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Victory for Vectair’s V-Air Solid multi-phasing air freshener with sub-micron technology

* Vectair-award-winner.jpgVectair Systems' V-Air Solid passive air freshener - packed into one single component - is completely free from any solvents, propellants, HFCs and harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and it does not contain batteries.

It is thus deemed a truly safe fragrance solution for public places such as hotel guest rooms, healthcare facilities, reception areas and washrooms. It went down well with the Innovation Awards judges too…

Designed so it does not need any external power source such as oxygen or hydrogen fuel cells, this system doesn't rely on gravity either… All it needs to work is natural airflow. The refill is 100% organic and biodegradable and the dispenser is 100% recyclable.

The V-Air Solid particles facilitate superior fragrance delivery, yet are sized typically below 1.0 micron. Since they are much smaller and lighter than those offered by other systems, they remain airborne - and effective - for many hours.

The ceramic capsule is infused with high quality perfumes, then complemented by an integrated internal fragrance core. These combine and diffuse powerful key fragrance notes that are subtly different.

“The diffusion rate of fragrance moving through the ceramic capsule is much different from the fragrance evaporating from the surface of the fragrance core,” explained Louise (pictured). “This means that the start fragrance transforms into something very different over time.

“These blends of complementary but differing fragrance notes specifically eliminate fragrance fatigue in a revolutionary way, all from one single passive aircare system.”

V-Air Solid does not contain liquids so won't spill, even if it is knocked over. This ensures safety in use and in transportation. V-Air Solid is unaffected by climatic conditions, the most common cause of passive cartridges failing. Refills last up to 60 days or longer and a fully recyclable retaining clip attaches the refill to the dispenser.

To quote Paul Wonnacott, president, Vectair Systems: "This is a landmark in safe but effective air freshening. Technology doesn't have to be technical. In fact, science can make things simple. The technology behind V-Air Solid is packed into one powerful component, so we've done the hard work for you - no fuss, just fragrance.”

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12th March 2015

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