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RCM Day: The real cleaning revolution starts in Fiorenzuola

* rcm-day-macroclean.jpgJust a few weeks ago, Macroclean, a company born out of the entrepreneurial vision of RCM and Macro, opened its doors to the Italian distributors for an open day devoted to the presentation of the new 2015 road sweeper models.

After the meeting, the guests visited Macroclean's production department and learned about the technical innovations enjoyed by the M60 model.

Present at the event, were co-founder of RCM, Renzo Raimondi and the Macroclean board of directors, Graziano Malaguti and Raimondo Raimondi.

Raimondo Raimondi opened the meeting, saying: "Today we are introducing you to an important partnership between RCM SpA, a Modenese manufacturer of cleaning machines such as sweepers and scrubber/drier,s and Macro Srl, a multi-faceted company of Piacenza that produces both metallic carpentry and road sweepers and scrubber/driers.

"Macroclean Srl is the result of that pairing and thanks to this partnership, we are proud to announce that due to the large range of machines it puts us amongst the top seven companies in the sector globally, for the variety of models offered.

"Moreover, due to the economic trends at the moment, we hope that the partnership sends out a signal of trust to the market and our partners."

Graziano Malaguti added: "It is with much satisfaction that today I welcome all our friends, whose daily job on the national territory is fundamental to the company. Macroclean was only formed a few months ago but it enjoys an important amount of hands-on experience brought about by people with many years in the profession... I am proud to belong to this group which has been formed by determined, professional people, but at the same time endowed with the necessary humility to continue to grow, learn and innovate in the future."

The meeting had the objective of introducing an entourage of 'employees' and the promise that 2015 would be a great year for the industry and the local authority sector, with large road sweepers that would represent the latest evolution in the machine sector... news that resonated amongst the new and innovative partnership and which was underlined by Renzo Raimondi, who said: "Macroclean is above all a new company, made up of young people, but one that brings forth an initiative which started over 40 years ago: RCM designs, produces and sells cleaning machines which are appreciated all over the world for their performance and reliability, a boast which has lasted from 1970 to the present day."

After the members spoke, Stefano Benini and technician Stefano Marchini, explained the technical and commercial benefits of the M60 sweepers.
"The technical innovations, a competitive price/quality ratio, a facilitated use with reference to the latest safety standards makes the M60 a real innovation in the field of heavy sweeping," concluded Stefano Benini.
The company thanked planner Leonardo Mazzaschi, who accompanied guests on a tour of the production areas, where everyone present got the opportunity to see the M60 in action and have hands-on experience of the technical aspects described in the morning meeting.

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22nd January 2015

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