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Gordon Brush's expansion supports ambition to become a global leader

* Gordon-Brush.jpgAs part of a master plan to become the nation's largest 'Made in America' brush manufacturer and a global leader in the industry, Gordon Brush, the privately held corporation that boasts one of the world's largest selections of industrial brushes, has acquired a new building, 3.5 times larger than its existing facility.

Later this year, the company's factory and offices will move from the current 51,000sq.ft facility where they have been for 17 years, to a 182,000sq.ft building.

"We are in the business of expansion," beams Gordon Brush's president and CEO, Ken Rakusin. "We are looking for brush businesses to buy. We are buying new equipment. We are hiring new Gordon Brush family members. We are patenting new products. We have added consumer products with annual growth rates up to 500%. For us it's high tide and the surf is up!"

Gordon Brush has fought hard to ensure its products are made in America and to keep its business in California even when other states with more appealing tax laws and lower costs have tried to woo the company. "It hasn't been easy," notes Ken; "There have been many temptations, but I feel strongly about American made goods and about staying here; I love California."

Gordon Brush attributes its success to its commitment to three principles, as Ken explains, "Our foundation rests on customer service, which includes stocking a huge inventory and filling orders quickly; Investing in the most state-of-the-art automated equipment to produce the highest quality products bar-none; our ability to make anything and make it faster, and most importantly, investing in the best employees.

We have a workforce of the most highly trained, loyal and devoted experts in the field. We have worked hard to ensure their work environment and opportunity is competitive with Fortune 500 companies.

"Our business had been stifled by lack of space. Yes, we get along, but we are all squished into a small space. We've outgrown it. The customer demand is there and now we can grow the company.

"I feel like we've got the world's best surfboards, a perfect sunrise, and the whole day in front of us. We're ready for that perfect wave to ride on the Pacific. I am so excited for the future."

Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc., is ISO 9001:2008 Certified and a leading manufacturer of specialty, custom and standard brushes for industrial and consumer purposes including the FootMate System as well as over 15,000 other medical, industrial, janitorial, and electronic brushes. It stocks over 2,000 different brushes for same day shipment selling to a variety of industries including: medical; electronics; manufacturing; military; aerospace and pharmaceutical.


14th May 2015

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