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The Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances’ pre-Christmas food waste survey, revealed that our enthusiasm for recycling wilts when it comes to food scraps. While an impressive 87% of we Brits say we put out paper and card for recycling, 84% recycling plastic, 77% recycling glass and 75% recycling metal, only 41% of us bother recycling our food waste, meaning that our less frequently collected ‘main’ waste bin may attract more than a parking ticket when the weather gets hot!

* Straker-drink-stains_142.jpgFood waste that’s not recycled either goes to landfill or is incinerated; emitting greenhouse gases and wasting valuable biogas, precious soil nutrients and vital resources such as phosphorus. Clearly something needs to be done to change our behaviour…

Another report this week, discusses our need to embrace ‘cradle-to-cradle’ rather than cradle-to-grave’ manufacturing; it says that this could create an extra 200,000 jobs, which can’t be bad, can it?

* Straker-no-stains_142.jpgI’m known for whinging about the waste I witness whenever I’ve visited the local tip, with perfectly good sofas, beds, carpets and other furnishings dumped simply because they’re grubby or no longer to the (ex)owner’s taste. When I show potential buyers around properties during my weekend estate agency job, I  answer their “Those filthy carpets will have to go” comments by saying that a good cleaning technician will quickly (and for a lot less expense) bring them back to virtually ‘as new’ condition.

For anyone who doubts this, just look at these before and after shots from the multi-award-winning Chris Straker (www.straker.cleaning) of Sutton-based Straker Cleaning – who also happens to have been cleaning carpets and upholstery in the Houses of Parliament since 2005 and is one of only a couple of handfuls of certified Master Rug Cleaners in the UK. It's incredible what a good technician can achieve, isn't it? Cleaning - rather than wasting - just has to be the way forward!

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Jan Hobbs

22nd January 2015

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