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Either things have changed a great deal since I qualified as a journalist in the late 80s, or I’ve become a lot less naïve over the years. Either way, I’m probably the first one to tell people: “Don’t believe everything you read in the papers”.

The Internet has had a great deal to do with my own changing perceptions of the national press as I’ve been able to read a wider range of newspapers and watch news from different countries. Social media in particular, has made an enormous difference with an alternative view or conspiracy theory on most subjects we’d normally have taken ‘as read’.

Now we have Ebola and my goodness are some writers trying to scare us (although I for one never did believe that story doing the rounds about ex-Ebola sufferers who’d risen, zombie-like, from the dead)! I was taken in briefly though, by a scaremongering video showing hospital cleaners doing a poor job in a room in which an Ebola patient had died. It turned out that they weren’t cleaners at all.

Several companies have been in touch to let me know about their products and services that should help combat the spread of Ebola (one or two of them are featured below) and I’m sure that over the coming weeks I’ll receive – and feature - many more. Bearing in mind some of the more general ‘news’ I’ve read on the subject, I believe the best way of approaching what may turn out to be a long-running debate, is to start with the World Health Organisation’s statement - issued on Monday, on what it knows about Ebola and how it is thought to spread. You can read it below.

If there’s any situation that drives home the importance of those whose job it is to clean, to have a thorough training in (and understanding of) cleaning and infection control, it’s this one. Cleaning crews tasked with making safe once more, anything or anywhere that could potentially enable the virus to spread, will show the world they are worth their weight in gold.

I wonder when it is finally over and done with though, whether the world will remember the crucial role the cleaners will have played…


You are welcome to attend a Free training/presentation on odour and mould removal restoration and decontamination products. LVC is welcoming ALRON from Sweden www.alron.se on Monday 13th October. The introduction is focusing on 'light' and 'heavy' Odour & mould removal, disinfection and decontamination to include eliminating smoke in hotel bedrooms to the heavy restoration and disaster recovery after a fire or a flood.

This presentation will be of interest to housekeepers within the hotel industry for the 'lighter' problems as well as restoration and decontamination companies for professional specialist work. Alron introduce themselves as: 'Scandinavia's leading supplier of microbiological products, systems and services for the remediation industry.'

Date: Monday 13th October Time: 1.30pm for 2pm start Free refreshments! Venue: LVC - Unit 4 Brookside, Colne way industrial estate Watford WD24 7QJ - Note: Sat-nav postcode - WD247NE RSVP: [email protected] Tel: 01923 - 44 55 50 www.lvcuk.com

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Jan Hobbs

9th October 2014

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