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Workplace washroom survey reveals odd behaviour - such as eating!

When 'using the loo' at work, do you know what is happening in the cubicle next to you? A new study released today by SCA, shows a surprising number of Americans have used their workplace washrooms for more than they were intended. Some of the oddest activities identified by the 2014 SCA Hygiene Matters Consumer Survey were eating (8%), exercising (7%), smoking (5%) and sleeping (5%) - all of which men are more likely to do than women.

One quarter of Americans say they have used their washroom at work to text (25%) and nearly as many have gone there to talk on the phone (23%), according to the survey.

For many people, the workplace washroom is a personal sanctuary and safe place. Women are more likely than men to say they have gone there to deal with the frustration of everyday work life (23% versus 17%), whereas men are more likely to say they have used the space to spend a moment alone or get space from colleagues (21% versus 18%). An average of 10% of all adults has used their workplace bathroom to take a break to cry, including 6% of men and 14% of women.

"SCA's product solutions focus on health and hygiene, which is why we're committed to raising hygiene standards and awareness worldwide," said Amy Bellcourt, Vice President Communications, SCA Americas. "This survey uncovers surprising behaviours in the American workplace. It proves the importance of maintaining clean and comfortable restrooms for employees' physical and mental health."

SCA regularly conducts its global Hygiene Matters Survey to gauge public awareness and concerns about hygiene standards around the world.
Additional findings from the survey relating to hygiene in US workplaces include:

* When asked about poor hygiene in public places, 11% of adults believe the workplace exposes people to the greatest health risks
* Nearly half of Americans (42%) say they never wash their hands after arriving at work
* 10% of people only sometimes wash their hands after using the toilet, with 1% admitting they never do
* Just roughly 15% of people say they would tell a work colleague if they had poor personal hygiene

Among all the countries surveyed by SCA in the study, the United States has the most satisfied workers when it comes to workplace restrooms (87%). In fact, more than one in ten Americans (13%) say they actually prefer using the washrooms at their work over the toilet in their own home. However, nearly one quarter of all Americans (24%) say they prefer not to use the washrooms where they work, and more than a third (36%) wish their employer would pay more attention to their facilities.

Countries topping the list of the most unsatisfied workers were China (25%) and Italy (23%), with the Chinese and Russians being the most likely to wish their employer would do more to improve washroom facilities in the workplace (84% and 63%, respectively).

The 2014 SCA Hygiene Matters Survey was conducted online in May 2014 and polled a total of 13,000 respondents age 18 and older, from 13 countries.


13th November 2014

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