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It wasn’t through choice that I found myself at the local supermarket on New Year’s Day but a house full of people suffering from heavy colds and flu over the festive period meant that we were in dire need of both toilet tissue and facial tissues.

Odd looks from a fellow shopper made me realise that I was muttering to myself, so I quickly told her that no, I hadn’t been drinking at such an early hour, but was simply trying to work out which of the bumper packs of toilet tissue provided the best value.

I explained that the own brand pack – normally the best choice - contained four more rolls than the branded pack which was ‘on special’, but that it wasn’t the number of rolls that made the difference, but the total number of sheets of tissue in the pack. This was what I was working out and before you scoff, if you knew just how much toilet tissue we get through in my household, you’ll understand that over the year, clever choices really do make a difference!

We reached the conclusion that the branded pack would, on this occasion, be the better buy since it contained on average, an extra 40 sheets of tissue per roll and was of comparable quality to the own brand version. My new friend assured me she’d be making calculations in future too.

Naturally I chuckled when I received a press release this week, announcing that the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association’s Soft Tissue Accreditation Scheme is attracting new members. If I – as an individual – am aware that making informed toilet tissue purchasing decisions can make a difference when it comes to balancing budgets, then those tasked with making those decisions on behalf of multiple facilities, or contractors needing to supply valuable clients, will need to be equally astute. It’s clear from the release that word is getting around that with members of this scheme, you at least know you’re getting what you’re paying for!

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Jan Hobbs

8th January 2015

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