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New range of range of steam cleaners with self-descaling boilers comes to UK

* Clean-Vapor-vac.jpgChris Lloyd - owner of Cleaning Equipment Services for over 17 years and son of ex-Rentokil Initial managing director Peter Lloyd, has joined forces with Chas Kent - one of the steam cleaning industry's longest serving specialists,to form Steam Clean Systems; a company believed to supply the UK's only range of steam cleaners with self-descaling boilers.

"In the UK, many areas suffer from extremely hard water and the resulting limescale is one of the biggest problems in steam cleaner reliability," says Chas.

"Our steam cleaners have copper boilers which expand and contract when heated thus preventing the scale adhering to the boiler sides. They also have external heating elements so that no scale can adhere to them.

"All our machines have a rapid flushing system that dumps the contents of the boiler, together with the lime residue, in about three minutes. This can easily be carried out by the machine operator once a month thereby stopping problems like pressure stat malfunctions and solenoid valves sticking open.
"This, coupled with an extremely high build quality, make our machines refreshingly reliable."

Steam Clean Systems currently provides commercial steam-only models, commercial steam and vacuum, and industrial models with steam, vacuum, detergent and hot water. For a free, no-obligation demonstration:

T: 01903 755128
E: [email protected].
W: www.steamcleansystems.co.uk

9th October 2014

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