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Mundipharma demonstrates efficacy of Betadine formulations against Ebola virus

* mundipharma.jpgSingaporean manufacturer Mundipharma has announced successful results from the testing of Betadine formulations against the Ebola virus, which was undertaken at Marburg University, Germany.

Betadine products have been used for skin disinfection and surgical skin preparations around the world for over 50 years and are known to have a broad antimicrobial efficacy.

The range includes products such as Betadine Antiseptic Solution, Betadine Surgical Scrub, Betaseptic Alcoholic Antiseptic Solution (marketed as Betadine Alcoholic Antiseptic Solution in Asia) and Betadine Skin Cleanser, which have been widely used globally, for skin disinfection and hand hygiene in hospitals and healthcare institutions in the prevention of various hospital and community acquired infections.

All tested Betadine formulations showed an excellent virucidal efficacy as well as fast virucidal activity against the Ebola virus demonstrating its potential in fighting the outbreak and in minimising the risk of human-to-human transmission.

During the recent - and still not controlled, outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, most of the disease has spread through human-to-human transmission. According to WHO guidelines, hand hygiene is the most important infection prevention and control measure as the skin is a routine source of infection transmission.

Last December, Mundipharma announced an initiative to support the control of Ebola, donating supplies of Betadine sufficient for more than two million hand washes in the Ebola treatment centres of West Africa.

"The Ebola virus, amongst others, is a very real threat to many of the populations of the regions in which we work," says Raman Singh, President, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa. "Mundipharma is proud to be able to support efforts to curb these epidemics, demonstrating the breadth and efficacy of our products and helping to inform and educate those at risk."

Prof. Dr. Maren Eggers, the virologist who led the investigations, adds: "The excellent results from our study with Betadine confirm its potential in the prevention and limiting the spread of Ebola. We are hopeful that these results from our research will bring great value to the medical community and society in the management of Ebola crisis. The race to stay ahead of viral epidemics is constant."


12th February 2015

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