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Our image last week of some serious mould in a guesthouse and our request for recommendations on how to deal with it, has certainly prompted some responses! Thank you for your input; I’ll pass your suggestions to the landlady. One response, a press release, discussed causes of mould and outlined various eradication methods and as (well in my neck of the woods anyway) it’s coming to the time of year when we take hotter showers and reduce the ventilation in our homes and are thus more likely to experience mould, I’ve included it below. Elena Pettit and Gary Dyson posted useful information on our Facebook page – to read it, click on the FB link just below. Product information has also been sent in and I’ll be running this over the coming weeks.

I write this leader in nervous mood, having had little sleep this week. I know this is partly due to the warning that more, much larger spiders will be rampaging through our houses this Autumn because of the odd weather we’ve experienced; as a result I’ve closed all the windows and it’s too hot to sleep.

The other factor is far more important… a tiny minority of UK residents is voting today on whether to leave the UK; a decision affecting everyone living on these isles, but one that only those living in Scotland can make – hardly democratic!

I’ve spent more time than I should have, reading referendum news and discussion forums. I desperately want Scotland to remain in the UK but won’t be the only person annoyed at the scaremongering engaged in by the press, MPs and public figures - similar to the stuff the pro-EU camp is bandying about on the threatened EU referendum. It’s akin to bullying and erodes what little trust there is left in the establishment. However, it’s uncovered something I can’t fathom: threats that Scotland will have to wait several years to join the EU. Why, if members of the ‘yes’ camp are so keen to govern themselves and embrace real democracy, would they want to throw away their new found independence by joining the EU anyway? 

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Jan Hobbs

18th September 2014

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