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The most efficient DI Pure Water System ever!

* Unger-teamUK.jpgJohn Austen and I were impressed by Unger's nLite HydroPower DI Filters, which exceed standard DI filter efficiency, performance, workflow and comfort thanks to many new patented design features.

So weren't at all surprised to see the company's Mark Unger collecting an Innovation Award at the Cleaning Show last week.

The innovative water distribution system ensures more efficient water flow through the entire vessel, improving resin efficiency and increasing its lifetime, while the ingenious QuickChange resin bags allow users to speed up the resin change process by up to 10 times - you simply pull out the bag with its expired resin and drop in a new one - as Unger UK's Dave Rogers ably demonstrated.

The filters can also be filled with loose resin, retaining the high efficiency facilitated by the manufacturer's FloWater technology.

The products feature Unger's FastLock opening for easy and quick opening of the vessel. The large diameter vessel enables you to fill, empty and refill the filter more easily and very quickly and the operation is aided by the pressure release valve.

"Whilst Unger nLite HydroPower DI Filters are fully compatible with most ion exchange resins available on the market, for maximum efficiency we recommend using Unger High Capacity Premium Grade Virgin Mixed Bed Resin due to its optimal density and moisture content," explained Dave. "The integrated TDS monitor allows you to measure the outgoing water hardness instantly, so you know exactly when the resin has expired and must be replaced."

If you weren't able to make it along to the show, you can watch the nLite HydroPower DI Filters video on the company's website at:


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