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This is the last Cleanzine we’ll be broadcasting this year – the next will arrive in your inbox on 8th January when we’ll have plenty of interesting news – including a report on how I got on with the Prochem carpet & upholstery cleaning machine and chemicals I’ve been trialling.

I’ve been in the cleaning industry for some years and while I readily profess not to know it all, I did think I was rather cleaning-savvy until I discovered an article on Prochem’s website on how to keep cleaning equipment freeze-free. Logical as I can now see it is, it had never occurred to me that carpet cleaning equipment – much of which will contain brass and plastic components and possibly residues of cleaning chemicals and water, is vulnerable to freezing temperatures! It showed me that it’s never too late to learn from the experts so if you’re in that side of the business and want to remain in operation if the weather gets as cold as the experts say it will, visit www.prochem-uk.com , read more and – if you can – book yourself onto a training course!

One gentleman in the industry who seems to be pretty well trained is Jean-Noel Talate, an OCS cleaner who despite doing all the right things both prior to – and following – walking in on a woman using an airport loo, ended up being assaulted (read more below).

I know those responsible for cleaning have to keep costs down, but as both a service user and someone who’s keen to raise the industry’s image and improve cleaners’ self-esteem, I can’t fathom how anyone can justifiably ask a cleaner to clean a washroom that’s in constant use by members of the opposite sex. How undignified for the cleaner and how embarrassing for the washroom user!

I understand that if a washroom user voices concern, the cleaner is to disappear for a while, but surely this defeats the point! And how many of us would have the courage to ask the cleaner to vacate? I certainly wouldn’t! 

Please feel free to inundate my inbox with your thoughts on this – and while you’re doing so, have a great Christmas and New Year!

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Jan Hobbs

18th December 2014

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