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Legionella Control publishes advice on how to appoint an authorising engineer

* legionella-guide.jpgAn internationally recognised legionella risk management group has released expert advice guiding institutions on how to appoint a water services authorising engineer.

Targeting hospitals, healthcare environments, multi-site property portfolios and other large facilities at risk of waterborne diseases, Legionella Control International has revealed need to know tips on how to select the best candidate.

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the dangers caused by Legionnaires' disease there has been a surge in the popularity for expert water services authorising engineers. This 'hybrid' risk management role blends a myriad of skills including engineering, building services, microbiology and health and safety.

As an independent professional advisor, the authorising engineer for water services is primarily responsible for managing legionella and other waterborne risks throughout an organisation. While the role was originally commissioned by the NHS it has now been adopted by a broader range of landlords and facilities management specialists who want to reduce the risk of waterborne pathogens and ensure their organisations comply with official legislation.

Yet despite the role's many benefits most organisations remain ignorant about what authorising engineers do, why they're important and how to appoint a suitably qualified expert. Legionella Control International has shed much needed light on the matter with the release of an informative handbook titled 'Guide to the Role of the Authorising Engineer (Water).'

Concise and insightful, the manual offers clients a detailed overview of what the role encompasses and how it can increase operational efficiency, improve management effectiveness and reduce organisational risk.

"Legionnaires' disease is preventable if suitable precautionary measures are in place, but this is not always the case," notes Jamie Tranter, general manager at Legionella Control International. "In the US alone hospital patients fall victim to around 15,000 cases of Legionnaires' disease every year, with 5% -10% of these proving to be fatal.

"It's an issue that needs to be taken extremely seriously and appointing an expert authorising engineer can have a truly positive impact. We're making the process as easy as possible with a comprehensive guide that covers a range of different topics designed to help organisations make informed decisions."

The guide is written to help organisations better understand the authorising engineer role and covers a range of need to know topics. These include the following:
* What is an authorising engineer for water?
* What does an authorising engineer do?
* What are the benefits of using an authorising engineer?
* What qualifications are required?
* Organisational support
* What legislation and guidance?

With an international presence Legionella Control International boasts a team of dedicated authorising engineer (water) experts. Clients are located across the globe and include large healthcare providers as well as major institutional and commercial organisations.

Guides are distributed by request and can be ordered by getting in touch with the Legionella Control International team.

T: 0330 223 36 86
W: www.legionellacontrol.com

12th February 2015

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