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I came across an item in the Bury Free Press this week headlined ‘Bury St Edmunds cleaning company boss astonished at unanswered job ads’ and it set me thinking. I know that much of Suffolk is considered an affluent area and one of low unemployment, but surely there are some able bodied people about who don’t have a job, who ought to be persuaded off of benefits and into work?

Amanda Eyre, owner of A & H Associates, who advertised for the cleaners, is quoted as saying: “Whether it’s the stigma of cleaning or not I don’t know.”

Cleaning or not, to be able to work for a company that’s been trading for 22 years and which boasts an airport and a football stadium as clients can’t be bad, can it? And particularly so when that company provides training and requires all its employees to sit a health & safety qualification, and which offers opportunities for employees to train as supervisors and team leaders.

Don’t some of our jobless people have aspirations? Surely a career in cleaning has to be better than being ‘on benefits’! (If you know anyone who might be interested, email [email protected]).

And perhaps more importantly, what can we as an industry do to remove the ‘stigma’ of cleaning? How can we persuade people that the industry offers to those who work hard and want to progress, a career to be proud of and the chance of what can be quite substantial riches? (Before you scoff, visit any cleaning show or association meeting and look at the expensive cars and personalised number plates)!

Elsewhere we’re reading an awful lot about Ebola and this has inspired many of you to send press releases about your products aimed at combatting the virus and preventing its spread – so much so that we’re going to be compiling a mini-feature on the subject, over the coming weeks, so if you have any news for us, do get in touch without delay. I say ‘without delay’, as I, like everyone else, am hoping we get this frightening illness beaten soon. I really admire the bravery of those ‘on the frontline’ – and that includes the cleaners, who are working so hard to bring it under control.

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Jan Hobbs

23rd October 2014

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