Services, part of Incentive FM Group, has secured a major one year deal with Mitchells & Butlers, one of the largest operators of restaurants, pubs and bars in the UK.

CSSA Annual Luncheon revisited

* CSSA-Annual-Luncheon.jpg
A record 300 guests attended the Cleaning & Support Services Association's Annual Luncheon two weeks ago and the consensus was that these annual gatherings had been very much missed over the years that the CSSA had been part of the Building Futures Group and the event had disappeared from the calendar.

SOAPBOX: Public Toilets UK - a matter of urgency

* SOAPBOX-Public-Toilet-closures.jpg
writes Gillian Kemp, MA, founder, Truckers Toilets UK Campaign

"Articles about public toilets appear to be ever increasing - usually because so many facilities are now closing. This is a great worry especially for the young, the elderly, those who are pregnant, on medication of various types that necessitate the loo, have a particular medical condition... in fact the list gets longer if you also take into account the needs of taxi drivers, bus drivers, train drivers, police officers, postal workers, night shift workers and so on...

Castlemeadow Care chooses Girbau Laundry

* Castlemeadow.jpg
Healthcare Design Awards 2017 finalist, Castlemeadow Care, supports its residents with expertise, sympathy and respect for their dignity - as if they were a family member. Since 1999, the family-owned business has been helping the people of Norfolk and beyond to make the most of later life.

Incentive QAS secures contract extension with Johnson Matthey

* Incentive-QAS-contract.jpg
Incentive QAS, the specialist cleaning arm of Incentive FM Group, has secured a major contract extension with Johnson Matthey, a global leader in science that provides cleaner air, improved health and more efficient use of natural resources.

Delta-Q Technologies announces lithium charger supply to Orbot LiFe floor machines

* Delta-Q-lithium.jpg
Vancouver, Canada-based Delta-Q Technologies announced yesterday that it will supply its lithium IC650 battery charger to the Orbot LiFe floor machine.

Gemini Commercial Cleaning increases market share with latest acquisition

* Gemini-Commercial.jpg
In a bid to expand its market share, Gemini Commercial Cleaning - said to be Blackburn's largest commercial cleaning company - has taken its next leap in growth with the addition of rival company Lancashire Cleaning Services. Gemini describes the its acquisition as an 'integral part' of its business growth strategy.

Jangro network expands again

Jangro has welcomed Crystal Cleaning Supplies as the latest addition to its independent janitorial distribution network, an expansion which brings the total number of distributors in the group to 44, strategically located across the UK, Ireland and the Isle of Man.

UK Government urged to end health & safety deregulation following Grenfell Tower blaze

The UK Government has been urged to scrap its approach to deregulation of health & safety legislation in the light of the Grenfell Tower blaze.

Gelpack now CHSA accredited

* Gelpack.jpg
Gelpack, the manufacturer of refuse and recycling sacks and high performance flexible packaging, has joined the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association Plastic Refuse Sacks Accreditation Scheme.

Green World Innovations launches GreenFit Solutions service

* Green-World-Inno.jpg
The growth of Green World Innovations continues as the company launches a new installation and maintenance service - GreenFit Solutions.

Soapbox: The Bathroom Manufacturers Association's CEO Yvonne Orgill on 'Leaky Loos'

* Soapbox-BMA.jpg
"Today, a typical British sunny day has seen heightened activity regarding Dual Flush WC's. Radio interviews, articles in the national press, comment by many, have all raised the issue 'leaky loos'!

De-messing about on the water

* De-messing1.jpg
With summer getting into gear, the team at Banbury-based contractor Pro-Clean love being on the water. Just don't tell them they're 'messing about'...

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