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IQTimecard facilitates mass payroll changes with ease, as councils consider 'living wage'

With pressure mounting for local authorities to ensure they're paying their staff the 'living wage', Lancashire and Durham County Councils have now revealed that they're considering raising their own minimum wage for some of their lowest paid workers.

As authorities all over the country look into making these changes, IQTimecard - the time and attendance and integrated payroll solution - is encouraging businesses thinking of making changes to their payroll to ensure that they have the software and the capabilities to handle such large-scale changes.

Lancashire County Council has already committed to raise the hourly wage to £7.65 for many workers such as contract cleaners and catering staff, while Durham County Council's considered scheme means caretakers, school crossing patrols and others receive at least £7.43 per hour - 93p more than the National Minimum Wage. With many of those staff members - especially contract cleaners -working remotely, IQTimecard is a fantastic way to manage payroll and ensure that all employees are being paid what they're entitled to under these new schemes. The software is utilised widely in domiciliary care, security services and contract cleaning, offering a streamlined and efficient way to merge scheduling and monitoring with payroll.

"Managing payroll is a huge challenge for many large organisations like local authorities, and with many of them now preparing to undertake these changes to wages, they must ensure that they have the software and the equipment to be able to assess and monitor how much their employees are earning," says David Lynes, director of IQTimecard.

"IQTimecard is a great way to integrate payroll with scheduling and staff monitoring. It's suitable for tracking core teams of five workers or massive workforces of 500 - and the custom report tool allows management to monitor budgets, wage brackets, total cost of employing certain staff, and more."
IQTimecard is cost-effective, strategic and user-friendly. It is packed with functionality which empowers businesses to tap into a range of operational, cost- and time=saving benefits. Feature-rich, flexible and robust, it can grow in tandem with employees while allowing management to retain control. The financial benefits are abundant - the software carries out the work of two or three people, freeing up time for HR staff and supervisors to focus on the more efficient running of any business that utilises remote employees.


27th November 2014

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