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Dustcontrol delivers for Speedy Hire

* Dustcontrol-Speedy.jpgIn recent months there has been a concerted effort from the Health & Safety Executive to improve awareness of the potential hazards that workplace dust can pose and the necessary steps that firms need to take to to reduce its impact and ensure the safety of their workforce.

Speedy Hire is one of the UK's leading providers of equipment and associated services to the construction and manufacturing industries, delivering a wide range of tools, machinery and support. Part of its offering is provided by Dustcontrol UK, a specialist supplier of dust extraction equipment for a variety of industries.

In light of the HSE's attempts to improve understanding of the risks that dust can pose, Speedy Hire has undertaken a series of 'Dust Innovation Days' for some of its biggest contractors, including Balfour Beatty and Costain.

These have been initiated by its major projects team following a rise in enquiries from the firm's key construction clients looking for education on the necessary dust control procedures that are required to fit within HSE guidelines, with London based contractors displaying particular interest.

The days allow for discussion surrounding dust control requirements, the reasons for them and the appropriate procedures to put in place to combat any negative effects. Dustcontrol UK was invited in by the major projects team to provide expert knowledge, offering specialist advice and instruction on how dust extraction equipment works.

Dustcontrol supplies a variety of products to Speedy Hire, the correct workings of which it is able to demonstrate to attendees during the course of the innovation days. These products include mobile dust extraction units such as the DC2800C and the DC3800C, which provide on-tool extraction, trapping dust at source and preventing it from escaping into the wider workplace.

Other products, such as the DC Aircube, help to remove dust from the local atmosphere, filtering the air and extracting any dust particles from the flow. They help to provide cleaner and safer ambient air, making the workplace environment safer for workers and also reducing its impact on others working or living in close proximity. This is particularly pertinent when building and refurbishment contractors are working in schools, hospitals and offices.

Part of the role of the Dustcontrol UK team is to highlight why such equipment is necessary, explaining just how much of a danger dust can be. The long-term impact of continued exposure on a construction or wood worker's health can be severe, leading to illnesses such as occupational asthma and silicosis, an incurable lung disease, which causes up to 600 deaths a year in the UK.

The success of Dustcontrol's involvement in these days has seen the team receive invitations to do direct demonstrations for attendees who are interested in finding out more and educating their wider workforce.
Speedy Hire has also seen a noticeable increase in product hire in the wake of the Dust Innovation Days.

Phil Haskins of Dustcontrol UK says: "The Dust Innovation Days are fantastic opportunities to educate on the serious issues that dust presents. Awareness is starting to improve. Speedy Hire's approach is fantastic and we hope that others take up the baton with similar enthusiasm."

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2nd April 2015

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