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New lorry wash facilitates cleaning of smaller fleets, cost-effectively and using minimal water

Sidewinder-Drive-with-coach.jpgMorclean has launched a single brush lorry wash machine designed for use by smaller operators of coaches, vans or lorries - typically with a fleet of between five and 50 vehicles - that is highly cost-effective and which uses a minimal amount of water.

Traditionally a 3-brush rollover system would be ideal for a fleet of maybe 75 - 150 vehicles; this would be a significant investment for the smaller operator (at least £50K). Likewise, a traditional pressure washer may well be comparatively inexpensive to purchase, but for a reasonable fleet size it is also labour-intensive and can require much more water and harsher detergents than Morclean's new machine requires.

The Morclean Glide is a mobile single brush vehicle wash machine, manufactured within a sturdy stainless steel housing, designed to not only make vehicle washing easier, but which is also a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to the large industrial 3-brush vehicle wash systems. This user-friendly alternative has built-in water saving jets that ensure little waste; saving you valuable cleaning time in the process.
The equipment can be purchased in heights from 3.2m to 4.5m and there are two options: the Morclean Glide and the Morclean Drive and both are offered with free training.

Operating the system is simple: with Morclean Glide the operator pulls the machine along the vehicle so it can reach all parts of the vehicle. Washing time is approximately five minutes for a 12 metre vehicle. The Morclean Drive uses battery power.

The Glide includes:
* Frequency control
* Reverse rotation direction
* Control box
* Detergent dispenser
* Option of wax
* Splash brushes
* Quick disconnect hose and electric cable

The Drive is the ultimate portable single brush vehicle wash machine. It uses battery power to conveniently and easily clean your vehicles, with a built-in water tank to ensure an even water distribution and its ergonomic control handle ensures an easy to use and stable operation.

The Drive includes:
* 5 hour battery life
* 350Ltr water tank
* Brushes with reverse and forward functions
* Control box
* Soap dispenser
* Option of wax
* Operating handles
* Optional light
* Splash Brushes
T: +44 (0)1246 471147
E: info@morclean.co.uk

www.morclean.co.uk / www.morclean.com

27th November 2014

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