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Dust extraction specialist updates its offering with a redesign of its air cleaner range

* James_Dust-Control.jpgDust extraction specialist, Dustcontrol UK, has launched a redesigned version of its ambient air cleaners, updating the specifications to improve efficiency and versatility.

The Dustcontrol mobile extractor range has been modified to improve its extraction capabilities, allowing the end user greater flexibility with the inclusion of a newly designed filter that helps to lessen the risk of dust being released during the course of changing the filter, whilst also allowing for an additional hose attachment.

"To maximise the efficiency of our mobile range it's important that we maintain a policy of continuous improvement," explains James Miller, Dustcontrol UK's general manager. "By innovating and updating we can lessen the potential impact of dust, which will improve the safety of the workforce in industries where dust poses a threat to workers' health."

The DC Air Cube 1200 and the DC Air Cube 2000 are the two models that have been redesigned, with the changes seeing the front filter that previously wrapped around three sides of the machines, changed to a 315mm inlet that sits alone on the front, with a cartridge filter inside. The remaining sides are now in stainless steel, improving robustness, overall appearance and the machine's longevity, with units expected to last a minimum of 7 - 8 years before needing to be replaced.

The newly designed models come at the same cost but provide two key additional benefits. Changing the filter is now a much easier process and there's less risk of releasing dust when replacing an old one. This is important when dealing with hazardous dusts like silica dust, which has the capacity to cause incurable lung diseases such as silicosis as well as occupational asthma.

The second benefit afforded by the adapted design is the ability to attach a hose or duct to the 315mm inlet. This means that the user can attach it to a canopy or locate the Aircube in a different area/room from where the extraction is taking place, making it much more versatile.

"The fact that some dusts are extremely hazardous, makes the redesign an important improvement," continues James. Whilst the previous version was very efficient at removing dust from the atmosphere, changing the filter posed a slight risk to any workers who were insufficiently cautious in their approach. The new filter means there is less chance of coming into contact with dust at all.

"Versatility is another big bonus when working in hard to access areas. The redesign means that a 315mm hose can be attached to the new inlet on the machine, making it possible to extract dust from places where the machine itself can't go. Attaching a hose allows you to benefit from dust prevention measures in areas where it's unsuitable to take the Aircube itself."

The recent modifications are the latest in a series of improvements to the range. Last year the models were kitted out with eco-green motors in a previous overhaul, in a bid to make the machines more energy efficient, whilst providing the same level of extraction power.

"Efficient dust extraction is our main objective and product development is key to the success of this," says James. "We'll continue to adapt and learn in order to maximise our capabilities. The fact that exposure to dust poses such a risk to human health makes it all the more important that we keep on innovating and improving."

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27th November 2014

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