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From evolution to revolution as Rawlins unleashes Battery Autovac in the UK

* OAVB-Overhead.jpgDenis Rawlins has unleashed the battery-powered OmniFlex AutoVac - a Crossover Cleaning machine designed to do the job of advanced scrubber driers at a fraction of the cost.

The OmniFlex range is a modular cleaning system that allows building managers and cleaners on tight budgets to 'cross over' from mopping to hygienic, automated cleaning in easy and highly cost-effective steps.

Topping the OmniFlex range, the AutoVac combines the capabilities to, dispense, spread, clean, vacuum and remove soils in a single powerful unit.

Now the even more flexible Battery AutoVac version boosts productivity further - to a highly impressive 20,000sq.ft (more than 2,000sq.m) per hour - outdoing just about everything but the largest ride-on scrubber driers.

Significantly, the Battery AutoVac also matches the more complex machines' cleaning performance. Independent scientific tests in the US showed that the AutoVac and a scrubber drier each removed more than 99% of bacteria from a contaminated floor - compared with just 24% for a microfibre mop.

"This is truly a game-changer in UK cleaning," says James White, managing director of Denis Rawlins and the man behind its 'Chop the Mop' campaign.
"We introduced Kaivac's OmniFlex crossover system to spur the evolution in cleaning. The AutoVac, and now its battery brother, take that further. It's revolutionary for clients who need auto-scrubbing efficiency without the cost and complexity of scrubber driers."

Other advantages of AutoVac:
* AutoVac is easy to use as it combines the multiple steps required with a scrubber drier, in a single pass.
* Not just cheaper up front, AutoVac is mechanically simple, with few moving parts, and easy to repair - slashing maintenance and unplanned costs.
* AutoVac is a multi-purpose, floorcare system. It can strip and finish floors - and with accessories, it can clean toilets, extract grease and more besides.
* Some scrubber driers can make hard floors dull by wearing them down. AutoVac is more gentle, except with dirt and contaminants, extending the floor's shine.
* Light and easy to take apart and reassemble, AutoVac can go anywhere - from cleaning stairs to transportation.
* AutoVac switches between mains power cord and lithium-ion battery for ultimate flexibility.

To see the battery OmniFlex AutoVac in action, visit www.youtube.com
Denis Rawlins is the UK and Ireland distributor for Kaivac, the US manufacturer of the OmniFlex Crossover Cleaning and No Touch Cleaning systems.

T: 0121 351 4444
W: www.rawlins.co.uk

7th May 2015

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