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Last Saturday week the Foo Fighters played London's Queen Elizabeth Park - home of the 2012 Olympic Games. Because my daughter has injured her knee, instead of standing at the front as we normally do at such events, we headed for the front row of unreserved seating near the stage. What an eye opener it was!

When you've secured a much-coveted standing place at the barrier, you don't move for anything... no buying drinks and no loo visits. You cling on tightly to avoid being elbowed out. Security guards dispense drinking water. Sat in a seat this weekend I was gobsmacked at how much beer people consumed. How some were able to focus on the gig itself was beyond me - and the time they must have spent queuing for the loo, means they will have seen little of the band. Some over-indulged...

A woman stopped nearby and vomited. Paramedics arrived quickly but it was 20 minutes before anyone came to clean up and there were no signs used at any stage to warn people to steer clear. Eventually a cleaner dispensed what appeared to be emergency spillage powder to solidify everything; this was from chest height so the rising cloud of powder will have been breathed in by the cleaner as well as us. Once he'd left, it was only a matter of time before someone stepped in the goo and a man skidded badly. Had he not managed to stay upright, he could have hit his head and been seriously injured or even killed. Some 15 minutes later, the cleaner returned and swept up some of the residue. We observed throughout the afternoon people standing their drinks and sitting themselves down in what was left. One woman examined the lumps on her hand, wondering what they were. The noise prevented us from shouting to anyone to steer clear or wash their hands.

A major, specialist contract cleaner looks after the stadium and I'd suggest that safety signs and body spillage cleaning training should be provided without delay.

Other than that, I was disgusted at the mess the public left behind - much of it plastic beer cups that had been urinated in and thrown into the crowd. I've been showered before but had no idea, from my place at the front, how much gets thrown. Why do it? The many cleaners worked hard to deal with it all. My report and pictures are at:


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Jan Hobbs

5th July 2018

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