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How much is a comfortable seat worth?

* KILO-SEDILE.jpgWhen RCM decided to introduce a small, ride-on scrubber drier, the Italian manufacturer took into consideration all the technical and structural options that would produce a strong, efficient and reliable machine that was economically enough to compare favourably with a walk behind machine.

"Convenience is measured, above all, in the benefits that come to the operator that is sitting, instead of walking," says the company's Marzia Mucci.

"This produces the expectation of a greater hourly performance from the team or operator using the machine, together with economic benefits for the machine's purchaser.

"RCM is so sure about this point, that we made a conscious decision to fit a real seat as opposed to the type of machine seat used in our competitors' equipment.

"A true seat (and RCM offers the option of them being adjustable, too) is more expensive for us to install, but the additional euros we pay are well worth it, if it means that the operator is more comfortable and the machine purchaser enjoys better productivity as a result."

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23rd July 2015

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