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Wecoline: Setting a new standard in 'green cleaning'

* WECOLINE-chart.jpgWecoline won the Cleaning Show Innovation Award for the Best Sustainable cleaning product, with its 'Wecoline Pads by Americo' floor cleaning pads. This is what makes these pads so special...

"The complex production process and the many components of conventional floor pads do not make recycling a viable option," said the team. "As a result floor pads are discarded after use, winding up in landfills where it can take hundreds of years for them to decompose.

"As a market leader in 'green' production processes and a worldwide pioneer in the professional cleaning industry, Americo sets a new standard by producing high performance products with low environmental impact.

"Quality, product performance and sustainability go hand in hand with Wecoline."

Made from 100% recycled PET plastic, using water-based latex resins, these pads are designed with enhanced biodegradation when discarded into a landfill. This is thanks to a series of new formulations that trigger rapid biodegradation once the product is disposed of in an active microbial environment such as a landfill.

Microorganisms are attracted to the surface of the floor pad, where they colonise and begin digesting and breaking down the polymers in the floor pad structure. This triggers a rapid biodegradation or composting process. The by-products produced during this process are methane (which can be converted into energy), carbon dioxide and inert humus (which enriches the soil).

Image: ASTM D5511 testing shows 78% biodegradation of Americo's Full Cycle floor pads as compared to only 2% on standard floor pads (ASTM D5511 testing simulates anaerobic environments. Actual biodegradation will vary depending on actual environments in individual landfills).

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