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Veltia now offers branded hand dryers to enable companies to put their own stamp on the washroom

* Veltia-Logo-Dryer.jpgVeltia now offers the option for its technologically advanced warm air hand dryers to be branded to suit the customer's requirements and Caledonia Washrooms has become the first Veltia partner to give its client an 'own brand' Veltia V7 warm air hand dryer.

Caledonia Washrooms' managing director, Iain Stewart, explains the thinking behind the move, saying: "The concept was to offer my client something special and bespoke to the company. We have been selling the Veltia hand dryer for some time and although Veltia offers a huge colour range, this particular client was keen to show its brand throughout its establishment.

"Working with Veltia UK, the idea soon became a reality and the client is over the moon, as the product took only two weeks to arrive! The branding looks as though it's been painted onto the dryer at manufacturing, leaving the client feeling it has a unique product that has been tailored to their own company requirements."

Veltia UK has now built a simple package to allow any own branding/logo to be added to the dryer irrespective of size, colour or design.

Veltia's V7 has a number of interesting features and is based on a patented system which, says the manufacturer, make it the most exclusive hand dryer on the market. It's fast too - using 300 nozzles to produce high speed micro-currents of 100% pre-filtered (and thus clean) air rather than the more usual hot air that can dry out the skin.

This gives a pleasant massage while drying the hands completely, in a process that takes just 10 - 15 seconds and which also means that there is no risk of burning the user because nothing on the unit ever gets hot. Further, the design of the dryer prevents the user and the surrounding area from being splashed with water. Any water that comes off the hands is instead collected in a tank at the bottom of the dryer.

These latest additions to the company's portfolio are no-touch, easy maintenance 'smart' dryers, thanks to their electronic boards which, through an LED signal light and audible alarm, also report when the filters need to be replaced or the water tank drained. The boards also store useful information such as the number of times the dryer has been used.

Another selling point is the incorporation of Microban antimicrobial technology into the dryer during the manufacturing process, which helps prevent the stains and odours sometimes caused by microbes and thus keeps the dryers cleaner and fresher for longer. This antibacterial protection is present throughout the life of the dryer.

A further plus point is the small amount of electricity needed to dry the hands - these units consume up to 85% less power than some others dryers - making them very eco-friendly.

And something rather useful in the washroom area and believed to be unique to this range, is the option to incorporate in the filters the exclusive ZeroSmell technology, which removes bad odours from the air, to help maintain a fresh and pleasant environment.

These dryers also come with the option of built-in protection against mosquitoes, bees and flies through a 100% natural product that repels. To find out more:

T: (UK) +44 (0) 20 3303 0748 / (Spain) +34 93 714 44 77
E: [email protected]
W: www.veltia.com

28th August 2014

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