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New air filtration and fragrance system filters, rather than masks smells

* ECOBREZE.jpgA new UK manufactured air filtration and fragrance system called EcoBreeze, which filters out all smells, rather than masking them, is now available and it is thought to be the first aircare product that has a triple action system.

First, it draws air through a dust filter to remove all airborne dust particulate; air is then directed through a sophisticated carbon filter to extract smelly organic molecules.

Finally the clean air passes over a wicking system that releases a fragrance leaving the air in the washroom, kitchen or corridor clean, fresh and fragrant. Its attractive, ergonomic design means that it is suitable for all areas in all commercial premises.

The EcoBreeze was launched with commercial flexibility in mind allowing service providers, facilities management companies and end users to purchase the product; its functional, economical and environmental benefits are applicable to all purchasers as servicing is quick, easy and can be carried out as part a cleaning schedule.

"During 20 years in the cleaning and FM sector I had continuous complaints from customers dissatisfied with air fresheners as they were only masking smells," says Kathleen Porter, managing director of EcoBreeze. I have spent seven years developing and extensively testing EcoBreeze. It has a UK patent and the unit is currently in major retail outlets, sports grounds, schools, offices and leisure parks."

This new system also has strong environmental credentials. It does not produce ozone, which since 2007 the US authorities have prohibited in occupied spaces. Traditional automatic air fresheners leave irritants in the air and utilise aerosol canisters and batteries, both of which are hazardous.

EcoBreeze has a washable dust filter, recyclable fragrance container and non-hazardous carbon filter. The unit and its consumables meet all the required UK regulatory standards.

Bunzl is the first EcoBreeze national distributor and currently other regional and specialist distributors are being appointed.

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23rd October 2014

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